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Are you looking to launch your product successfully using MVP development services? Our minimum viable product helps you get valuable business insights for better customer engagement.

What is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

When you wish to attract easy adopter customers, you need to develop an MVP product. It is one of the early stages of the product development cycle. Major businesses trust the MVP product for launching their product successfully on the later stage.

We are offering an agile development process- it means we are offering MVP product development. It is indeed one of the best ways to lead to a successful product launch. Here we try to gather the maximum percentage of validated learning with fewer efforts, ultimately resulting in customer satisfaction.

At iCoderz Solutions, our developers follow in-depth user research and competitive analysis for delivering the most successful MVP product.

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Three Types of MVP

Prototype Design

Before sinking a lot of effort and money into app development, a prototype design is created. It helps to check the primary outcome.

Single Feature MVP

When you are focusing on the killer feature element, you need to develop the single feature MVP. It helps to judge the basic value of your product.

Pilot MVP

If you wish to test and judge the core value of your product, you must invest your time and efforts in Pilot MVP development. It always works!

Our Process for Creating MVP

Mobile App Strategy

Our mobile app development team knows how to transform your ideas and visions into reality. Having worked on several projects, we understand that every app project is unique and requires dedicated attention. So, we invest our time in systematic research and detail- oriented planning.

User Experience (UX) Design

We solve common issues in innovative ways. Our design teams have creative ideas to sort out all the problems. They will propose you novel design techniques to advance your mobile app development project, boost your customer retention and increase app downloads.

Application Development

We are a leading Mobile App development company with experienced Android and iOS development teams. The final product developed turns out to be assuredly impressive like our team of developers. Brilliant ideas and excellent quality of work is our trademark.

Project Launch and ASO

We help our clients in the launching of the project and App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO is the best and cost-effective way to enhance your appโ€™s rankings in the app store searches. If you donโ€™t want to invest thousands of dollars in the dedicated marketing of your app, ASO always assists.

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Get dynamic MVP app development services to help startups, SMBs, and enterprises to make a beginning into the online world. You can rely on our expertise and launch your applications under budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to build an MVP depends on its size, complexity, features, third-party integrations, and the cost of your development team.

MVP App development offers many benefits:

  • Less initial investment
  • Lower development cost
  • Quick development & time-to-market
  • Fewer errors
  • Feedback from customers for improvisations.

A minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the basic or standard application that business owners can launch with essential features. MVP has the scope for improvement for future customer requirements based on customer feedback.

Outsourcing MVP development to India has many benefits:

  • Lower hourly developer rates comparatively. So, business owners can save costs on development.
  • The Indian developers are highly qualified and skilled and promise to deliver quality work.
  • Business owners can assign duties to Indian developers and quickly get it done in their time zone.

Before choosing an MVP development services company, consider the following:

  • Be clear about your requirements for the project and the outsourcing company.
  • Perform research to create a list of top MVP outsourcing agencies.
  • Read about their experience and past projects, and reviews from previous clients.
  • Ask questions related to MVP development and about your project.
  • Ask technical questions related to technologies they excel and past projects.

Yes, of course. We will design, develop, and launch your MVP applications to the appropriate platforms.

We use an agile development process to create MVP; thus, we strive to deliver asap. However, the time required to build an MVP varies for each MVP. It may take nearly 3-4 months.

The dedicated project will report each day about the MVP development progress. You can connect with us anytime on Skype for any queries or feedback.