7 Interesting Facts Associated With Building Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart

7 Interesting Facts Associated With Building Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart
7 Interesting Facts Associated With Building Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart

The concept of ordering groceries online has dramatically increased during the pandemic. No matter how many food delivery outlets were operational during the lockdown, the on-demand grocery delivery app got the highest downloads and orders in 2020. Also, the concept is going popular and shall keep trending for the upcoming years. The next significant trend that we have observed in the last ten months is the increasing demand for grocery delivery app development. 

More and more grocery outlets have tried to switch their operations online, and as a result, we can see tremendous growth in online grocery delivery business.   One of such outstanding and popular grocery delivery apps is Instacart. Considering the popularity of the American grocery delivery application, Instacart- we shall talk about some interesting facts associated with the same. 

Everything you should know about Instacart Online Grocery Delivery App

Founded in 2012, Instacart is one of the most popular grocery delivery applications serving the USA and Canada. In 2021, Instacart offers online grocery delivery service to the customers via both a website and a mobile application. You will find all the leading grocery and essentials brands on Instacart for making online shopping both easy and flexible for the customers. It has undoubtedly got tremendous support from the customers and has more than 5 Million app downloads on Google Play Store.

Many factors lead to the growth of the grocery delivery app development phase in the USA and other world countries. But if we talk about the current growth factors and parameters, we must not forget about the pandemic.

#Fact 1: Grocery Delivery Application Download Growth During the Covid-19 pandemic

Grocery Delivery Application Download Growth During the Covid-19 pandemic

The coronavirus hit many countries in the world during different months of 2020. In the USA, we can see the virus dominating people’s lives by making them feel insecure and panicked. In March, the USA was facing a difficult phase as many states were experiencing lockdown, and people were running out of essentials like food, medicines and groceries. It was precisely when apps like Instacart helped the citizens across the USA, and Canada get their food, and grocery essentials delivered. 

Below is an infographic that shows how US citizens downloaded more and more grocery delivery applications during the lockdown period. Perhaps, making the online industry vast and phenomenal. 

#Fact 2: Are online grocery sales about to take off in 2021 & beyond?

Grocery delivery is one of the most outstanding businesses to invest in 2021. Many factors make this segment interesting and enhancing. One of such factors is a growing need and use of smartphones. More and more numbers of smartphones are being purchased and activated daily. It gives a clear indication of how the digital world is being enhanced for people’s betterment and convenience. 

Are online grocery sales about to take off in 2021 & beyond?

Once the person activates the smartphone for use, the mobile application store suggests many app downloads. And many times, people love to switch their operations online after buying a new phone as they wish to utilize a smartphone’s features. Below are a few other factors that enhance the need for online grocery delivery business in the USA and worldwide.

  • Rapid m-commerce growth
  • The convenience of buying online
  • Online app loyalty programs 
  • Free delivery 
  • Discounts and offers
  • Quick shopping experience
  • Personalized shopping from the comfort of home 
  • Saves time and fuel

The above infographic from Statista depicts how online grocery delivery is becoming enormously famous in the USA. As people’s spending power increases, they are shifting their interests to smarter and digital amenities, including grocery shopping. In the USA, we have also observed how Amazon dash buttons helped customers automate their grocery shopping experience. Unfortunately, the Amazon dash buttons do not exist anymore, but there are chances of it coming back with an updated and better version with the increasing automation needs.

#Fact 3: As per Business Wire, we can expect the online grocery delivery business to soar over USD 630 Billion in the coming five years (2020-2024).

Grocery Delivery App Development like Instacart

As mentioned above, Instacart is a popular grocery delivery business or brand serving the USA and Canada region from the past eight years. To build an app like Instacart, it is vital to know the grocery delivery app development cost and features. So, let me talk about the same. 

#Fact 4: Focusing on the Top Ten Instacart App Like Features

When you consult a grocery delivery app development company in the USA or India, you need to discuss and emphasize the ‘features of the grocery delivery application’. The Features and functionalities help the customer to proceed with a smooth and endeavoring shopping experience. Like any other grocery or liquor delivery application, the app process runs smoothly with three applications.

  1. Customer App
  2. Grocery store owner app
  3. Driver app

Here is a glimpse, how grocery and fruit shopping look like with Instacart. 

how grocery and fruit shopping look like with Instacart. 

  • Image Description

What you observe in the above image is precisely the shopping screen of the grocery app, Instacart. Here, customers can easily and quickly make a purchasing decision as the items are displayed in a combination of text and images. Also, the particular item’s information is displayed appealingly to make the shopping experience easy and swift.

  • Scroll Related Items 

If a person is scrolling the fruits on the application or website screen, the app will help the online buyer with text and image description and related items to help them shop more. These are the small things that make an application sale boost, such as displaying associated items below the main product/item. 

  • Add Items to Cart

The most important feature is to add items to cart for purchase. As you see in the picture, items displayed with description have a button called ‘add to cart’. Clicking on the add to cart button, the items are added automatically to the shopping cart. Further, the shopping cart needs to be designed with features like remove items from the cart, add to favourites, etc. Before you discuss the online grocery delivery app development cost with your company, integrate the features that they can embed and how.

  • Shop From Neighborhood Stores 

Shop From Neighborhood Stores 

Another exclusive feature that makes Instacart one of the best grocery delivery apps in the USA is its shop from a neighbourhood store feature. The app allows the customer to shop from their favourite or regular grocery stores located in their neighbourhood. To place a successful order, the customer needs to manually enter the correct delivery address or turn on the GPS locator. 

  • Delivery and Pickup

Not every grocery app serves with both the delivery and pickup option. Thanks to Instacart that has brought forth the exclusive pickup option for the customers. Clicking on the pickup option, the customer can pick the groceries from outside the store. All the customers need to do is select their favourite grocery store and order items they wish to buy online. Later, they can either choose the home delivery or the self-pickup option during checkout.

  • Schedule Delivery & Pickup 

The most important thing that online grocery delivery business owners provide to the customers is buying their suitable delivery time. When you build an app like Instacart, you must inquire with your on-demand delivery app development company about the exceptional feature called ‘scheduled delivery and pickup’. By embedding this exclusive feature, your customers get the privilege to set the delivery and pick up time as per their convenience. They can schedule delivery during any time of the week considering their availability. 

  • In-app Chat

Communication is the key to everything. Having an in-app chat feature or embedding a live chatbot feature inside the grocery app is highly crucial in today’s date. There are a lot of things that a customer might want to ask their shopper while scrolling the app and different shops. The chat feature can help the customer clear any doubts, notify me of the unavailable product, etc. while shopping online across the app or website. Instacart app also has an in-app personal shopper feature that allows the customer to chat online while purchasing via the application or website. 

  • Order tracking 

The most curious thing while shopping online on the application or website is to get the notifications about the order delivery. Henceforth, embedding a real-time order tracking feature can do wonders for your customers. Here, the customer can get live updates on their purchased orders such as order accepted, order processed, order on the way, order about to arrive, etc. 

The grocery delivery app development cost might enhance after embedding the real-time order tracking feature as it gives real-time updates to the customer. On the same page, it is one of the most must-have features for any on-demand delivery application including food, grocery and liquor.

  • Lists and Recipes

Grocery apps like Instacart have exclusive lists, and recipes that allow the shopper to view different food recipes based on their interests and curiosity. The shoppers can search for good recipes and get all the recipe ingredients from the delivery app itself. It is one of the best features to enhance the customer’s exclusive and personalized shopping experience based on the famous recipe search. 

  •  Multi-Items Delivery

Having developed an on-demand delivery application gives the owner the benefit to sell multi-vendor items, including food, grocery, medicine, essentials, liquor, etc. Instacart is also famous for selling groceries and food items and alcohol across the USA and Canada. Building a multi-vendor delivery application can help your sales boom 3X times faster as via one app, you are selling more than one type of segment deliveries. 

iCoderz Solutions have developed both single and the multiple-vendor on-demand delivery app, you can check out the app’s demo by viewing the app video. 

#Fact 5: Grocery Delivery App Development Cost

After consulting with the online grocery delivery app development company, the scorching topic of discussion is the ‘app development cost’. Different companies will charge different application development prices, including part-time development cost, full-time development cost or the fixed development cost. 

Hiring iCoderz Developers for On-demand application development

iCoderz Solutions has been serving the mobile application industry for the last decade. We have the most experienced and intelligent developers who always look forward to the best output and delivery at our premises. 

We offer customized and readymade delivery app solutions for food, grocery, liquor, cake and flower, laundry, medicine, and health for on-demand application development services. Be it on-demand grocery delivery application development or taxi booking app development service, and we offer readymade 100% white-labelled solutions to clients worldwide.

The on-demand application development like Instacart costs around 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD depending upon the type of application and the features that need to be embedded in the application and third-party application integrations. 

#Fact 6: Is investing in the online grocery delivery business worth it?

After reading about the estimated cost for developing a cross-platform application, the clients often think about whether they should invest in the said project. Here, if you are concerned about the grocery delivery business, we would suggest you affirmatively invest in the project. 

People have slowly and gradually started thinking about their convenience and security more than anything else. Buying groceries, medicines, and liquor online is no more deal. It sounds like a routine as we have all been doing the same during the lockdown months. Also, the grocery delivery business has sound growth commitments in the coming years. Henceforth, we suggest that investing in the grocery delivery app development is ultimately worth it.

#Fact 7: Expert Opinions

An e-Commerce Pioneer, Christian Wanner, suggests that customers evolve into the digital shopping phase quite quickly and interestingly. They are more likely to help the eCommerce and mCommerce sector grow enormously in the coming decade. Mobile phone orders are more frequent than website orders according to his in-depth research between eCommerce vs mCommerce. So according to the evolving consumer behaviour, we can boil up the entire conversation with a positive opinion about the online grocery delivery business. 

Summing Up

We have listed the seven interesting facts about grocery delivery app development like Instacart. Please visit our official website or talk to our business head for more information about our hiring models and readymade solutions.

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