Revealed: Best react UI component frameworks for 2024

Revealed: Best react UI component frameworks

React is emerged as one for the most popular web development User Interface (UI) in 2024. It is an open-source library which is undoubtedly based on JavaScript. The framework helps you to build a top-level interface for your sustained needs on the web or even on the mobile. It is a particular combination of convenient frameworks, also called as JavaScript libraries.

There are lots of different and evenly helpful frameworks which help in building a top interface. The frameworks further contain various standalone bits which are generally ‘bits of codes’ called components.

Every experienced person or the developer needs a particular insight into the different helpful frameworks of React to create an awesome UI. Here is the list of one the best and most trusted reacts which is used widely by different developers. Scan the whole list for your better insights.

Material Kit React

This framework of React is said to be built after taking inspiration from Google’s Material Design. This framework is regarded as one of the most helpful and needy. The elements of this particular framework are exclusively responsible for putting and bringing consistency as the main feature of the interface. It is a kit which provides another number of beneficial essential elements which help like buttons, menu, badges and tabs and pills, etc.

Shards React

It is a modern open-source UI kit but equally helpful. It is built from Scratch. The contemporary efficiency of this framework helps the developers to change many of the things by using this exclusively. The pro package of this framework called Shards Pro has about 15 already pre-made pages. These pre-made pages help a lot or the new developers to get the work started without any difficulty.

Material UI

This framework has about 55 thousands stars on GitHub.  This whopping number is enough to tell its efficiency in creating UI interface. By the use of the same, you get to use various helpful components including app bars, cards, dialogue boxes, auto-complete and many more.

React Virtualized

React virtualized helps explicitly in building a heavy data frontend. Developers who roam around to different frameworks for building a heavy data frontend need to put a stop on this framework. React virtualized has whopping about 18,000 stars in GitHub. The genuine reason for the same is the high efficiency the framework provides in rendering large and numerous lists and tables.

Argon Design System React

It is widely popular due to its offering of free design system which it provides especially for Bootstrap 4, Reactstarp and obviously for React web frameworks. The framework provides various pre-built example pages for the ease in developing the interface to the developers. It also offers several handfuls of different variations for almost all of the available components including styles, hover, focus etc.

React Admin

This particular interface has about 12,000 stars in the GitHub. This is a whopping amount for any of the framework. This is basically suitable for developers who are building B2B (Business to Business) admin applications. Apart from the various free versions, there is also a particular scope for enterprise solutions.

Semantic UI React

This framework is already popular amongst the developers because its friendly HTML  use for the development of the framework. The particular framework has about star count of 11,000. Semantic UI React has integrations with many other frameworks including Angular, Ember, Meteor, etc. the further advantages of it include the accessibility to download any Semantic UI CSS theme.

React Desktop

The main intention or this library aims to bring native desktop experience for the users on the web. React desktop makes it possible by using various components of macOS, Windows 10, Sierra. IT has crossed the star rating of about 8k in the GitHub.


There are lots of frameworks that are available in React, which helps the developers to develop an excellent interface. The various components provided by the multiple frameworks offer the accessibility to many of the features which are quite mandatory on designing an interface. One of the techiest and significant things about components is that they are easily modular without much of the app-specific dependencies.

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