Facebook’s New Messenger Room Feature Video Chat Arrives

Facebook Messenger Rooms vs Zoom | Video Calling Apps
Facebook Messenger Rooms vs Zoom | Video Calling Apps

Zoom has got a new rival in the name of “Facebook’s messenger rooms”. The application is a group video calling app and may aim conference calling at the best. Facebook has already built its fan base, and at Facebook, things are not different either. The salient features of Facebook Messenger include free availability, as many as 50 people connect at once, ideal for the individual user. 

Where can you find it?

This video calling app is integrated within the chat messenger. The aim is to utilize a group conversation facility. The video calling platform is integrated inside Facebook Messenger standalone app and is aimed for personal use. Zoom, on the other hand, is focused on professional video conferencing. 

  • Zoom is an external app, does not have an inbuilt option. Messenger Rooms is an inbuilt-app within the Facebook messenger
  • Zoom has a paid subscription. Messenger Room at the moment is free of cost for use.
  • Zoom can connect 100 users within the free version and up to 500 persons in the paid version.  With the Facebook messenger room, you can connect up to 50 users at once in a group call.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App?

The detailed review:

Free usage

The most prominent feature of the Facebook Messenger Room is its availability for free. As you use Facebook messenger, you need not spend a single penny on the usage of Facebook; however, for zoom, you can choose amongst the three packages zoom offers to its customers. The calling app package ranges between 14.99 USD to 19.99 USD and can help you to access exclusive features of this application.


Zoom gets an edge in this one as the video conferencing application can bolster a meeting to 100 members in a single call. The paid version for zoom can help you bolster up to 300 and even 500 members in a single meeting. It is an ideal application, especially for business which is located far-sighted.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger Rooms is constrained to 50 members at present. In any case, Messenger Rooms take the lead with regards to the span of the video call. It lets you talk for boundless minutes one after another with 50 individuals while Zoom’s complimentary plan can bolster 100 members for not more than 40 minutes in a single call. 

The usage

Zoom is made for association use; it likewise has call recording highlight, something Messenger Room needs at this moment. Be that as it may, Facebook’s most magnificent favourable position here is the crowd; it has as of now. You can begin and offer rooms on Facebook through News Feed, Groups, and Events, so it’s simple for individuals to drop by, and join the group for any of your purposes.

Facebook says that it will, before long add approaches to make rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and other portals simultaneously, which makes it more useful.

The process of creating a messenger room for yourself:

  • Download the messenger room app.
  • Select the people to tab right at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Create a room for yourself and send an invitation to people you want to join.
  • Share a joining link with those who do not have, a Facebook account. 
  • Share the same in your Newsfeed, so that people can know, and join the meeting.

The best part is you can join it right with your phone number, irrespective of whether you have downloaded the app or not.

The salient feature of the same foresees the future updates which will let you create a room, from Instagram, Whatsapp, and Portal. Other than that, 14 camera filters will also be introduced.

How much does it cost to build a Zoom Like App?

Any application that needs to be built like a clone or similar- needs to have some amount of investment to have it working. We at iCoderz Solutions have an independent team of video chat application developers, who profoundly work for the video chat apps like Zoom and Messenger Rooms.

The factors that depend for the cost of the video chat app are a type of the app, size of the app, additional features of the app, video/audio feature, UI of the app, time of the application to be built and turn live, etc.


In short, we can conclude that at the moment Facebook Messenger room, has the upper hand over zoom. There are several other things, including the minutes, which the Facebook messenger room allows you to connect with. Other than the same, it also has the upper hand because it is currently not paying for a subscription. You can use it for “n” number of times, without being hassled of a limitation. Download the same to understand more and turning the quarantine time in fun.

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