Why should you invest in Readymade Online Grocery Delivery App System?

Why should you invest in Readymade Online Grocery Delivery App System
Why should you invest in Readymade Online Grocery Delivery App System

Grocery delivery segment is increasing at a rapid speed. Considering the pandemic and the economic slowdown, the grocery delivery market has not experienced any ill effects of the meltdown. It seems that the grocery delivery business is one of the best businesses to invest in 2020 and upcoming years. Well, investing in a readymade grocery delivery app in India is a more convenient and profit-making option. 

Ask how!

The readymade grocery delivery application comes with exclusive features and benefits. We shall discuss every bit of the readymade delivery solutions as we move further with the blog. 

What is a readymade grocery app in India?

We are entirely acknowledged with the grocery delivery apps like BigBasket and Grofers. A grocery delivery application helps in scheduled grocery deliveries of our purchased grocery products via the smartphone application. A readymade grocery delivery application is a solution that is already built in the cloud for acquiring it with 100% white label solutions. We at iCoderz Solutions recommend readymade grocery delivery app development to our clients across the globe. 

Features of Grocery Delivery Application

A grocery delivery application needs to have the best features for the proper functioning of the entire purchase-delivery process. Either you go for readymade grocery app in India or a customized grocery delivery application, the features are almost similar unless the client wants to have an extra-ordinary grocery app feature to be introduced using customization. 

A fully functional grocery delivery system needs the following applications to be synch with each other. 

COVID-19 Impact On Mobile App Popularity

1) Customer Application

A customer application is a primary application designed for the grocery delivery business. The app helps the customer with detailed features for placing an order for the grocery items. A grocery delivery customer app has the following features.

  • Social media login
  • Browsing grocery items
  • Browsing grocery item categories
  • Real-time grocery delivery tracking
  • Secure online payment gateways
  • Adding a new address. Change/edit/delete address
  • Adding items to cart, Manage cart.
  • Reviewing the grocery items

2) Grocery Store Owner App

Just like the customer application is required for placing an order, the grocery store owner application is vital for accepting the order. Once the groceries are ordered, and the appropriate payment option is selected, the app sends a notification to the customer app of order acceptance and the estimated delivery date. The grocery delivery app features include the following:

  • Availability toggle
  • Adding offers
  • Adding items
  • Adding categories
  • Delivery auto dispatch
  • Assigning driver 
  • Auto driver assign
  • Order status updates

3) Delivery Boy App

The driver partner application is quite essential for completing the process with perfect sync. The driver application helps the customer to know when the delivery is on the way. It also helps the grocery owner app to know about the delivery status. The features of the driver app include the following:

  • Delivery executive status
  • In-app navigation
  • Delivery executive earnings
  • Job history/order history
  • Delivery status update

4) Grocery Delivery Owner Dashboard

Many readymade grocery app companies in India help with the grocery app owner exclusive web dashboard for managing the business with ease. A seperate web access to the panel helps with managing the entire grocery delivery business with ease. Well, we at iCoderz also provide with website admin dashboard for grocery delivery app owners. Here are the features that you should not miss reading.

  • Manage admins
  • Manage customers
  • Manage drivers
  • Manage offers
  • Manage earnings
  • Manage payment options 
  • Report access 
  • Item wise sale reports 

Benefits of Grocery Delivery App Development

There are multiple benefits of acquiring the idea of a grocery delivery business in 2020. Considering the current pandemic situation, we experience that people are moving to digital shopping because of two essential reasons, safety, and convenience. It makes shopping easier and simpler as you need to shop online via your smartphone app rather than visiting the store, wasting both time and fuel.

  • Emerging Business Segment

The online grocery delivery segment is a booming segment. The business has fruitful insights for the future, and the prediction of the market size is quite convincing. In short, it is one of the ideal business startups to invest in 2020. 

The grocery delivery business involves less investment when you acquire the readymade grocery app in India with the help of an on-demand delivery application development company like iCoderz Solutions and DeOnDe

  • Provides Convenience to Customers

Few businesses are designed to provide more luxury and convenience to the customers or users. A grocery delivery segment is one amongst it. It enhances the customer experience as the customer can shop from anywhere and anytime without having worried about the store’s opening or closing hours.

Indeed, it is the way to save both time and fuel as you need not visit the store. Acquiring the grocery delivery app development, you are helping the users in many ways. Customers feel relaxed shopping online and are saved from the trouble of visiting the store for buying groceries each time. In fact, customers can buy as per the requirement as online they do not visit the store and hence, can skip the idea of buying all at once for saving time and fuel expenses. 

  • Safer Business During Pandemic

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Grocery delivery is a pandemic proof business, and the current pandemic has proved it. Well, the grocery delivery app owners like BigBasket and Grofers never thought that they would be running out of the human resources during the pandemic. Even after the steep economic meltdown, the grocery delivery segment surged unpredictably. So, if you are looking to start a business that is pandemic proof and economic volatile proof, then you must think of investing in a grocery delivery app development in India or anywhere in the world.

  • Multi-Selling Store

The grocery selling market covers multiple product categories. Grocery delivery apps are no more limited to selling only grocery or food items. The grocery delivery apps in India like BigBasket are selling groceries, fruits and vegetables, cleaning and sanitary items, cookware and kitchenware, baby care utility items, readymade foods and beverages, snacks, and chocolates, etc. with their online application. 

Hence, when you invest in the grocery delivery business, you are welcoming different product category partnerships for selling multiple products using a single platform. The reach to the customer market becomes massive using the grocery delivery app business. 

Cost of development a Grocery Delivery App

The cost of grocery app development is approximate to the functions and features that one requires to be incorporated in the application. Well, a customized or independent grocery application development is quite costly. Depending upon the country, the app development company, and the developer’s expertise, your grocery delivery business application will be estimated. 

The development cost for grocery delivery application is somewhere around 9000 – 12000 USD. But if you choose to go for a readymade grocery delivery app in India with on-demand grocery delivery solutions like DeOnDe, the app development cost becomes highly reasonable. 

Readymade Grocery App in India by iCoderz

Many of us are not aware of the term, readymade grocery delivery application. The readymade grocery delivery application is a readymade cloud solution application that is ready for use by paying a subscription amount. The subscription amount is a monthly fee for utilising the application and its features along with the web-admin dashboard. 

We at iCoderz Solutions recommend using readymade grocery delivery application solution because it saves both cost and time of development. The on-demand SaaS-based solutions prove quite cost-friendly as the company only charges a monthly subscription fee for utilising the solution. It is a pay-as-you-use model, where you pay until you use the benefits of the solution. For startups across the globe, it is one of the best ways to go digital. 

Why iCoderz Solutions?

iCoderz Solutions is a renowned mobile app development company in India and the USA. We help startups, enterprises and SMEs to develop iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile applications that can be further utilised for branding as well as earning sales. 

Be it eCommerce apps, games apps, utility apps, banking and financial apps, blockchain apps, video and photo editing apps, on-demand delivery and logistics apps or e-Learning apps, and we help with 100% customized mobile app as per the client’s demand. We help your business grow by developing quality mobile apps for your business or organization. However, it is our privilege to create apps that we have never developed before as we take it as a challenge and try to establish the best using our skills, human resources, and IT infrastructure.

Well, for readymade grocery delivery app, you can either write an email to us or can visit our official website for filling the details. One of our business executives will get back to you with the best development offer.

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