5 Myths about Mobile App Marketing: You should not ignore

Myths about Mobile App Marketing you should not ignore | iCoderz
Myths about Mobile App Marketing you should not ignore | iCoderz

There is a thin line of difference between mobile marketing and mobile app marketing. With this blog, we are going to uncover the myths associated with mobile app marketing. Before moving further in detail, we need to know that – ‘What is mobile app marketing’?

Mobile Application Marketing Strategy

Mobile app marketing is all about engagement. Engagement is a crucial part of any marketing process. If there is good amount of engagement, the results are going to be awesome. If the engagement is lacking, the results are going to be poor. Hence, it is a likewise connection between engagement and results.

The mobile app marketing is a complete marketing strategy that is being designed, keeping in mind the engagement of the users in the life cycle of getting in touch with the application. The entire process of the user from getting known to the application, discovering it, downloading it, installing it, using it and referring it. This complete process is referred to as the life cycle of the application, and the engagement is referred to as ‘Mobile App Marketing’.

The Funnel of Mobile Application Marketing

  • Acknowledgement or Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Conversion
  • Customer Relationship
  • Retention

These stages of mobile app marketing define the entire cycle from getting leads to getting converted them as customers. It is one of the essential factors of marketing and engagement as explained above.

There are a few myths about the mobile app marketing that needs to be discussed and uncover. So let’s talk about the few famous myths that make business owners, as well as developers, get hacked during the mobile app marketing lifecycle.

1. Having Mobile Apps is not a good deal

Do you think to be a business owner that mobile apps is a big deal in 2019? Well certainly, not. The mobile application is one of the basic requirements of any business in today’s technology-driven world. It is more like the requirement than a deal.

Your business needs to get the right app if your marketing strategy is dependent on reaching the user’s cell phone for getting certain leads or conversions. So the first myth is completely not true. The mobile app is not a big deal today; it is a good thing to have from business point of view.

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2. Email Marketing for Conversions

Email marketing will fail if your sole purpose of mobile app marketing through email is conversion. Conversion is a need for the business owner through email marketing, but it can’t be the only driven purpose of email marketing.

Email marketing can be done in various ways like educating customers, considering their views, conversion emails once a week, etc. Hence, it is also a myth that email marketing for conversions for mobile app marketing works the best.

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3. Push Notifications are not worth

When you are designing an application, you must talk to the development team about customising the push notifications for the users, who have installed the application. The push notifications have an important part in driving conversions.

If you talk about Google or Firebase, these two organizations also take help of Push notifications for getting conversions. So, do not believe in the myth that push notifications are worthless.

4. Analytics is not worth for app

Most of the developers and startups don’t believe in analytics when it comes to mobile application development. The same affects business growth later as analytics are the most important part of any business.

The mobile application platform for different apps functions differently for analytics, but in the end, it is a vital part of the application as it helps you get insights and reports.

5. UI and UX are not important

Either it is an online store of an offline store, the design is very important for pleasing the users to stay and cherish the experience of your online or offline store.

On the other hand, updating the UI or UX also holds equal importance in the mobile app marketing strategy. An attractive UI will help the user to get easily engaged and hence, the first funnel of your marketing is easily achieved without putting efforts.

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Follow the Mobile App Marketing Metrics

If you follow these metrics, your mobile application marketing campaign will bring the desired results. This is our expert mantra, and we generally follow it for our business promotions too.

  • Average active daily and monthly users
  • Session length/duration of the app
  • Acquisitions segmented by referral source


The mobile application marketing is equally important as mobile application development. The lifecycle of both the process is associated and interlinked. For successful conversions and results, you need to forget the myths that are described above. If you believe in these mobile app marketing myths, certainly, your marketing campaign won’t last long.

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