Most Popular Programming Languages of 2024

Top Programming Languages

Are you planning to learn a new programming language? Or do you need clarification about which programming language best suits your next project? We have listed the top 10 programming languages you can use in 2024.

Wikipedia estimates that there are 700+ programming languages. Therefore, choosing one of them to study might take a lot of work. Every year adds a new language to the long list of programming languages. We can solve your confusion with a list of the top and most popular programming languages for 2024.

What is Programming Language?

The purpose of top programming languages is to allow people to convey instructions to computers to perform specific tasks. These programming languages use a particular syntax for coding to enable the creation of programs that can carry out specialized tasks.

What are the Different Levels of Programming?

Different programming languages are designed to accomplish other tasks, each with its own set of Keywords and syntaxes for organizing code into programs. Top Programming languages may be broken down into two broad groups:

Low-level Language 

Low-level programming languages have a limited number of programming constructs. Such languages are much harder to learn, time-consuming to code, and hard to debug. The two significant categories of low-level languages include:

  • Machine languages and 
  • Assembly languages

Usually, machine instructions are represented as either a 0 or a 1 in Low-level Programming Languages.

The assembly language is translated into machine code using an assembler. The assembler translates one statement into one machine code instruction. On the other hand, machine code is stored in binary code produced by a compiler, interpreter, or assembler.

Advantages of Low-level Languages:
  • Assembly languages are beneficial to use in embedded systems. For instance, systems that control robots, traffic lights, etc. 
  • The programmer has complete control over the system components, making it easier to manipulate specific hardware components. 

High-level Language 

High-level programming languages are closely tied to human speech. Thus, it is easier for programmers to read and write programs in high-level languages. However, they demand careful attention to reasoning.

We can create software that runs on any machine using a high-level programming language. But we need compilers to convert high-level languages to low-level languages.

Advantages of High-level Languages:
  • Simple to understand and maintain. 
  • They are easily portable and adaptable for use on any device. 
  • Most software is developed using high-level languages.

Examples of high-level Languages: Python, Java, Visual Basic, SQL, C++, etc. 

Now that’s out of the way let’s talk about the most popular programming languages of 2023.


Ever wondered what the most popular programming languages are? Here, we will explain ten popular programming languages.


It is one of the top programming languages. Python is used for everything from sophisticated web applications and AI to simple programming. Software and web developers and anyone interested in data science and machine learning may find this server-side language particularly useful. It is often regarded as the most used programming language.

Further, in December 2021, Python was also the most popular language according to the TOBE index, beating both Java and C. Coding Nomads co-founder and Python teacher Ryan Desmond attributes the language’s meteoric rise to the burgeoning fields of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

It’s a very lucrative language since it enables features like:

  • Simple to learn and understand 
  • Quick and straightforward to code 
  • Numerous applications may make use of these comprehensive libraries and frameworks.
  • graphical user interface support 
  • Several companies use Python, including Intel, Spotify, Facebook, and Netflix.


Java has been around for a while and is now one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is the foundational language for the Android operating system, which now controls 85% of the global mobile phone market.

It has established itself as the standard language for IoT gadgets. Java is less challenging than C or C++ but more so than Python. However, learning Python will be easy if you are proficient in Java.

Among programming languages, Java has some of the most active developer communities. The StackOverflow poll found that 40.2% of developers globally use Java.

Java’s primary characteristics include the following:

  • Free from dependency on any particular platform
  • Object-Oriented Coding
  • Increased efficacy and efficiency and heightened safety
  • It’s the safest coding language available today.
  • Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Adobe, and Instagram use Java.

Therefore, this language may be considered one of the most demanding programming languages. 


JavaScript is one of the most functional programming languages and forms the backbone of more than 97.8 percent of all websites. It allows users to include advanced elements like animated visuals into websites and build up interactive and dynamic content.

You may have noticed that it is essentially a client-side language. But it is also being utilized more and more on the server side.

Some of the significant features of this programming language are: 

  • It features a clean and concise coding structure that improves productivity.
  • Simple to pick up
  • The demand for JavaScript is high in the market 
  • Free from dependency on any specific platform
  • More command over the browser.
  • Include alternatives for validating user input.
  • Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, Google, and Walmart are some of the most prominent users of JavaScript.

The data shows that 72 percent of businesses seek to hire JavaScript programmers.


Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language developed for app development. Statistics show that it is used by more than 60% of Android’s development community. Kotlin is ranked fourth among the fastest-growing programming languages by many respected indexes. 

The following are some of the most noteworthy aspects of Kotlin:

  • Brief code 
  • Organized multitasking
  • More stringent safety measures.
  • There is a 20% reduction in coding time compared to Java.
  • It is 100% compatible.
  • Pinterest, Trello, Uber, and Amazon are just some companies actively working on the Kotlin platform.

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C/C ++

By 2023, C/C++ will have become ubiquitous in low-level systems like file systems and operating systems, consolidating its place as one of the world’s most important programming languages.

It’s widely used since it’s quick and reliable, and it comes with STL (STL) C/C++ is emphasized as one of the most desirable languages due to its efficiency, performance, and dependability. Studying C++ this year will undoubtedly increase your career options as a programmer.

It has features such as:

  • The presence of pre-existing features and operators
  • It is extendable 
  • Improved pace and effectiveness.
  • GitHub, Telegram, and MasterCard are well-known firms built using the C language.
  • Despite the prevalence of new languages for computer programming, it is still in great demand.


C# is a powerful and flexible language for developing a wide range of software, including Mobile App Development, desktop programs, web pages, and web-based services. It facilitates the creation of several games, which is a lot of fun.

This exciting language has a rich type system that may be used in 2023 to handle everyday activities like file system access, network data reception and transmission, cryptographic and mathematical computations, and more.

Some of the basic features of C# are: 

  • Easy to pick up and comprehend.
  • It works well with .NET framework libraries.
  • Microsoft, Accenture, Stack Overflow, and Alibaba Travel are among the best C# employers worldwide.


There is no doubt that PHP is now one of the most talked-about and widely used programming languages. Even though this language faces stiff competition from Python, JavaScript (or TypeScript), and others, the absence of its developer base creates a sizable gap between supply and demand.

PHP will maintain its status as a leading general-purpose programming language for the foreseeable future. Because it is a server-side language, it may be integrated with HTML and used to improve online sites. Developers with expertise in PHP are in great demand due to the growing importance of the internet. 

Features of PHP are as follows: 

  • Easy to understand and implement.
  • Quicker than most scripting languages
  • Extremely safe, with protection against infiltration and assault.
  • Social networking giants like Facebook and information powerhouses like Yahoo and Wikipedia are all powered by servers that use the PHP scripting language.


Go, sometimes known as Golang, is a relatively new programming language that has swiftly gained popularity owing to its simplicity and power to tackle complex computational tasks. It is now one of the trending programming languages. Google created the speech to aid in developing its larger software projects; its basis is clear, concise code that increases the speed and safety of program execution. 

Because of its ease of use, it has been successfully implemented in network and multi-core systems across several platforms and in the context of cloud computing.

Developing software for embedded or back-end systems, as well as for DevOps, are common uses for the Go programming language. However, in data science, AI, and even GameDev, fast program execution in Golang is in great demand now.

These are just a few of Go’s many features:

  • Very easy to pick up.
  • Facilitates activities involving automation
  • Using it is made more accessible in artificial intelligence and data science.
  • Medium, Google, the BBC, and Uber are among the companies developing Go.


Swift is a language with a block structure that is general-purpose, functional, imperative, and object-oriented. 

Apple Inc.’s Swift is the outcome of cutting-edge studies of programming languages, and it’s designed with the newest thinking in terms of security and software design principles for use in creating apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Strong and straightforward, Swift Programming Language was created by Apple Inc. Applications for iOS, watchOS, macOS, and other systems may all be built with the help of this program. It will be the foundation for future Swift Applications that need excellent performance and security. 

The following are some of the features it provides:

  • Simple in operation and maintenance.
  • Facilitates a quicker rate of development.
  • Enhanced effectiveness.
  • Promotes dynamic library use
  • Uber, Apple, Instagram, and Slack are among the companies working on Swift.


The statistics programming language R has quickly become one of the most widely used programs of its kind. In addition to its analytical applications, R is also a programming language. R is gaining popularity as a data analytics tool and programming language, and there is a corresponding increase in the need for trained or certified Data Scientists who can use it effectively.

Statisticians and data miners often use it for analyzing large amounts of data. Therefore, it has crucial implications for data science, finance, and communications.

Features of R are as follows: 

  • An Expanded Library Infrastructure for Interactive Graphics
  • The programming language that focuses on objects
  • Facilitates the use of several operating systems
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Flipkart, Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn are among the most prominent businesses actively using R.

Learning R might benefit your career prospects because of the need for qualified R programmers.

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Based on our research and analysis, these are the top programming languages expected to be used in 2023. You can see that it includes both well-established languages and newer, more promising tools for software creation.

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