Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In UAE

(blog) Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In UAE

The on-demand food delivery business is turning into one of the profitable businesses in the world. Today, many startups have started investing in the food business, thinking about the long-term benefits associated with food delivery. With this blog, we will discuss the top food delivery apps in UAE. So, let’s began.

UAE is a country of paradoxes. Traditional values and modernism go hand in hand, making it an ideal example of a paradox.

Its outlook is thoroughly modern, yet people harbor the core values of their culture. The same is true for the technological scene of the UAE. It wants the best and the latest in technology, only to meet their cultural values.

On-demand food delivery apps are an excellent example of such a paradox. People order food through mobile apps, but they order completely traditional and halal food.

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In UAE

All the popular food delivery apps of Dubai, and UAE, in general, are the ones that keep traditional values at their core. Some of them are as follows:

1. Talabat

Talabat - top Food Delivery Apps In UAE

The largest online food delivery platform in the Middle East, Talabat is an indigenous company of UAE. Its name means ‘orders’ in Arabic, and it handles the food delivery orders very well.

The most favorite food delivery app, Talabat, was launched in the year 2012 for both iOS and Android devices.

It has more than 1000 employees on board that continuously serve the customers for a seamless food delivery experience.

Currently, the app is downloaded by 10M+ users on Android Playstore and 7M+ users on Apple Playstore. The company is following contactless delivery because of the pandemic, helping both the employees as well as the customers to experience a safe delivery.

The UAE based Food Delivery App top Features Include:

  1. User Panel
  2. Restaurant Panel
  3. Delivery Boy Panel

If you wish to build an app like Talabat for launching your food or grocery delivery services in Kuwait or Egypt, the cost would be around 10000 USD to 35000 USD*.

Well, to avoid the ready made food delivery solutions you must need to choose custom food ordering app development company to start your single vendor restaurent business or multi-vendor restaurent business.

Here below Quick Overview of Our Existing Client’s Running food delivery system.

Deliveroo - Top Food Delivery Apps In UAE

Recently Amazon invested a considerable sum of money in Deliveroo, and that is for a reason. Deliveroo is one of the most popular food delivery apps in UAE that serves millions of users daily.

Founded in the year 2013, the food delivery brand is currently trendy and prominent. Recently, Deliveroo operates in more than two hundred cities globally, including the UK, Europe, UAE, etc. 

Currently, the app is downloaded by 10M+ users on Android Playstore and 5M+ users on Apple Playstore. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has been taking strict actions for adhering to the contactless delivery precautions. 

Well, if you wish to food ordering app design and development for your upcoming food delivery business in the UAE, it will cost you around 10,000 USD to 35,000 USD

Top UAE Based Food Delivery App Features Include:

  1. User App
  2. Provider App
  3. Delivery App
  4. Super Admin

3. EatEasy

EatEasy - popular Food Delivery Apps In UAE

EatEasy is one of the leading Food delivery apps in the UAE. Users can also order groceries using the EatEasy app. 

The app covers over 1500 eateries providing users with many options to order food. Further, users can also search for nearby bakeries, florists, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Thus, users can order almost everything (food, groceries, flowers, medicines, confectionaries) using the EatEasy app. 

The EatEasy app allows users to enjoy discounts and cashback on almost every product. Users can get cashback in the loyalty program to redeem to order free food from restaurants. The app is available on Android, iOS, and the web and offers deliveries in all major cities of Dubai

4. Uber Eats

Uber Eats - Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In UAE

Uber Eats is omnipresent like Uber itself, and the brand name is helping them gain the trust of users. It is widely used and very popular in the UAE too. Founded in the year 2014, the popular food delivery service has recorded a revenue of USD 1.46 billion by the end of 2018. 

The Food Delivery App Features Include:

  1. Client App
  2. Restaurant Side App
  3. Courier Side App

Well, if you wish to build an app like UberEats for your upcoming food delivery business in the UAE, it would cost you around 10,000 USD to 35,000 USD

Currently, the app is downloaded by 100M+ users on Android Playstore and 50M+ users on Apple Playstore.

The company has recorded a rise of 30% more customers because of the ongoing pandemic since March 2020. Also, UberEats has been following proper sanitazation practises while delivering food to their customers. 

5. Careem

careem - Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In UAE By iCoderz Solutions

Careem is a popular food delivery service operating in UAE since 2018. It is currently trending under top food delivery apps across the nation. Let us have a glance at the features. Also, the brand has got its value registered as USD 2 billion by 2018. 

The Food Delivery App Features Include:

  1. Customer App
  2. Restaurant Owner App
  3. Delivery Partner App

Currently, the app is downloaded by 1M+ users on Android Playstore and 70K+ users on Apple Playstore. Well, if you wish to build an app like Careen (ubereats) for your upcoming food delivery business in the UAE, it will cost you around 15,000 USD to 45,000 USD.

In Terms Of Usability, which is the Best Online Food Ordering App In UAE?

App Usability refers to the ease of using or navigating the app. The following questions explain app usability better.

  • How easy is it for users to search for their favorite restaurant? 
  • Are they able to find all the features without much effort? 
  • Is ordering food or grocery from the app convenient? 
  • Is the app interface simple and shows features clearly

Deliveroo has the most convenient and accessible interface among all the food ordering and delivery apps. The app offers quick search, filters, and easy navigation to food items. Categorizing the menu into sections makes searching for any food item quick. The next food ordering and delivery app with the most effortless usability is Careem Now. Further, Deliveroo delivers orders in the shortest time.


We have disclosed the top five food delivery giants operating in the UAE. If you are looking for Dedicated Team of Food Delivery App Specialist to manage your food delivery technology Team or Want to outsource your IT Technology management work to us. we will have team of Full stack developers, designer and project manager who have prior experience to manage food delivery services clients. 

To know how we  Help food delivery Business to grow you can connect with us. We offer both single as well as multi-vendor food delivery solutions.

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