How to build a restaurant or table booking app with iCoderz Solutions?

How to build a restaurant or table booking app with iCoderz Solutions?
How to build a restaurant or table booking app with iCoderz Solutions?

How to build a restaurant or table booking app with iCoderz Solutions? Investing in the restaurant industry is becoming quite common. We have seen more and more numbers of restaurants launching in the last few years and the reasons for the same are apparent. Startups want to invest in the food industry, thinking that it has got the maximum output to deliver in terms of profit. 

Many people even think that the food industry is the cash industry; here the incoming of cash is daily. The growing demand for eating outside food, the busy lifestyle, and the increasing importance of restaurants in our lives motivates startup owners to invest in building a restaurant, a restaurant booking app or a food delivery app. 

Building a table booking app with iCoderz Solutions

There are various types of applications that can be built for a restaurant for aiding the restaurant with more sales and customers. Food delivery app development, table booking app development, POS development, and restaurant booking app development are core app development services that are offered by iCoderz Solutions for helping the restaurants with more sales for both online and dine-in purposes. 

To build a restaurant booking app, the food delivery app development company like us build a versatile food delivery application that offers clients the dine-in facility as well. Wondering how? 

A food delivery application comprises of three leading apps:

  1. Customer App
  2. Restaurant Owner App
  3. Driver App

Here, the customer application is the king of all applications. When we build custom applications for your food delivery or restaurant outlet- we include the following features to make the app more functioning.

  • Customer profile management
  • Browse restaurant 
  • Browse menu
  • Browse categories
  • Set delivery location
  • Search items/restaurants
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Customize food delivery order
  • Special instructions 
  • Choose the type of delivery
  • Payment methods
  • Repeat order
  • Cancel order
  • Order history
  • Review and ratings
  • Change address 
  • Apply discount/offer
  • Book restaurant table
  • 24*7 live customer support

Book Restaurant Table Feature With Food Delivery Customer App

Many of us are aware of booking a restaurant table by making an initial call to the restaurant manager. Most have always preferred advance table booking at the time of family lunch, family dinner, or festivals. No one wants to stand in the waiting line in front of their guests. In fact, waiting outside the restaurant until the table is vacant is quite embarrassing on your special day. 

For the same, food delivery app development includes the restaurant booking app feature that allows the customer to book a table in advance. Utilizing the feature, the customer needs to enter correct data, time, and several persons for booking the table.

Once the customer sends a request from the application for booking the dine-in table with the restaurant, the restaurant manager app gets a notification with the same. The restaurant manager application is designed in a way that it can either accept or reject the table booking request.

On receiving it, the customer app gets a confirmation message or push notification explaining that the table for the mentioned date and time is confirmed. 

The add-on restaurant table booking feature is trending these days with the favorite food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy. The feature has been added recently to make sure that during the pandemic, the families book their table in advance to avoid waiting outside the restaurant.

Also, now the restaurants are operating with less efficiency. It aids restaurants as well to make sure how many tables are booked at one point in time. During a pandemic situation, it is a must for your food delivery app to include the restaurant booking app feature. 

Cost of table booking app development with iCoderz Solutions

When you want to design and develop a restaurant booking app like Zomato and Swiggy, you can schedule a call with us and get acknowledged with the food delivery app development demo for understanding the features and elements. 

Developing a full-fledged restaurant booking app would cost approximately 5,000 USD to 15,000 USD depending on the machine learning features and other essential elements including UI/UX. But yes, with iCoderz Solutions clients get two options for food delivery app development service. 

  • Customized table booking app development
  • Readymade table booking app solution

Clients who wish to save a one-time investment cost for developing a food delivery app can choose the readymade table booking app solution that is based on monthly rental charges. Here the clients can pay a monthly rental to iCoderz Solutions for utilizing the readymade food delivery app solution.

All the essential and advanced features are included with the readymade monthly solution version developed by iCoderz. For the same, you can even check a demo of our application in the video


The restaurant business is flourishing than before. If you want to invest in restaurant booking app development, then you must make sure that your restaurant focuses on food delivery service on a primary basis. Only the restaurant booking application will not help to gain a customer base; it must provide food delivery as the leading service.

Our business consultant shall help you understand the pricing and hire developer model during the online consultation. For booking one, click here. We are just a call away.

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