How to Make On Demand Food Delivery Apps like Swiggy!


Millennial are opting their choices from conventional dine out to mobile food delivery services like – Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Papa John’s and more. The extensive range of restaurants with boundless cuisines and the flexibility to pay easily on food delivery apps have made lives trouble-free. So, it’s likely that digital advancements are swiftly transforming the food delivery industry. Customers now feel comfortable in processing food deals online through on demand food delivery apps like Swiggy.

They have started capturing the market with convenience-based deliveries through mobile apps. This is the reason why food delivery app development for restaurants is in demand. Let’s discover the food delivery app development models which are popular in the food marketplaces.

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There are two key food delivery business models in the food delivery market:

1. Aggregator business model for On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

The aggregator business model is based on the old conventional food delivery solution. They are the 3rd party to handle the customer and restaurants. They provide the system to way into the user to go through the cuisines and food delicacies. So, this model enable both the required order support and the needed exposure. The user after logging into the app can view the menus, ratings, reviews and the pricing prior to placing the order. After the order confirmation, the aggregator passes the details to the restaurant and the delivery is done by the staff of the restaurant. This kind of food aggregator business model is good if you are investing full-size.

2. Food delivery systems offering a logistics delivery service platform like Swiggy

This model assists the partnering restaurants with their complete logistics support. These aggregators are thus making it straightforward for smaller restaurants, home delivery services and startup food joints to carry on their operations seamlessly. This helps the food delivery startups who couldn’t meet the expense of having and maintaining their own delivery system.

Hence, the partnership with this type of aggregator is always advantageous. They don’t have to be concerned about deliveries or managing drivers or retain vehicles. The major benefit is that the restaurant owners can focus more on making their food services improved by selecting the best on demand delivery app developers.

So what is your business idea? Developing a food delivery app alike Swiggy is at all times profitable. It gives you a major exposure and hence more customers. Let’s find out what it takes to build an on demand food delivery application for a restaurant.

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How to Smartly Build and Handle a Food Delivery App

A user should effortlessly access through the nearest restaurants and food joints right from the routing. For any distinctive user, let’s find out what tempts him to place the order:

A) User or Customer App Version for On Demand Food Delivery Apps:

  • Keep it simple with user registration and account setup

User voyage commences right from the sign-up. So keep it easier and trouble-free for the user to sign up in seconds. You must let them log in swiftly along with enabling social media logins.

  • Moving on to spot a restaurant

The users after a signup will definitely search good restaurants to order food. So, give the user uncomplicated access to GPS so that he can find a nearby restaurant in no time. Enable the user to easily browse all the restaurant information, list of cuisines, prices, discounts, offers, special combos, ratings and reviews.

  • Making an order

So the menu is all set and the user must be prepared to order. Offer the user with the choice to add the meals in their online cart to make them comfortable with ordering.

  • Food delivery time

The wait, the expectancy – how to make this situation cooler? Having the functionality of real-time order tracking with GPS helps the situation. The initiative of food delivery app development is to make the wait appear lesser. So, make it expedient by picking the best on demand delivery app development technology.

  • Secured payment solution

Making the payment process quicker, highly integrated, safe and secured are the key things to long-term business success with better user loyalty. However, choosing the best or accepted payment integration like Paypal, CCAvenue and Stripe is also a key aspect.

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B) Restaurant Owner App Version for On Demand Food Delivery Apps:

To build a food delivery app for restaurants it will need the restaurant business to be registered, the application content, a module for management of food orders and the payment integration system. Further, an instantaneous notification of the order completion and payment will set your business to roll!

C) Partner with Us App Version for On Demand Food Delivery Apps:

Well known companies like Swiggy (India), GrubHub and Eat24 have a preference to ‘partner with us’. They take the accountability of the restaurant partner’s delivery charging a commission margin.

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Features of Smart Food Delivery App Like Swiggy:

There are total of three applications that require the smooth functioning and processing of the food delivery. Customer App, Vendor/Restaurant App and Driver App followed by Website Admin Panel. We help you with all the three types of application with a customized website panel to make your food delivery process easy and smooth.

Moving Forward

Talk with your mobile app development company to converse your idea and do the precise brainstorming. You can always switch to marketing your app even ahead of your launch. With promoting on social media sites, try to gain trust, emphasize on your USP and communicate the special offers. It is the best way to keep hold of customers on a long-term basis. So, are you clear on how to make a food delivery app?

Still puzzled? We will assist you! Drop us an email with your mobile app idea and we will suggest the rest.

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