Flutter App Development: The Trending Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Framework

Flutter 1.5 Flutter App Development: The Trending Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Framework | iCoderz Solutions

Smartphones are so omnipresent in our lives that we can’t imagine our world without it. We accomplish many things using smartphones and various mobile apps. From ordering grocery and food to finding doctors and life partners, we include smartphones in almost everything we do in one way or the other. That is the reason all the businesses and startups are compelled to go mobile through various mobile app developments and Flutter app development is trending right now for cross-platform mobile app development.

Dilemma Of iOS & Android

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Here lies a huge dilemma for all businesses. iOS and Android dominate the smartphone world. They run more than 90% of smartphones. If a business wants to offer its products and/or services through smartphones, it has to be present on both platforms. Android runs more than 65% of smartphones and no business can afford to ignore such a huge portion of the market. On the other hand, iOS comes second in terms of the number of devices it runs but iOS users top the list of spending money through smartphones. That is the lucrative part of the market and no business can afford to ignore such a lucrative portion of the market too.

So businesses have to have two separates mobile apps. That means they have to pay for two mobile app development teams and maintain them both. Is there a middle path?

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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Yup! There is a middle path that is known as the cross-platform mobile app development. The word cross-platform is self-explanatory. It means a single mobile app that works across the platforms. If a business chooses to go for cross-platform mobile app development, it will have to pay for one mobile app development team only. In return, they will get two individual mobile apps: an iOS app and an Android app. BOGO!

Businesses liked the idea and there appeared many such cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. Some of them are Xamarin, PhoneGap (Apache Cordova), Sencha, Ext JS, Appcelerator, Adobe Build, MonoCross, NativeScript, Kony AppPlatform, RhoMobile Suite and Convertigo. All of them are good and deliver what they promise. They have their own set of advantages and disadvantages too. None of them though took off the way React Native and Flutter app development did.

Hire a top Flutter app developer specializing in cross-platform mobile app development, adept at delivering seamless user experiences with efficiency and innovation.

React Native and Flutter App Development

Flutter app React Native VS Flutter 2018 : Which Is Better For Mobile App Development?

Learning from the experiments of various cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, two tech giants developed their own frameworks for the same. In 2015, Facebook and Instagram developed a framework called React Native. It is based on JavaScript. During that period Google was developing its own programming language called Dart. In 2017, Google launched its own cross-platform mobile app development framework called Flutter. Flutter app development framework is based on Dart. Both the tech giants have learned from the mistakes of their predecessors and capitalized on what was working well for them.

Both of them are promising frameworks and deliver as advertised. Nonetheless, the success of any mobile app development framework depends on many factors. Mobile app developers are among the dominant factors and they seem to be preferring Flutter app development. There are plenty of reasons why Flutter app development is trending among developers.

Flutter App Development

Flutter app Why Google’s Flutter Is Going To Stay Preferred Cross-Platform Mobile App Development SDK For Long - iCoderz

There is no wonder Google is pushing Flutter a lot as it has invested a lot of time, money and efforts into Flutter development. In addition, Google practically rules the internet in terms of search and discovery, so Flutter is going to trend without any doubt. But there are more reasons for it than the dominance of Google alone.

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Easy Learning

Flutter is based on Dart, a language brewed in Google’s own lab. While developing Dart, Google made a point of keeping it simple and close to natural language. So, any developer with the knowledge of a single object-oriented language such as Java or C++ would be at ease while learning Dart. The success of any coding language or framework depends on coders and Google has made their job easy so Flutter app development is trending.

Saving Time

Flutter app development saves a lot of time of coders. Take, for example, the Xamarin app development. Creating a UI is a time-consuming process there. On the contrary, Flutter offers various widgets and allows developers to develop dynamic UIs quite easily and quickly. Hot Reload is another feature which saves a lot of time of developers. It allows them to load builds within milliseconds. As a result, they are able to experiment, fix bugs and add features quickly.

Performing Better

For multiple platforms, Flutter compiles the code “ahead of time” (AOT) into native code. This practice improves overall performance because it removes JavaScript bridge dependency. It reduces the startup time of the app too. Dart has “just in time” (JIT) compilation to support the Hot Reload feature. Within a benchmarking environment, Flutter app development proves a little faster than React Native and other cross-platform mobile apps too.

Reusing Codes

Flutter allows reusing codes in quite an easy way. Developers can reuse as much as 95% of the codes for both Android apps and iOS apps. They can also reuse 60% of the same codes for web development too. And Hot Reload helps them see those changes in action quickly.


Documentation of Flutter app development is well organized. As it is an open source framework, it has a buzzing community of open source enthusiast. They keep expanding and organizing the documentation. When it comes to problem-solving, the community of developers is always there to answer your queries.

In The End

So, there is no wonder Flutter App Development is trending and outpacing all the other cross-platform mobile app development SDKs. If you leave Flutter app development in the hands of an experienced mobile app development company, you will be able to save a lot of time and money without compromising the quality of mobile apps and codes.

iCoderz Solutions is such an experienced full stack mobile app development company that is equally experienced in web development too. We have dedicated teams for Android app development, iOS app development, cross-platform Flutter app development and web development. Our dedicated team of Flutter app development has developed various cross-platform mobile apps which are all live in the App Store and the Play Store. If you want to take your business on mobile, contact us to know more, have creative inputs and a quote within your budget and timeline.

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