Progressive Web App Development And Other Trends That Will Keep Trending This Year

Progressive Web App Development And Other Trends That Will Keep Trending This Year | iCoderz Solutions

This is the era of smartphones. There is an app for anything and everything you imagine accomplishing with your smartphone. As a result, all the businesses are compelled to go for mobile app development but it is not possible for all of them for various reasons. In such circumstances, progressive web app development is a middle ground. It is trending, and it is trending for the right reasons.

What Is A Web App?

A progressive web app is essentially a website that looks and functions like a mobile application. We can also describe it as a mobile app that works in browsers and we do not need to refresh the page to update the content. Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter have developed wonderful web apps. Just launch your mobile browser and open Gmail or Facebook in it. Both of them will ask you to launch the installed mobile app but you choose not to and the browser will load the web app. You will be able to do almost everything using this web app that you can accomplish through dedicated mobile apps. You get all the functionalities on the same page too.

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Why Do We Need A Web App?

There are millions of Android apps and iOS apps in the Play Store and the App Store. You think of it and somebody has already developed a mobile app before you. It is impossible for iOS users to install many mobile apps in their iPhones because of the limitation of space. On the other hand, Android users do not face such a rigid limitation of space yet it is practically not possible for even them to install all the mobile apps on any phone.

As a result, people would visit websites of related mobile apps but these websites lack the enhanced user experience that developers can offer in mobile apps. So, there has to be a middle ground and eventually, developers found it in the web apps. People can access the services and functionalities through web apps and they do not need to install dedicated mobile apps.

As the web app is the middle ground and millions of people prefer it to mobile app installation, it has been very popular for quite some time now. There are certain trends of web app development that will keep trending for the foreseeable future. Following are the trends of web app development:

AngularJS Development

web app AngularJS: Ideal Framework for Dynamic Web pages, Landing Pages And Web Apps

AngularJS is an open-source front-end web application framework. Apparently, it is based on JavaScript. Google works really hard to maintain it with the help of the open source community. Google originally launched AngularJS in 2010. It is very popular among developers for various reasons such as the feature of a Model View Controller (MVC) which is an ideal architecture for progressive web app development. It is based on the JavaScript but not as complex as the JavaScript and it is simple to use and feature-rich too. Developers can co-opt third-party libraries and packages in it with ease. AngularJS allows code reuse and parallel development so web app development is comparatively quicker. The availability of talent pool is massive as far as AngularJS is concerned. It is a mature framework and will keep trending for the foreseeable future.

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Machine Learning And AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are the latest buzzwords in the tech world. Both of them take huge datasets to learn and perform. But recently there have been advancements in the way mobile apps learn and implement AI. Google has developed a JavaScript-based library called Tensorflow.js and there is another similar library, Brain.js. As a result, any developer who wants to add the machine learning capabilities to his mobile app or web app will have to only import these libraries during the development. So, leveraging the benefits of deep machine learning and improving artificial intelligence is easier than ever. In such circumstances, any web app can have easy machine learning and artificial intelligence built within itself. That is already trending and will keep trending.

No Servers

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Gone are the days when you had to build and maintain your private server or servers. You don’t have to even rent servers because being serverless is the latest trend. With the improvement in the internet speed and connectivity, the scenario has changed upside down. Amazon, Microsoft, and Google – these three tech giants are offering their servers just for a dime and nickel. Mobile app developers and web app developers can focus exclusively on coding using the serverless architectures offered by these companies. Google Firebase and AWS Lambda are good examples of it. These services can handle almost everything thrown at them so developers don’t need to worry about building, deploying, maintaining, monitoring and scaling servers. What is better than having a cake and eating it too! Being serverless is trending at present and it will keep trending.


Many believed that developers would use the JAMstack widely last year but its time has come now. The JAMstack is gaining a lot of momentum. Web developers, web app developers, and mobile app developers prefer it as an easy to scale and cost-effective solution that also offers robust performance. JAM stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup! This stack serves pre-built files using a content delivery network. For very fast content loading, it uses caching too. Developers, especially web app developers, now look for fatless, lean development experiences and architectures and JAMstack offers the same. As a result, it is trending this year and it will be trending for the foreseeable future.

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Summing Up

There are a few more trends for web app development this year that will keep trending such as TypeScript and GraphQL. They also form an important part of web and web app development tools. Keep a close eye on all of them so that you can improvise whenever you need to.

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