Top mobile app testing strategies followed by iCoderz Solutions

Top mobile app testing strategies followed by iCoderz Solutions
Top mobile app testing strategies followed by iCoderz Solutions

Many mobile app development companies strive to develop innovative and new applications in the arena. There are certain features and tactics they apply to develop innovative and best applications to acknowledge by the customers. But there is a need to take the assistance of certain steps to have a clear vision about the application and its functioning. The compatibility, functionality, and other features of the application should be quite efficient so that the people can effectively use them without any hindrances.

Mobile app testing comes in the view while dealing with the same. There are certain strategies which the mobile app development companies especially adopt to get effective solutions for their development strategies. 

Here are some top mobile app testing strategies in 2020 which developers use thoroughly in the hassle of mobile app development.

  • Feature functionality

An application is composed of various features to provide efficiency to the customers. There is an ultimate need to test them completely. Many times, it is not generally advisable to run functional testing across several mobile devices. Just test on a single device and then assist other platforms.

  • QA mobile app testing

QA is an acronym for quality assurance and is a process where various developers run multiple tests on a single application and ensure its functionality and other cases present in it. A lot of people just think that QA is for fixing various bugs present in a platform, but it can do various things other than that. It can also be used to fix various defects in the UI / UX part. Also, it is quite beneficial to ensure the ultimate requirements of the application. The testing procedure is also quite important as the entire development process. If anyone is keeping and attempting not to do the same, it may even cause a failure on a large scale.

  • Manual testing

In manual testing QA analyst is responsible for all the necessary tests manually. The tester is responsible for testing all the features present in the application and finding out errors present in the software during the development process for the system. After the same, the tester also executes the report of the testing done manually in the application. There is an ultimate requirement of various automation tools for the same. Manual testing is a process that requires a lot of time if it is done by just an ordinary human. It also helps to find out certain errors via exploratory tests which is quite efficient. App manual testing in Android applications is best among all the testing procedures available. It is because it allows us to catch various bugs present in the platform and ultimately helps in fixing them.

  • Automation testing

This is the process by which coders are assisted to write the codes which completely execute the testing process. With the help of the coding the automation tools execute the text and can finish the same in just a short period of time. The goal of automation testing is to save the time which is generally spent in the complete mobile app testing process. It is quite an effective method to find out various books and errors present in the software system. For the same the investment is required which is a bit high, but it provides better ROI this is its efficiency.

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Which mobile app testing strategy is best?

Taking the complete view, it cannot be said which one is the best and the goal and why one should assist only one? Automation technology is the best tool for Android app and another mobile app testing. Examples of the same include Ranorex from APM robotium and UI Automator. Android app testing can also be done manually quite efficiently but for iOS testing, it is a bit difficult.

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