How much it cost approx to build Grocery app like Big Basket or Grofers?

How much it cost approx to build Grocery app like Big Basket or Grofers? iCoderz Solutions
How much it cost approx to build Grocery app like Big Basket or Grofers? iCoderz Solutions

Since technology has advanced, there have been some innovative and creative ways coming up for making businesses successful and worth it. One of the best technology innovations so far is the online delivery solutions, where we can order our utility items sitting right from the living room. Grocery app development is one of the best examples of the same.

Have you ever wondered how app cost like Big Basket or Grofers?

Big Basket is one of the most used grocery shopping applications across India. As a customer, you can order each utility item sitting right at your home. Be it fruits, vegetables, grocery items, milk items, household items or anything else; Big Basket has everything right in store for you.

The application is one of the perfect examples of how the offline store boredom can be converted into online store happiness. Yes, they serve a lot of happiness with their promos and schemes and memberships that help the users in saving a lot of money.

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Imagine how about buying the daily grocery and utility items at the store or super mall and standing in a queue during the billing hours? It also helps in saving both time and energy as you do not have to rush to the store for getting the household or grocery items home. You are saving 20-30% of the fuel yearly by ordering these items online.

Grofers app is also one of the classic examples of getting your items delivered at your doorstep with the same schemes and offers that are generally offered at the super mall or wholesale store. Who would then spend fuel, time and more energy by walking out of the house or leaving the office early for buying those utility items?

Best On Demand Food Delivery Apps That Delight You!

Are you looking forward to developing and apps like Big Basket or Grofers?

On-demand grocery app development is one of the best ways to dream of a startup like Big Basket or Grofers. Before understanding the cost and features of these grocery apps, it is vital to get deep in the statistics of these startups.



Features of developing an online grocery application like Big Basket or Grofers

The on-demand grocery store application like Big Basket or Grofers are developed for three different categories, namely customer app, vendor app and driver app. The admin panel is the mother of all these three apps as it has all the statistics and data including the orders, earnings and other analytics.

Grocery App: Customer Features

The customer is the main user of this application or on-demand solution. Because of giving relief to the customer from offshore buying process, the application is invented. The features include:

  • Login/Registration/Sign up
  • Search Items/Browse Info
  • Order tracking (Real-time)
  • Payment Methods (Secure gateway)
  • Customer Review

Grocery App: Vendor Features

The vendor app is the app where the vendor or the store owner manages the list of items to be sold through the online model.

  • Availability toggle
  • Inventory management
  • Managing offers/promo
  • Delivery dispatch update
  • Order status

Grocery App: Driver Features

The driver is the connection link between the vendor and the user as the driver helps to reach the items to the user by keeping him updated about the delivery status.

  • Delivery execution status
  • In-App navigation
  • Job history
  • Earning history

The Admin Panel

The admin panel is the mother of the entire online delivery process. The admin panel has all the insights and analytics of the business or startup including the numbers of orders, earning figures, successful deliveries executed, managing reviews, payment management, etc. to name a few.

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How much does it cost for developing a grocery app like Big Basket?

Every application is built with few tweaks and customization, hence, the rate or cost for every application will different on these parameters. Also, when you build the entire panel of three applications, including the admin analytics for both Android and iOS; it costs you as per the solutions that are choosing to continue with.

When you build through on-demand delivery solutions that are purely SaaS-Based, it doesn’t cost you any huge investment as the entire portal is subscription-based, where the startup has to pay every month. It is as good as paying rentals for the on-demand delivery services that are being used.

Factors that determine the cost for Grocery Application Development:

When you count on Mobile Application Development Company, the investment is huge as it takes the customized and independent design as well as the development of the entire module. Also, the charges vary for the different types of application development platform such as android app development or iOS app development.

On the other hand, on-demand delivery solutions are quite affordable and cost-friendly as you need to pay it like rentals for keeping the services active as long as you want. Customization is also possible with the On-Demand solutions; you can consult about the same by logging on to

Factors that matter while determining the Grocery App Cost are:

  • Application platform
  • Features
  • Application size
  • Application design
  • Customization required
  • Advanced features
  • Additional Cart Feature
  • Payment Gateway Platform
  • Tracking GPS inbuilt-navigation

Are you looking for Grocery App Development?

Grocery application development is one of the best ideas, to begin with for developing and growing your store business. We at iCoderz Solutions help to build clone grocery application development such as Big Basket, Instacart or Grofers. We help you get the same type of application at a very reasonable rate.

We focus on the ‘On-Demand’ business solutions that makes it quite cost and user-friendly for the startups to invest in. You can contact for the cost, features and process of development by writing to us at [email protected].


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