Flutter VS Swift VS Kotlin: Which cross-platform mobile framework is worth investing in 2024?

Flutter VS Swift VS Kotlin

A cross-platform mobile framework is the future of mobile application development. The increasing demand for various mobile application platforms and the emerging new technologies together has given rise to the development of cross-platform apps. The mobile operating system is not experiencing a monopoly, for which different types of mobile app platforms are being used across the globe.

The typical mobile apps platform that we are acquainted with iOS, Android and Windows.

The entire mobile application platform is divided into three segments. People who are an Apple Inc. fan will choose for iPhone whereas Samsung and OnePlus lovers will have to go with Android mobile operating platform. In between, we have Nokia with Windows mobile app framework, which also has a selected fan base.

Let’s talk about Flutter, Swift and Kotlin: The three cross-platform mobile frameworks that we shall discuss further.

Flutter App Development

The Google made, Flutter Application Development Framework has its existence since it was introduced in 2018. Developers and Application owners love to choose Flutter over any other cross-platform framework, here’s why.

Flutter is a Google-made framework for cross-platform apps. For developing both iOS and Android, it empowers the dark programming language on the first note. Also, Flutter has got its independent graphic engine called SKIA. When we talk about Windows (Beta Version), Flutter officially supports the development of the app for it.

Why is Flutter best?

Flutter draws the UI from scratch. Other cross-platform applications rely on the native UI components for accomplishing the goal. E.g. react-native or Xamarin that has got the native UI components for helping with the UI construction.

Thus, Flutter overpowers every other framework in terms of performance. The deliverability of Flutter Application Development Framework is quite splendid than other native cross-platform apps.

Swift App Development

When you think about iOS app development, you cannot ignore the tremendous benefits of Swift Application framework for developing apps for iPhone and iPad. Swift application is the native iOS app development that has turned famous as a quick, smart and secure programming language.

Why Swift App is the best for iOS app development?

As Apple Inc. provides swift, the best thing about its developing language is speed and security. When you are choosing Swift apps development over any other programming language, you are accepting the most secured platform for your mobile app. Other benefits are low maintenance, excellent readability, quicker than other apps, etc.

Kotlin App Development

For many mobile app owners, investing in Kotlin application framework is a newer and confusing decision. Kotlin is not accessible in the mobile application framework segment, but still, it is gradually trying to have its place as the programming language.

Kotlin App Development framework is beyond a native cross-platform concept. Using the Kotlin framework, the developers can easily share the codes, data and business logic across iOS, Web, macOS, Android, etc. to name a few.

Why Kotlin App Development is the best?

It is one of the easy to learn programming languages for the developer. Above all, it is an SDK and not a proper programming framework. In terms of flexibility, scalability and performance, Kotlin won’t let down the mobile application owners.

Comparing Flutter VS Kotlin App Development Framework

Based on their GitHub (World’s largest software development platform) presence, Kotlin and Flutter, the former has 28.3K stars and 3.29K forks while the latter has 69.5K stars and 8.11 forks.

Which framework is best for designing Cross-platform Apps?

Flutter has a clean architecture for the developers. Having its separate graphic engine adds the cherry on the top. Above all, it is different than other native UI frameworks. Be it performance, architecture, security or speed; Flutter Apps Development makes as the first choice of mobile app owners. Investing money is worth it!

Let’s have a look at the Flutter Architecture (Source: Free Code Camp)

How Flutter interacts with other native components? (Source: Free Code Camp)


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