Top 2024 Enterprise Web App Development Trends

Top Enterprise Web App Development Trends

Enterprise web applications help the organization to maintain ease in the internal as well as the external operations of the company. From a scale organization to a large scale organization, every company appreciates the use of enterprise apps for saving both time and money. With this blog, we will help you know the top enterprise website app development trends to watch in 2024.

Like every other digital platform, the enterprise-based web apps will also see great development and growth with the coming years. Not to forget, the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has expanded the possibilities of every platform. We can also expect AI to enhance enterprise web application development with its versatility and intelligence. Here, a chatbot can be one of the expected segments.

Progressive Web App Development And Other Trends That Will Keep Trending This Year

The Current Web App Scenario in Enterprise Industry

The enterprise web apps are the solution to the organizations that need perfection in the operations without having appointed more employees or hours. It is the key to success for running a smooth organization.

The three important factors for which the enterprise-based applications are popular are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Overcoming the shortage of right skills

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Top Enterprise Web App Development Trends to watch in 2020

The top trends to watch for enterprise website app development in 2020 highlights the need for the better. Every technology progresses with time. We shall expect the same with the said web application platform.

The below six are the top 2020 trends in enterprise-based application development according to our expert development panel. Let’s discuss the same.


Speed is everything in the online business. The war between the developers and marketing manager often starts with the question or issue of ‘speed’. In 2020, we expect the world of enterprise apps to have enhanced speed and performance.

The loading time of web app development needs to be reduced to avoid increasing bounce rates. A recent study shows that web apps that take one second to load have noted a 7% bounce rate. On the other hand, an application that takes 7 seconds to load, the bounce rate is 53%.

So, speed is everything for helping your business or organization to survive. There are other benefits too that comes with high-speed and performance like enhanced productivity, engaged users, time-savings, etc.

Smarter Chatbots

It is expected that smarter chatbot will soon take over the human interactions on the website apps panel. In the world of enterprise website application development too, we are expecting chatbots to talk on behalf of the representatives saving both cost of the organization as well as the training hours spent on them for the same.

Source: Chatbots Magazine

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Motion UI

Website Animation is the example of Motion UI that can help the user to stay more engaged. Motion User Interface is designed to bring ease in the client’s lives. It is discovered or implemented to make the user experience better during the search time.

An Overview of Mobile App UI Design


Voice Command

Smart speakers and voice interfaces are the top growing technologies after the ‘smartphone’ invention. To make the user search easy and quick, voice search commands will soon take over the enterprise apps development. Many enterprise apps are already on it, and it will be soon one of the fastest-growing trends for the said platform in 2020.

With the enhanced technology development and the merger of AI in the digital platforms, the voice search has expanded possibilities. Let’s hope it as one of the best trends to watch for enterprise app development.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

With time and technology development. The progressive web application is getting more space and requirement than native apps development. For the enterprise website apps development too, we can expect the famous PWAs are taking charge of replacing the requirement of native web apps development.

PWAs helps the organization to save huge cost on the development of the application. It offers the combined benefits of native as well as web apps in a single resource.

Advanced Security

Security is a topic that needs to be trending every year. With increasing technology and advanced research; the risk of threats increases for both mobile and web-based applications. Enterprise application development must also adopt to enhanced security as the study shows 92% of the enterprise-based web apps are likely to have security flaws.


These are the top six enterprise application development trends to watch in 2020 as per our expert development panel. You can log on to for web and app development consulting.

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