How to Build a Grubhub Clone App For Your Food Delivery Business?


Since 2004, Grubhub Food Delivery Application has been serving Americans with their favorite restaurant food. It is an almost two decades old food delivery app that has excelled in connecting Americans with their favorite dine-in places for ordering food online. When you wish to develop a Grubhub Clone App, you must know the features offered by the Grubhub food delivery solution because features and UI are the essential aspects for building any application. Also, the time and cost of the application depend mainly on these two elements.

Let us begin!

Before we discuss the features and UI of the Grubhub Food Delivery Application for building a perfect clone app, let us talk about the future of investing in the food delivery business in the coming years. The below image depicts the Food Delivery App Users in the USA, considering 2018-2023 with its % change.

Food Delivery Business Demand 

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According to the USA market research, the food delivery business will experience a massive surge in the coming years. In the year 2019, the food delivery application usage was recorded by 38 million users, and in the year 2020, it got enhanced by 15%.

According to the stats and calculation, it is estimated that by the end of 2021, 20% of more food delivery app users will be added to the list of active downloads. Isn’t that a fantastic start to figure out the growth and popularity of the food delivery business in the USA?

Hence, if you are thinking of investing your funds in the cloud-kitchen delivery or food delivery business in 2021, this is the right time to start building an online ordering system.

What is a Food Ordering Solution?

A food ordering solution comprises a complete food ordering process that includes the three apps and an admin panel for running a food delivery business. To be precise, any on-demand delivery solution will require a minimum of three apps for making it run successfully.

Grubhub food ordering solution also comprises three apps and its effective sync for making the process complete.

Building a Grubhub clone app

To build a food delivery clone application like Grubhub– your online food delivery solution shall require the following apps to be designed and developed.

  1. Customer App
  2. Restaurant Owner App
  3. Driver App
  • Customer App

The app development company must consider the critical customer app features to be designed and developed for the customer side.

A clone app development means building a similar application – hence, your app requires Grubhub alike features.

The customer application is the soul of the food delivery process.

We can term it as the action app because the customer will record the order action for asking the restaurant to deliver the food. Hence from User Interface to User Experience, the customer food ordering app development requires a detailed structure and output.

How to Hire Dedicated Team for Food Delivery App Development?

Customer App Features Include:

  • Profile setup
  • Exploring offers and rewards
  • Browsing restaurants
  • Customize Order
  • Track orders in real-time
  • Easy reorder

The above screenshots depict Grubhub Customer App screen layouts. The first screenshot on the left is about the browse restaurant layout that includes restaurant display as per the selected or auto-detected delivery address.

It also includes filtering the cuisine for having a more specific list on the screen

The second layout is about the food cart. Here before the payment, the food cart shows the items selected for the delivery along with its quantity and price.

It includes a button for adding more items before proceeding with the final checkout. The total price comprises the tax and delivery fee, and it is mentioned separately for the customer’s reference. One more exciting option on the screen is the tip amount.

Here the customers can select the tip amount before moving to the final checkout.

The other essential features of the Grubhub customer app that needs to be precisely designed and developed for your food delivery ordering app is tracking Orders in real-time and easy reorder.

Using the real-time tracking food delivery app feature, the customer can easily track the real-time status of their food parcels.

Hence, a customer stays updated on each movement about their ordered food parcel such as ‘Order confirmed, Order getting prepared, Order prepared, Order picked up by the driver, Order about to deliver, Driver Near You and Order Delivered. Your next food delivery app development needs to be précised about such features for making the food delivery business successful. 

    • Restaurant App

    A restaurant app is a service provider application that takes proper care of fulfilling the customer’s action process by addressing the kitchen staff to start preparing the ordered food.

    Various features make restaurant app development procedure essential such as food items availability button, food delivery toggle button, updating status on the ordered food, assigning the driver for picking the food parcel, etc.

    If there is no separate admin panel- the restaurant app can also manage the offers and rewards and display them on the main screen of the restaurant.

    You must consult with your food delivery app development company to build a perfect Grubhub or UbearEats clone app, including the restaurant application features discussed above. A restaurant app helps the customer to get detailed insights about the food delivery status.

    • Driver or Delivery Partner App

    When you search for Grubhub for Drivers in the Google or Apple store, you will get an idea about the features that Grubhub food ordering brand offers to its drivers and delivery partners.

    While developing a perfect Grubhub clone app, your food delivery app development company needs to focus on every single feature provided by Grubhub for drivers’ applications.

    As you can check in the screenshot, the driver application has got the feature to set a working schedule that helps the restaurant owner determine which drivers are available for pick and delivery of the food parcel in the nearby location.

    Also, the divers can see which orders are ready for pickup and delivery- and, hence they can add the orders in the route for delivery- which is a fantastic feature.

    In short, these are the few crucial features for customer app, restaurant owner app, and driver app that needs to be perfectly integrated for offering a seamless food delivery experience.

    All the features need to be discussed with your food delivery app development company while building a perfect Grubhub clone app.

Things to take care of before stepping into the food delivery market

The food delivery business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Believe us in due course, we have met many clients who have started their food delivery outlet, but very few can survive the market ups and downs.

Let us take a clear and recent example of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses were affected during the pandemic, and one of the significant effects was experienced by the hotel and food industry.

Even today, many people do not want to visit restaurants, nor do they want to order food online.

Currently, the market is divided into two segments. The first segment is the conscious segment, they do not wish to have a negligible risk associated with the novel virus, and hence, they are following 100% precautions.

On the other hand, there is a class or segment of people who have liberal thinking. They do not mind ordering food online and follow necessary precautions before using it.

The dine-in market has crashed, but the online food delivery market is surging for the last two months.

Many online food delivery businesses have gotten introduced in the past few weeks, claiming to deliver the best food delivery experience to their users. So, trust me- the market is selective and challenging.

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Steps to survive the food delivery market

So, if you are wondering that during such a challenging and competitive phase- how will you survive the food delivery market- here is what I would like you to know.

Your food delivery app development company needs to be the best in the following points for helping you survive the online ordering market.

  • Excellent Food delivery app UI
  • Delivering the best User experience
  • Food ordering app development with leading features
  • Machine learning or AI features can add cherries, such as the live chatbot feature, voice search, etc.
  • An admin panel dashboard for managing the business via web screen. A single-screen delivering the entire scenario of your business operations for making things easy and straightforward. It helps in running the company without any errors.
  • Reduce a digital marketing strategy for helping your online food ordering brand get the required market reach and visibility. The digital market is a need of the hour in 2020; applying the marketing tactics to your online brand can aid in many ways.

Cost of building Grubhub Clone App

Food delivery app development like the Grubhub clone application costs approximately between 10,000 USD to 22,000 USD depending upon the requirements of the food delivery app owner.

We at iCoderz Solution offer two options to the clients for building food delivery apps like UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, Grubhub, and Postmates- one is the customized food delivery app development, and the other is acquiring readymade food delivery solutions.

Make your choice wisely.

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