How to master Flutter mobile app development for an upcoming startup in 2024?

Flutter mobile app development

You definitely have already used apps based on Flutter mobile app development without recognizing it. Where? When you have shopped through the Ali baba platform or used a digital coupon. Flutter mobile app development is a new technology platform that has been pushing a revolution in business in the last few years. By using this Google-backed platform offers everything you need for mobile app development with the best tools.

It offers a robust architecture for the development of mobile applications. It could develop simple and solid applications as the perfect choice. When a start-up company decides to have a mobile app, they first need to decide whether they want to go for native applications or cross-platform applications. And according to that, they Hire dedicated flutter app developers or a reputed Flutter app development company.

Now, let us understand a brief about Flutter.

So, what exactly is Flutter?

Flutter is a reactive, modern architecture designed for developing intuitive iOS and Android apps using a single codebase. Flutter app development is focused around the use of Dart and is an object-oriented programming language. 

Dart is a simple, client-focused language used for creating apps on Flutter, which operates on multiple platforms. Google built it to create online tablet, desktop, and backend apps. Using this computer language to write applications looks remarkably similar to Java. The code is often combined using normal Android or iOS toolchains.

It will deliver substantial benefits, making it a great fit for tech start-ups and companies looking to invest in Flutter app growth.

General features of Flutter mobile app development

  • Start-ups with a limited budget will extend their scope to all common platforms by creating Flutter applications.
  • Hot reload allows developers to build, track and refine the project in real-time continually.
  • Flutter is versatile enough to support a wide variety of graphics-based interfaces.
  • The Flutter system provides several IDEs.
  • Flutter reduces the time required to create applications when there is only one codebase to check and analyze. Besides, fewer bugs can be created with Flutter.

An application possesses immense importance in start-up, Hire dedicated flutter app developers, or leading Flutter mobile app development company.

Here are the reasons why many start-up companies prefer Cross-Platform Mobile app development

When creating mobile applications, there are two choices a start-up considers-native app development or cross-platform app development.

Here is an image that depicts the growing popularity of Flutter amongst other cross-platform application frameworks.

However, providing an application that is compliant on both iOS and Android would be useful.

  • Pocket Friendly (in terms of cost)

Creating a native app can be costly for enterprises since engineers need to develop different codes for multiple hardware platforms. Simultaneously, cross-platform applications are an easy way to create a product to fit effectively on many devices easily.

  • Development is quite easy and quick.

Now that Cross-Platform applications are designed from a common code base, there’s no need to write codes to make the app run on multiple operating systems. Also, if a developer would save some time by writing fewer code, it will allow them to work on the next projects.

  • Minimal Efforts in coding

When designing a cross-platform program, you will not have to search for a developer to track the application’s functionality on two separate platforms. Just one version of the app will have to be reviewed by QA experts, and thus, less time will be wasted on testing.

  • The code can be reused.

The reusing of the code is one of the most intrinsic advantages provided by cross-platform software production. Different platforms can use a unified code to save a massive amount of their coding time to create native applications.

Why must startups hire Flutter App Developers?

If you are having a start-up and looking for a promising mobile app development company iCoderz Solutions is one of the leading Flutter mobile app development company (s), who fits the right for the job. Here is why hiring flutter app developers is highly beneficial for your startup or enterprise – 

  • Because it is a programming language called DART.

Dart’s powerful and compelling syntax tends to encourage powerful architecture. There is clear management, convergence, standardization, and compatibility that other cross-platform architectures do not provide.

  • Because it has its own Rendering Engine

A customer needs a product to give them the best experience and be a solid platform; Flutter offers variants on the device to get the best experience on the app. Skip renders Flutter, which makes it easier to mount a Flutter-based UI on any platform.

  • Because the app can be built in a short span of time

The entire Flutter team has done a lot of hard work and prepared a wide variety of completely customizable widgets that help you customize the app and reduces the risk of writing your own codes.

Here is the list of few application which can be developed using Flutter

  1. Web Application – using Hummingbird 
  2. Desktop Application – using Flutter SDK
  3. IoT based Application with Flutter

Key Observation for Flutter

  1. 39% of developers currently use Flutter, but it would be difficult for businesses to find developers.
  2. The platform is easy to use, so many businesses are using it, for example, AppTree, MyLeaf, Alibaba, Google AdWords, and more.
  3. With Flutter, there will be fewer future threats and technological challenges involved with software creation because it focuses on Fushia OS to make development simpler.

How much does it cost to hire Flutter App Developer?

Flutter as discussed is one of the growing and prominent app development frameworks. Considering 2021, the Flutter app development hourly rate is calculated and estimated between 20-25 USD per hour in India. If you consider hiring the same in USA companies then the app development charge is quite higher. 

At iCoderz Solutions, if the clients wish to hire a flutter app developer or development team then we offer three types of hiring models, i.e. part-time model, full-time model and fixed development model. We have got an experienced flutter development team to boost your mobile app development project. To know more about our expertise and portfolio, please consult our business head at iCoderz.

Ending note for your future start-up app

With the prediction of the rise of startups in 2021, there will be a huge demand in the app development sector. If you are looking forward to developing your app without costing much to your pocket, then Flutter mobile app development is worth considering. Also, the increasing use of mobile or smartphone is one of the reasons that more and more startups are developing mobile app for enhancing their business visibility. If you are launching your startup in 2021, having a mobile application for brand awareness is a must. Nevertheless, eCommerce startups must believe in having a smartphone application for increasing sales. 

As we have suggested that Flutter is the correct option for any start-up. Hire dedicated flutter app developers or contact us as we are the prime flutter mobile app development company that understands your needs.


Cross-platform application development is the most preferred way of developing an app in 2021. If you are a startup owner or an enterprise owner then you must believe in the power and benefits of investing in a cross-platform technology for gaining maximum advantage out of the mobile application development process.

Flutter App Development – Everything You Need to Know

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