Safety Of Your Child’s School Journey By Bus Ticket Booking App & Website Development

Safety Of Your Chid’s School Journey By Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App & Website Development
Safety Of Your Chid’s School Journey By Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App & Website Development

The Ticket Booking Business For Transportation and service industry is mostly an online affair now. Nobody waits in a queue to book tickets. They lift their mobile and books their tickets through a phone call or a Ticket Booking App or visit Ticket Booking Websites and book their tickets. We have imbibed this system so much so that joining a queue mostly sounds an ancient practice. Moreover, the Bus Ticket Booking App, Website & System have also now evolved with the passage of time.

In the primary versions of Bus Ticket Booking Apps & Website, you could only book tickets and choose the seats at best. Now they offer many features. You can order food and beverages with the tickets, you can track the GPS locations of the bus and much more. Do you know you can ensure the safety of your child’s school journey through a Bus Ticket Booking App & Website?

How Can Bus Ticket Booking App Ensure The Safety Of Your Child?

End of the day, it is simple GPS location tracking. But it has its own share of finer details. School buses are a common day regular sighting now. But the parents are the most concerned about the safety of their child during the transit. As a result, the Bus Ticket Booking App for schools have started incorporating the tracking features in their apps and on their website. As soon as the child gets on the bus, his unique QR code is scanned by the driver in the Bus Ticket Booking App and the status of the child is set to ’In Transit’. When the bus starts moving, its real-time GPS location is updated every few seconds. When the child gets off the bus at school, his status is updated to ‘At School’. That’s how parents know that their child has safely reached the school.

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But, building such a Bus Ticket Booking App is the domain of expert mobile app developers. It should have many features and compartmental access system according to various users. Who can use this app and website? There are five types of possible users:

1. Parents and children
2. Schools
3. Bus Owners
4. Bus Drivers
5. System Admin.

Let’s See Which Features It Should Have For All The Users

1. Parents & Children

First of all, parents and children should have access to both the mobile app and website. They should have the complete flexibility of scheduling. Students should be able to subscribe to service through schools or on their own. They should have the options to subscribe for a predefined duration or for a single ride, just like a normal bus service. During the ticket booking process, they should be able to pick their seats as well. When they search for such a service, the results should indicate routes of the buses and stops of the buses. The child must be provided with a unique QR code for the tracking purpose. And the creation of profile goes without saying in all the mobile apps. These are the basic features to ensure the safety of the child on board.

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2. Schools

The oversight of the school involved is very essential for the safety and security of the child. The school involved must have the feature of enrolling the students for the transport service. A functional website developed by good website developers is enough for school purpose. Schools will also be able to track their students in transit individually or in a group through their website access. They can choose to be actively involved in the process or stay connected in an only observer capacity. They can have an Android mobile app development for their own sake that is cost-effective and widely used.

3. Bus Owners

Bus owners are key in this entire system. The more bus owner joins the wagon, the better entire eco-system will be. Financial and maintenance features are very important from the bus owner’s point of view. If they only have web access, it should suffice their demands. They should be able to access various financial reports and the status of the bus including real-time GPS location.

4. Bus Drivers

As drivers are on the bus, they cannot access websites easily. So, they must have access to Bus Ticket Booking App. So, there has to be an individual app for the driver or there must be certain features in the Bus Ticket Booking App that only the driver can access. Besides basic features, he must have the options to scan a child’s QR code or any related unique identification. He should be able to set the status of the bus and inform related people about it with only a few clicks. iOS App development will be very beneficial considering the accuracy and efficiency it provides.

5. Master Admin

Master admin is the all-seeing eye so it must see and control everything. The master admin should have access to all the Bus Ticket Booking apps and websites. He can control who access them and how. Also, he can set the payment methods and commission percentage. He can add and remove schools, bus owners, drivers, parents, and children. In short, he will have the ultimate authority for the entire project. That is the only way he can maintain the smooth functioning of the entire system.

Wrapping Up

We have just gone through how one can ensure the safety of his child’s school journey by Bus Booking App & Website. iCoderz Solutions is a full stack website and mobile app development company with years of experience, dedicated teams, and satisfied clients. We have readymade solutions for Bus Booking App & Website. All it needs it customization according to your requirement. Contact us for cost effective and time effective solutions.

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