5 Python Web Development Frameworks For 2024

5 Python Web Development Frameworks

If you are here, it is most likely that you have some fundamental programming skills and you may be looking for roads to examine progressively on this specific language.

Instead of redeveloping the wheel inside out, various genius frameworks could be used efficiently. In this article, we are going to discuss the five different Python frameworks, which can be utilized immediately.


1. Django

Django, written in Python, is a top-rated, full-stack and an open-source Python web development framework.

It comes with ready-to-use libraries, most of the time. Some of its excellent features are the routing of URLs, the template engine, authentication, database schemas migration, and an object-relational mapper. These make this framework extremely quick, extensible, and flexible.

Also, the framework is compliant with a host of databases including MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle and others. It uses ORM to map objects to tables in databases. Nonetheless, this platform helps you to build any application you want, from small to large web applications.

2. Pyramid

Another open-source system is Pyramid. This Python-based web app development platform runs on Python 3 & aims with minimal complexity to accomplish as much as possible. The best part about that kind of architecture is it can run on small as well as large applications.

Some of the Pyramid framework’s highlights include flexible verification (authentication and authorization), approval, information on the templating and tool, and single-document implementation. The pyramid system provides sufficient safety measures and monitoring through control documents. The mapping of URLs to code is also admirable.

If one wants to create high security and stable web application, though, then all he wants is to employ a developer from Python.

3. Web2py

Web2Py is an open-source full-stack web development framework, which enables the user to design things very quickly and swiftly. It also helps to support all familiar working structures. With the support of SQL database, web server, and an online interface, Web2Py helps to rearrange the Web application development process. However, with the aid of internet browsers, this platform also allows users to change, create and manage web applications.

One of the key characteristics of this system is that it uses the ticket that allows the instrument to monitor the status and the missteps. It has segments in fabricated to handle replies, meetings, HTTP requests, and treatments.

4. TurboGears

Born as a full-stack layer on top of Pylons, TurboGears is now an independent WSGI web framework that can function either as a full-stack frame (like Django) or as a micro-frame (like Flask). Inspired by RubyOnRails, it is built on MVC where the controller dispatches the application to a collection of the controller’s exposed actions.

TurboGears offers all the functionality you will need during the creation of a web application in its full-stack mode:

  • Identification and Authentication
  • Permission
  • Autogenerated Admin and CRUD
  • Sessions
  • Migration schema
  • Master/ Slave Server Queries Balancing
  • Request Bound Transactions
  • Interactive Debugger
  • Builtin Profiling and,
  • Pluggable Applications

5. CubicWeb

CubicWeb is a semantic web application framework, certified under the LGPL, which enables developers to build Web applications efficiently by reusing elements (called cubes) and adopting the well-known object-oriented design concepts.

Its main features are as follows:

  • An engine powered by the application’s specific data model
  • A query language called RQL close to W3C’s SPARQL
  • A selection view framework for semi-automatic XHTML / XML / JSON / text generation
  • A library of modular components (data model and views) that meet common needs, and
  • Python programming, language power and flexibility; and SQL database reliability.

Choosing the right web development framework:

The right framework is all you need to develop a successful project. We hope that you have found an interesting framework in this article.

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