Flipkart Unfolds AI Voice Assistant Feature For Seamless Shopping Experience

Flipkart launches AI driven voice assistant for shopping | iCoderz Solutions
Flipkart launches AI driven voice assistant for shopping | iCoderz Solutions

The famous Indian eCommerce store, Flipkart has finally rolled out its AI voice assistant feature to help its customers with the seamless shopping experience. Well, very few people know that Flipkart is Walmart owned organization launched in India. Launched in the year 2007, Flipkart has always been one of the first eCommerce stores for Indians to buy electronics and tech-devices. 

AI-based Voice Assistant Feature Now in Flipkart Supermart 

Flipkart’s grocery segment is famous as Supermart, where Flipkart sells all the different types of grocery items for Indian citizens. Considering the current pandemic situation, where buying online groceries has become significant and safe. The famous Indian eCommerce store, Flipkart has thought to ease the shopping experience of grocery buyers with the launch of a voice assistant feature. 

Future Extension

As per the news rolling out in the tech-sector, Flipkart is soon planning the launch of voice assistant feature in its other shopping segments too. Well, the voice assistant grocery app is not a novel feature for online eCommerce stores. Instead, I would sum up as one of the required elements in 2020 for any online stores or apps. 

Language & Support

The current AI-based voice assistant feature with Flipkart Supermart is supportive in two languages, i.e., Hindi and English. The brand might expand its reach with regional language support shortly. 

As per the news published MSN, it is believed that Flipkart’s AI-based voice assistant grocery shopping app feature is available for Android mobile application platforms. In the near future, the same will be launched for iOS and Website development platform. 

Grocery Shopping Application Flipkart

Online grocery delivery in India is one of the most trending segment amidst the pandemic. The Flipkart Supermart Grocery application is one of the excellent grocery delivery apps in India along with BigBasket, Amazon and Grofers. Because of the current pandemic situation, Amazon also jumped into grocery delivery for selected Indian cities. 

Grocery Shopping App Development has significantly increased in 2020. The taste and preference of people for buying grocery has changed because of the novel virus spread across many countries, including India. Today, when people want to buy only online, considering the safety and precautions of COVID-19, Flipkart has moved one step further to ease the shopping experience of their users. 

The voice assistant feature in two major languages is helpful for people across the country to quickly and easily purchase their favourite grocery brands without having to scroll the entire category. It is one of the best features that any grocery delivery application could have!

How To Begin An Online Grocery App Like Bigbasket, And How Much Does It Cost?

How Voice Assistant Feature Helps Grocery Shopping App Users?

The AI support Voice Assistant Feature makes sure that some of the internal shopping processes are carried with the help of voice command of the registered users. The users can simply use their voice as a command to search for their favourite or require grocery items, search for deals and offers, filter results and add or delete items from the cart before processing to the final payment procedure. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build an eCommerce Shopping App like Flipkart?

Well, if you are planning to launch an eCommerce startup in India, it is a great idea. We must say the design is bang-on looking at the current situation of online grocery demand and its future impact. Now, people are moving their preference to online grocery delivery considering to buy only their favourite brands. 

Being an entrepreneur, you need to set-up a great partnership with the latest grocery manufacturing brands to get their items available on your online grocery application. Once you set-up with the brands, you have to look for the right eCommerce application development company for developing an exceptional and fully-functional grocery delivery app like Flipkart or BigBasket. 

Features of Grocery Delivery App

Its features know an excellent grocery delivery application. We at iCoderz take a keen interest in developing the required elements for the perfect functioning of the application. The main features of a grocery delivery application comprise of the three leading apps:

  1. Customer App
  2. Grocery Owner App
  3. Driver/Delivery Partner App

We at iCoderz Solutions help with all the three application development process along with the admin dashboard. Also for the grocery store owner, we offer two types of leading applications, i.e. mobile app dashboard as well as website dashboard for managing the business. 

If you would like to request a quote for on-demand grocery delivery application with iCoderz Solutions, you can click here

Cost-Budget of a Grocery Delivery App

Now, let’s finally talk about the budget of the entire grocery delivery application comprising the three apps as well as the website dashboard. We at iCoderz understand that developing an whole grocery delivery technology from scratch needs both good time and investment. Hence, we offer on-demand grocery delivery solutions to our clients for managing the entire grocery delivery chain of stores. To know more about it, you can schedule a free consultation with our business head

To build an eCommerce application like Flipkart or BigBasket or Amazon, you need to understand the entire process of an eCommerce application from the order placement to the delivery. Also, before building an application, you must have your grocery brands deals readily on the table to help you get enough products for sale on your upcoming grocery delivery application. 

Summing Up

Flipkart has finally moved ahead with the demand of groceries amidst the pandemic by launching a new feature. How about your upcoming grocery shopping app? Learn more possibilities with iCoderz Solutions.

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