How to Build a BigBasket Clone App For Running a Grocery Delivery Business?

Build a BigBasket Clone App For Running a Grocery Delivery Business - iCoderz Solutions
Build a BigBasket Clone App For Running a Grocery Delivery Business

I am sure no one would have imagined that selling groceries can make your dreams come true! How about framing it in a better way, can selling groceries turn you a billionaire? Well, yes! If you have developed a perfect on-demand grocery delivery app with the target market strategies- the grocery delivery business can be exciting, thrilling and money-making. 

With today’s blog, we are going to learn about the BigBasket Grocery Delivery App and the ways to build it for your next online grocery business. 

BigBasket: The Giant Online Grocery Market

The story of BigBasket is quite interesting since its concept to launch. Here, there is a squad of founders who introduced BigBasket in the year 2011, exactly ten years after they introduced their first online retail eCommerce platform, Fabmart. All journeys are not comfortable and flowering as we make a perception to see.

We must understand that we get to know about any brand after it is successful but understanding the journey behind its success is quite essential. 

Many of us were not aware in 2011 to 2015 when BigBasket was introduced and was operating as the online grocery ordering app in India. Because it was the struggling period for the online grocery delivery giant.

In 2022, we are quite familiar with the grocery delivery app- BigBasket because we use it now and then for ordering our favorite groceries and food supplies online. 

From acquisitions to competitions, BigBasket has stepped out successfully to make itself recognized as the popular grocery ordering app solution in 2022.

Many online grocery delivery apps are operating in the market that is almost similar to BigBasket such as the Grofers, Naturesbasket, Zopnow, Amazon Pantry, etc.  But we shall be talking about the BigBasket clone application because it is one of the most popular grocery ordering apps today. 

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Grocery Delivery App Development like BigBasket, Instacart & Grofers 

Before you build a BigBasket clone application, it is essential to understand the entire cycling of the grocery delivery business. To run the grocery delivery business, the business solution requires three applications for making the process successful. 

  1. Buyer/Online User Application
  2. Store Manager Application
  3. Driver App

Most of us have used the customer or user application as we tend to buy things online using the famous online grocery ordering app like BigBasket, Grofers and Instacart. We have explored many features as a customer that makes shop regularly on these online grocery apps. 

Let us talk in detail about these features.

1: Customer App

The customer application has various features to help the customer for experiencing a seamless shopping time. BigBasket clone app because it has got the most amazing UI and UX for assisting the customers stay longer over the app. It delivers a satisfactory experience to the customers. 

When you connect with the grocery app development company for building a BigBasket clone application, you must take care of the following customer or user app features:

  • User Login
  • Delivery address detection
  • Shop by category
  • My account
  • BBstar Membership
  • Push notifications
  • Online offers & Notify Me
  • SmartBasket Shopping List
  • Past Orders, track ongoing orders
  • Search items/category 
  • Basket (cart)
  • Before you checkout feature
  • Checkout/Payment method
  • Select delivery slot
  • Add items to an existing order 
  • Review and ratings

When you talk about the BigBasket clone grocery ordering app development requirement, you need to make sure about the user as mentioned above app features.

Scrolling the BigBasket grocery ordering app features, you get an idea about the difference of features between BigBasket and other online grocery apps. It is because of the flexibility and versatility of the BB app that many customers would like and love to shop using the app rather than downloading other apps or visiting any renowned grocery mall.

2: Store Manager/Admin App

The store manager application manages the order requirements received from the customer online via the grocery delivery application. The store owner app includes the following features:

  • Managing offers
  • Managing items
  • Managing categories
  • Assign driver
  • Managing time slots
  • Managing payments
  • Replying to customers
  • Managing stock
  • Analytics and reports

3: Driver App

Just like any other on-demand delivery application solution, the driver application for BigBasket clone app will have the following essential features:

  • Accepting delivery 
  • Updating order status
  • Updating payment status
  • Driver earnings report
  • Driver profile management
  • Driver order history
  • Live GPS for detecting customer location

So, all the applications as mentioned above and its features are important to take care of your grocery delivery app development company. These features make BigBasket one of the most loved grocery delivery apps by the users. 

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How Grocery Delivery Apps Earn Money?

Online grocery delivery apps like BigBasket earn money in different models. The first is the revenue model. In the revenue model, the app owner earns money on each order by imposing delivery charges to the customer. Secondly, apps like BB make money via advertising by showcasing the different brands as the top or rotating banners.

The grocery apps also earn commission per order if they have agreed upon a commission-based revenue earning model with the store owners or grocery brand owners. 

BigBasket also earns money with the membership fees that they collect from the users after making them a lifetime or monthly or yearly BBstar member with BigBasket online grocery delivery app. BigBasket has acquired many labels as its private labels such as Fresho, Happy Gourmet, Royal Organic, etc. It earns a lot of profit by selling these products online via the grocery ordering application. 

So, when we talk about your next grocery delivery app development project- you will have more than one way of earning money but at the same patience, maintaining patience and conducting proper market research is essential.

BigBasket is operating in limited Indian cities, but still, it manages to earn profits. Hence, we can say that their market research potential is quite brilliant. Conducting proper market analysis is incredibly essential for the success of your grocery delivery business in India or anywhere in the world.

Time and Cost to Build an Online Grocery Ordering App Like BigBasket?

Generally, grocery delivery app development companies offer a perfect deadline before you sign them as your grocery ordering app development company. But, in many cases, if the company provides an hourly rate for hiring developers for building an on-demand delivery app like BigBasket, the deadline may vary considering the availability of the developers.

Most online grocery delivery app development companies give an estimate of 4-5 weeks for designing and developing a full-fledged grocery ordering app like BigBasket and Instacart. 

The cost of developing a BigBasket clone application varies from one grocery delivery app development company to another. Experienced and International on-demand app development companies charge higher than other companies. And of course, when you consult a professional on-demand grocery ordering app development company- you get the most robust and dynamic grocery delivery solution. 

Generally, the cost of developing a BigBasket clone application is approximately 25 USD to 80 USD per hour in Indian companies.

The cost of producing the same app with the USA based IT company is around 55 USD to 200 USD per hour. 

What iCoderz Solutions Offer for Grocery Delivery App Development?

iCoderz Solutions is a renowned grocery ordering app development company offering different services for mobile and web development. For building BigBasket clone applications, we have different types of hiring models, including the hourly, part-time, and full-time flexibilities.

Also, we have a dedicated development team model where you can hire an entire team for the grocery app development project by quoting and negotiating a total project cost. 

Clients, who wish to enter the on-demand grocery ordering app market with limited investment and time can also opt for the monthly subscription model suggested by iCoderz Solutions. We have a ready-made online grocery delivery solution that is quick to launch and simple to adapt.

For more, you can inquire about our monthly subscription-based grocery delivery solution by clicking here.

Benefits of utilizing the monthly subscription solutions for grocery delivery app development

  • Saves time
  • Saves one-time investment cost
  • Proves economic for SMEs and Startups
  • 100% white-label services
  • Full-fledged features
  • Admin panel dashboard
  • Three leading apps – customer, store owner, and driver 
  • Advanced features such as Live GPS, real-time order tracking, Cart, Reorder, Payment Integration, Live chat support, etc. 

Summing Up

Grocery delivery market is booming at an incredible pace. In the year 2023-2024, the online grocery delivery market will cover more of the market considering the safety and luxury of shopping online. If you wish to develop a BigBasket clone app, you must consult a grocery delivery app development company like iCoderz Solutions and get started discovering the development possibilities. We offer both customized and readymade grocery ordering app development solutions to our clients in India as well as outside India. Visit our official webpage for more information. 

PS We have recently introduced a single food delivery app and multi-vendor food delivery app solution for national and international clients.

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