Python Framework For Web Development: Top 10 Popular Options

Python Framework For Web Development: Top 10 Popular Options | iCoderz Solutions
Python Framework For Web Development: Top 10 Popular Options | iCoderz Solutions

As the web has gone more vibrant and dynamic, the demand for the python framework has kept growing. Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is simple to learn, read and interpret, object-oriented and feature-rich to meet the demands of the modern digital world. As a result, it is very popular.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Python

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of Python.

  • An open-source general-purpose programming language.
  • Easy to learn, read and interpret.
  • Feature-rich to meet the demands of the modern digital world.
  • Supports procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming paradigms.
  • A huge collection of libraries for data analysis, manipulation, and visualization.
  • Availability of a bunch of Full Stack Frameworks as well as Non Full Stack Frameworks.

Popular Python Frameworks

Popular Python Frameworks | iCoderz Solutions | Web Development

As noted earlier, there are plenty of python frameworks available for both full stack and non-full-stack usages. We have listed some of the popular ones here.


Django is an open-source Python Framework for web development. This Python framework is primarily focused on complex websites with a huge database. It allows to reuse and plug components. It means less coding for web developers. This framework uses Python everywhere. It also provides an administrative interface for creating, reading, updating and deleting.

Django offers a template engine, URL routing, authentication mechanism, Object Relational Mapper (ORM) among many other things. It works well with various databases such as MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. A single coding can work with all of them.


The pyramid is also an open source Python framework. It is a minimalistic web development framework that is inspired by Django, Pylons, and Zope. Pyramid fits the bill for fantastic web app development and content management system. It is a completely adaptable framework suitable for simple and complex web development. This Python framework is very lightweight and transparent so it has gained a fair degree of trust of the developer community. The pyramid is also famous for its security features. It is quite easy to set up and control.


Web2Py is another open source Python framework for web app development. It also offers a code editor, a debugger and a deployment tool to test and develop web apps. Web2Py is completely cross-platform and plays well with Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, Goole App Engine and a few other platforms too. It offers the Model View Controller (MVC) design. Web2Py also offers SQL database, web server, and the online interface for web app development. A web app developer can build a web app and revise, deploy and manage it through web browsers quite easily. It also offers a rare component of ticketing. This Python Framework generates a ticket every time an error appears in the code. It helps in crushing all the bugs in a methodical way.

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Tornado is an open-source Python framework which is highly scalable. This web app framework doubles down as non-blocking web server too. It can tackle the C10k issue well so it can serve more than 10,000 connections simultaneously. Tornado framework offers built-in support for real-time services, user confirmation, Python-based web templating language, non-blocking HTTP customer and localization. This framework is ideal for such web app development that wishes to serve a higher number of simultaneous users and superior quality.


CherryPy is a Python framework for web app development. It allows rapid web app development using HTTP wrappers. CherryPy offers thread-pooled web server, module framework, and setup framework. This web development framework allows you to use any technology for the template, data pooling. CherryPy handles sessions, file uploads, static, cookies and everything a framework can do. It is truly cross-platform, supports profiling, testing and reporting and it also allows you to reuse codes and template engine.


TurboGears is a Python framework that is a full stack web app development framework. It is a data-driven framework and created with a vision to make the shortcomings of other web development frameworks go away. TurboGears allows web app developers to use various JavaScript development tools to simplify the process. It also allows using other tools such as SQLAlchemy, Genshi, WebOb, and Repoze for quicker development. TurboGears uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and offers a robust Object Relational Mapper (ORM) along with Ajax for server and programme. Recently, it has started offering a minimal mode where a developer doesn’t want to use the full stack capabilities.


The Bottle is an interesting Python Framework. Developers also refer it as a micro web framework because it is very lightweight, fast and simple. It is distributed without any dependencies, just like a single file. It requires Python Standard Library, but that’s all it requires. They developed it for web APIs in the beginning. It offers various functions such as directing, templating, utilities and a few basic abstractions.


Just like Bottle, Flask is also a micro Python Framework for web app development. It does not require any specific libraries or tools so it is a micro framework. Flask offers no layers for form validation, database abstraction or any such functionalities. But it supports third-party extensions to add all those missing features. This framework is good for open-ended applications and back-end.

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The successor of Zope and Zope 2, the original nomenclature of BlueBream was Zope 3. To remove the confusion of another piece of software with the identical name, their creators renamed it with BlueBream. BlueBream is also a Python framework for web app development. It has overcome the shortcomings of its predecessors and retained its popular components.


Last but equally worthy, and based on Zope toolkit, Grok is also a Python framework for web development. The Grok team wanted to make the application development fast. At the same time, they also wanted to make it an easy framework for beginners. It still has its own advantages and many developers who used Grok at the beginning of their career still adore it.

Final Thoughts

Python and Python Frameworks are omnipresent in the web world. You will find that every third website has something to do with either of them so they will remain relevant and popular for the foreseeable future.

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