Benefits Of Having Food Delivery App For Restaurant Business

Benefits Of Having Food Delivery App For Restaurant Business | iCoderz Solutions
Benefits Of Having Food Delivery App For Restaurant Business | iCoderz Solutions

The food business is up and blasting again with the help of innovation. There is a massive improvement in innovation which helps the restaurants and food delivery app. The food industry is exceptionally profitable and beneficial because of its expansive potential and because of madly developing interest for cafés of various food items in different urban areas.

Considering this insanely increasing demand for food where foodies asl for the food at any time then it is a great deal to build an Online Food delivery app which helps people and make it easy for them to get them at any place they want at any time. A recent Statista survey showed that the majority of diners use mobile restaurant apps to view menus and pricing (55%), check out for new offers and deals (38.2%), order food online (30%) and make reservations (23.8%).

Right around three billion individuals are required to utilize their smartphones worldwide till 2020. By this huge market demand, one can get an idea of the importance of mobile app for food ordering apps. Food applications like Zomato, Foursquare, Swiggy, and Yelp have set new achievements of income. For instance, a mobile application is in charge of 16 percent of absolute exchanges of Starbucks.

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Why Is Online Food Delivery Software Popular Among Restaurant Owners?

Let’s check why Food business needs a good mobile app

There are many reasons why restaurants and food joints require a mobile application which depends on the location, demand, and availability of the food items.

Food Ordering app/Restaurant app

Convenience and flexibility are the two significant benefits of restaurant or food mobile app. Having a mobile app becomes easier for the customer. The ordering experience becomes smooth, improving inefficiency at the restaurant.

Subway is one quick, easygoing restaurant which is taking benefit from a marked versatile mobile application for online food ordering. Clients can pick and pay for their meal early, empowering them to lift it with no hold up at the eatery. Accordingly, Subway additionally decreased the line and sit tight time for customers that like to arrange at the counter.

Starbucks is another example who has taken great advantage of its mobile application. When they launched their mobile app for coffee orders, they saw a big difference by seeing their shorter lines, quick service and payments, and more natural store operations. In July last year, around 20% of transactions in US payment accounted.

With less human errors improving the accurate request and customer experience.

Also, resources can be used for other purposes while answering calls and investing energy into that can be diverted to other important things.

Loyalty programs in Food app

The rate of traditional loyalty programs sits at about 12%. Those rates increased to 18-28% when it is offered with mobile payment with a loyalty program. When we combine both the rates increased up to 15-35%. Let’s take an example of 32% of Pinkberry’s transaction, which came up from their loyalty mobile app program. When loyalty programs are integrated with mobile apps, then one can see the change in increased transactions like Earl of sandwich customers made it on average 22% while using the loyalty program.

More Customer Engagement

Mobile applications for food business helps customers connect with various restaurants, cafes, and food joints. Through food ordering app, users can use menus of different restaurants to design and prepare for their diners and even for the guests. Also, can book or pre-order food items or starters in advance. Reservation can be made well in advance so that no waiting and only enjoying a meal can happen.

Social media also helps a lot in this, where restaurants can connect to Facebook and Twitter, where one can get reviews and other suggestions for particular food joints making more customers. Restaurants can also add more information like hours of operation, menus, specials for the day, contact details, venue, etc. which can help customers to decide where to reach and how much time would it take which will make it easy for customers to prepare for the dinner date well in advance.

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No matter what, but when it comes to technology, it always has a cost—a few things to keep in mind before shooting for an app. Mobile apps are expensive and need to maintain it regularly checking and testing for bugs. If you entirely rely on an app, then it can put restaurant owners into a disadvantage. It may not always work for every independent food joint owner. For bigger food chains like Subway, Starbucks it might work. Mobile apps have that potential to improve efficiency and gain more customers, but it has their disadvantages too. But if used the right way then it can give good business which can reach high levels of success.

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