AngularJS: Ideal Framework for Dynamic Web pages, Landing Pages And Web Apps

web app AngularJS: Ideal Framework for Dynamic Web pages, Landing Pages And Web Apps

Ever since the smartphone phenomenon occurred, businesses have been divided into two groups. The first group of businesses has already got mobile apps for their businesses. If not, they have hired an expert mobile app development company to do so. The other group is reluctant to join the bandwagon. They are either unsure about their need for an iOS and Android mobile app or they think it’s too expensive and can’t afford it. AngularJS is the ideal solution for the second group of businesses who haven’t got a mobile app or unwilling to have one or who only want a website for their business.

Dynamic Web Pages, Landing Pages, and Web Apps

A dynamic web page means a page which displays different content based on a different context. For example, if you visit, it will always display current weather conditions based on your location and time. Dynamic web pages are more engaging and intuitive and a very common choice for a full-fledged website.

On the other hand, a landing page is ideally an entry point of a website or a particular section of that website. Nowadays, when businesses have started relying more on mobile apps, many of them treat their websites as a mere formal online presence. They do not want a huge website consisting of many web pages so they create a single page for the specific purpose of advertising and marketing. This is the page where users ‘land’ when they click on a link in search results.

Dynamic Web Apps or Single Page Applications (SPAs) are, in a way, a combination of both websites and mobile applications. They are single page websites like landing pages but they very much look and function like mobile applications. We can say that they are apps that work in browsers and we do not need to reload the page to update it. Gmail is a very good example of a web app. When we open Gmail in a browser, on desktop or mobile, it gives us all the functionality without ever leaving the same page. Facebook and Twitter are also web apps when accessed through browsers.

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AngularJS is a front-end web application framework. It is based on JavaScript. This is an open-source framework and Google works hard to maintain it. Google originally launched it in 2010 and it is very popular among developers for various reasons.

AngularJS Modular Framework

AngularJS consists an architecture called Model View Controller (MVC). It is an ideal architecture to build dynamic web applications with rich content. AngularJS divides logic, process, and user interface (UI) into separate modules. As a result, the overall development process becomes simple and flawless. It also improves the code quality. Developers can create powerful workflows and have powerful results with minimum efforts.

Feature Rich Yet Easy To Use

AngularJS is a complete package. Google has built it on JavaScript, yet the JavaScript complexity is absent. It provides all the options and features a developer can dream of. Developers can easily co-opt third-party packages and libraries in it. AngularJS also offers multiple modules, user interface effects and templates. Customization is also very easy in AngularJS. Developers can extend HTML functionality by adding various constructs.

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Quicker Development

Mobile app development industry runs at neck-break speed. In a situation like this, AngularJS has proven to be a boon to developers. AngularJS has the modular capabilities which facilitate parallel development, code reuse, and reduce dependencies on other modules. So, it speeds up the development and launching time. It allows modifying the behavior of the HTML tags and creating customizable and reusable tags. So, the coding becomes more readable and quicker and it also helps in a flawless web app development. Developers can also import codes from their other projects with all the assets in a single click. AngularJS has the facility of a detailed and in-depth testing facility for all the constructed modules.

Immense Talent Pool

In the digital world, technology upgrades itself so often that 18 months is a generation. AngularJS was launched way back in 2010 which is an eternity. So it is very old and mature technology now. As it is comparatively easier to learn and less complex, plenty of web app developers have mastered AngularJS. So the available talent pool is immense. It also has very active community support because it comes from the Google family and Google always encourages community exchanges. Some of the most popular web apps such as NetFlix, PayPal, Freelancer, UpWork, YouTube, LinkedIn, The Weather Channels have chosen AngularJS as their development platform. Despite these big names, AngularJS is truly king for web app development because of those thousands of developers who regularly develop functional and beautiful web apps.

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Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to web app development, AngularJS is peerless in all the aspects. That is the reason big names like YouTube, NetFlix, and PayPal have selected it as their development framework.

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