Exclusive Guide on Single and Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App Solution

Single and Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App Solution Guide

Do you know that food delivery is one of the most popular business segments today? Out of 10 business people, 8 want to invest in the food industry– and the reasons for which are obvious. Considering the popularity and success of the food delivery business, we can conclude that it is a highly recommended business for startups, SMEs, and enterprises in 2022.

To run your food delivery biz successfully, all you require is a food delivery app development service from any prominent food delivery app development company.

Let us discuss the different types of food delivery apps, including the single vendor food delivery app, multi-vendor food delivery app, and other food delivery solutions in detail with this blog. So, let us start with the necessary information about food delivery apps.

Types of Food Delivery Application

To be precise, a food delivery application serves as a digital presence for your food delivery outlet. It is a smartphone-compatible application that is designed differently for customers and restaurant owners. A food delivery app mainly comprises a customer app, restaurant app, and driver-partner app. Many food delivery app development companies also offer web dashboard panels as a bonus and three applications.

Before discussing the type of food delivery apps, let me tell you that food delivery applications can be built either with customization from scratch or can be easily rented on a monthly subscription. Yes, of course, readymade food delivery solutions are also available in the market that is purely SaaS-based and can be efficiently utilized by paying a monthly fee to the SaaS-provider company. Indeed, one of the popular options in 2022 for launching your food delivery business with ease, which includes less capital and less time frame.

iCoderz Solutions has got complete food delivery app solutions for our clients and keen food delivery startup owners. We have designed many types of on-demand delivery apps, including food delivery app solutions, grocery delivery app solutions, medicine delivery app solutions, liquor delivery app solutions, and many more. We will introduce our clients to the two complete food delivery solutions: Single vendor and multi-vendor food delivery solution.

What is a Single Vendor Food Delivery App?

A single-vendor food delivery app solution serves only one segment or niche—food. If we use food delivery apps in our routine lives, we must be aware of them. An Online Ordering System for Restaurants helps customers order food from their favorite restaurant via a smartphone app. It offers various features and benefits that make food delivery excellent and splendid.

For an, e.g. Swiggy has had two models recently- earlier, it was only a single-vendor food delivery application, and now it is a multi-vendor food delivery app. Likewise, iCoderz Solutions can help you build a single or multi-vendor food delivery solution depending on your requirements.

Features of a Single Vendor Food Delivery App

The features of a single-vendor food delivery solution include the following. Firstly the features of single-vendor food delivery solutions support restaurant owners. Hence, we can say that the single vendor is a food outlet owner or a restaurant owner. Here no other vendor can display the business, such as grocery owner or medicine owner, or liquor or bar owner. A single vendor food delivery application is entitled to sell only hey food items to prepare from some restaurant, cloud kitchen, or food delivery outlet. Now, let’s discuss the features in detail.

1. Customer App

  • Social Media Login/Login Via Phone Number
  • User Management
  • Browse restaurants and food items
  • Customize Food Item Order
  • Add to Cart
  • Payment Methods
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Reorder/cancel the order
  • Add-edit-change delivery address
  • Order instructions

2. Restaurant Owner App

  • Restaurant owner login
  • Availability toggle
  • Accept & reject an order
  • Update order status
  • Manage restaurant
  • Auto/manual driver assign feature

3. Driver App

  • Driver login
  • Driver status management
  • Accept or reject delivery order
  • Live location
  • Manage earnings
  • Job history
  • Update food delivery status
  • Cash collection update

4. Admin Panel

  • Manage restaurants
  • Manage offers
  • Manage earnings
  • Manage inventory
  • Reports and analytics
  • Manage drivers

What is a Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App?

A multi-vendor food delivery application serves different types of delivery niches for the customers. The customer base is enormous here as different kinds of items are delivered by a single application.

Multi Delivery App Development FREE Demo By iCoderz Solutions

Swiggy has recently launched Swiggy Go during the pandemic by converting its main idea of food delivery into a multi-vendor delivery application. A multi-vendor app will help different business owners get coordinated via a single platform to expand their business and sales.

Why Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App? Concept!

A Multi-vendor Food Delivery App Solution is the newest way that third-party on-demand delivery startups are looking for in 2024. The idea is highly innovative, and we must appreciate it as it is the best way to expand your business versatility for enhancing the income score. Imagine that food outlet owners and grocery and medicine outlet owners will share the commission for each order placed via your smartphone app. It is indeed an excellent concept for startups and enterprises who are looking for digital platform investments.

Let us talk about the features: Here just the single vendor food delivery solution, three apps are serving the primary purpose, but instead of the restaurant owner app- we shall state here as the store owner app because we have different types of stores here. 

So, keeping the features the same as the customer app and driver app- the store owner app features also remain almost the same, including the following. 

Multi-Vendor Store Owner App 

  • Store availability toggle
  • Order accept or reject
  • Assign driver- manual or auto-assign feature
  • Update order status 
  • Sending offer notifications
  • Updating offer banners
  • Updating discount prices
  • Store reviews and ratings
  • Store Description 
  • Store location details 

Cost of Single and Multi-Vendor food delivery app

Exploring the cost of an on-demand delivery application is incredibly important because it helps you set an estimate of your food delivery or multi-delivery business.

Well, again, there is a twist here because there are different ways to launch your on-demand delivery business. Now, you must be wondering- what are the ways? So, let me share the best two possibilities for starting your dream on-demand delivery startup.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Customized Single or Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App?

The cost of readymade single or multi-vendor food delivery applications is relatively less than we customize food delivery application development.

Here, the food delivery application owner does not need to pay a single amount for developing the application. Instead, the food delivery app owner needs to pay a monthly rental or a monthly fee for utilizing the food delivery or multi-food delivery solution from the service provider company.

iCoderz Solutions provides both customized and readymade food delivery and multi-food delivery app solutions to clients across the globe.

Our pricing models are not discussed here as we like to discuss them during the online business call. But, we can rest assured our clients that we can help them build their dream on-demand delivery app solution at the best price and with the best features.

Check out the Single food delivery app and multi-vendor food delivery app solution developed by us. In this video, you can explore the various features that we have integrated into the application.

Food Delivery App Development: Business Benefits 

The ultimate benefit of investing in a single vendor and multi-vendor food delivery app is a future-proof and pandemic-proof business. When different businesses failed to respond during the pandemic, it was only the on-demand delivery segment that continued to surge.

We, therefore, ask our clients to take a bold step and invest in a multi-vendor food delivery app to be even double sure of market interpretation by targeting multi-vendor deliveries. The more the market coverage, the more the customer base.


Well, here is everything that you must know before developing a single-vendor or multi-vendor food delivery solution with any food delivery app development company in India or the USA. Leave your comments below to have an in-depth understanding of the same from a technical point of view.

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