Busted: 7 Tips to Build a Taxi Booking App Like Uber or Lyft

7 Tips to Build a Taxi Booking App Like Uber
7 Tips to Build a Taxi Booking App Like Uber

We have already entered into 2021. Almost every mobile user has an app for booking a taxi downloaded to their phones. The sector for on-demand app providers has proliferated and currently represents a wide range of features and designs. When it comes to the Taxi booking app or similar Taxi booking app development – “Uber” has become a synonym. 

Quite certainly, you’ve used the word “uberisation” stemming from the Uber taxi-hailing service. The business has been a real success by representing current customer behavior regarding reliable and economical transport. At the end of 2018, Uber had raised more than $10 billion in sales and was ranked the second most innovative tech business globally, overtaken only by SpaceX.

Evidently, Uber is the world’s best taxi service available in 65+ countries covering over 600+ cities. Although with rivalry from other related taxi booking applications, the company is still the leading player in the ride-sharing industry. Other applications such as Uber include Easy Taxi, Lyft, Curb, Gett and several others. 

You can have the best IT companies for thse job, or you can hire dedicated developers who can achieve your objectives and goals of creating a uber-like app.

Cities are growing year after year, and more individuals are getting less likely to own their own vehicles – constant issues with traffic, parking, and general upkeep are avoidable. This is true in the sense that, from 2015 to 2018, the percentage of adults in the US who used a taxi booking app like Uber has risen enormously: from 15% to 36%.

Uber’s popularity has led to a trend to invest in e-hailing. This article is for you if you’re looking to have similar Mobile App development or Android app development. To create an app for taxi booking, we need to understand how it functions and its basic building components. You can also hire dedicated developers from iCoderz Solutions even on an hourly basis if not full-time.

If you understand the fundamental principles and structure, the remainder of the design and construction process becomes much simpler. Having so many daily Google search queries like,” “Create an app like Uber,” “How to develop an app like Uber” and a million more, we’ve chosen to write a long and thorough review to address all these questions. But first of all, let’s note what Uber is and how it functions.

How exactly a Ride-Hailing app or Taxi booking App works?

Remember, Uber does not own any taxis or cars. It works as a connecting bridge between a user (termed as a rider) and the service provider (termed taxi driver). It is a marketplace that offers users a chance to book a trip and a service provider to generate revenue by dropping the customer to his/her desired destination. The application is based on a 5-step foundation. These moves have contributed to a disruptive shift in the demand for ride-sourcing services.

  • User request for the ride to the desired location

User requests for a ride to the desired destination from a stated present location using the App. The request is conveyed to the nearby local drivers who are in affiliation with the App.

  • Acceptance from the driver

It is completely up to a driver that he/she is interested in taking up the ride or not. So, there will be a confirmation or acceptance of the ride from the driver.

  • Tracking of the driver from the point of confirmation 

Once the user is notified with the details of drivers who have accepted his/her ride request, the user will see and track the driver until he/she reaches the pick-up location.

  • End of a Ride

If the user has reached their destination, the driver will end the journey. The approximate cost of payment has already been exchanged with the user, who can pay using dollars and other digital payment options.

  • Rate the Experience 

Both the passenger and the driver have the chance to assess their expertise. The rating factor is important, as it gives confidence and reliability to riders and drivers.

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Let’s face the facts by Stats.

As you can see in the above image, How the Mobile App development of Ride-Hailing has outperformed taxis and rentals cars’ businesses.

From this image, you can see the rise of ride-sharing users globally, like more than 250+% growth – unimaginable. 

And, yes, Android app development like Uber seems to be a rational step not just for start-ups but also for transport firms. Uber is currently the leading and by far the best taxi app in the United States.

What are the essential tips for creating such an app?

Now, let us discuss the points of which you are eagerly waiting to read. The essential tips to have with you or keep in mind when you Build a Taxi Booking App.

  • Look-out for the right Taxi booking app development company 

This isn’t rocket science. To build a great app, you will need to search for the right app development company. And if you are on the same path, your search ends here with the iCoderz Solutions. Before you plan to run the next or first online taxi service application, the first move is to connect to a Mobile App Development company. Clutch is one of the most reliable sources which support business owners like you to pick the right IT / Android app development for the next cab booking project.

A Little brief about iCoderz Solutions

We are a software development agency with footprints on both domestically and internationally markets. ICoderz Solutions has also been listed by Clutch as one of the leading mobile app development organizations. We’ve been exploring the IT market for more than a decade. With our premium services and exceptional customer support, our list of clients is reaching new heights.

Our main emphasis is on the development of smartphone applications. We have also developed ready-made SaaS applications for the on-demand cooking, retail, consulting, medicine and liquor industries.

Hire dedicated developers from iCoderz Solutions

We’re helping you get hourly or full-time Android developers to create scalable Android applications. Hire dedicated developers from iCoderz Solutions, and you can develop advanced and stable smartphone Android applications.

  • Do not add any extra cost or hidden cost for users or drivers.

YES! Being a business owner, you need to keep in mind that you can have any hidden charges or extra costs than your competitors’ competitors. If you want to allow users to cancel the ride within 5 minutes after being accepted by the driver, make it loud and clear. And even if you want to charge a heavy amount, then also be clear as this function is designed to prevent the waste of time and resources that happens when the customer abandons or extends the booked journey.

  • Have the option of the preferred location for the drivers’ AKA Driver destinations

The driver destination feature improves the overall experience of drivers who work with the brand, so you can evaluate it when you are into a Taxi booking app development. Create an option for the drivers to select the desired location and locate travelers that need a drive in that direction. This is the best strategy to attract drivers to affiliate with your application. If you have already outlined your Taxi booking app – think of this.

  • Invest more into advanced route building feature

If you’re starting to create a serious ride-sharing corporation, then significant investment in route building technology is unavoidable. The better the routes, the more effective your drivers would be. As a consequence, the level of customer loyalty continues to increase. This can be useful if there is heavy traffic or a road hazard. 

  • Give the feature to accept another ride while the driver is still on an on-going ride.

You bring customers to your driver, then similarly drivers will bring the money on the table for you. Just allow the drivers to accept another ride and make a queue of rides. However, the user’s urgency to reach the destination will affect it.

  • Add some extra unique value propositions.

To create virtual taxi booking services more competitive and rewarding for end-users, you need to offer some extra specific value proposition.

For Drivers

  • The easy and quick registration process
  • Convenient working hours 
  • Provide insurance coverage 
  • Recognition by awards (Monthly or annually)
  • Secondary benefits such as cool t-shirts, bags, and other stationery.

 For Users

  • Real-time monitoring of the vehicle
  • A fair transportation charge from air-ports and railway stations throughout the day.
  • Discounts or free rides after using the App on a number of occasions.
  • Benefits and rewards for inviting and sharing the App among the inner circle.
  • Discounts on first-time app use.
  • Implement Go green concepts in Taxi booking app development

Americans are becoming more and more supporters of the environment, and they are obsessed with pollution. In such cases, eco-friendly alternatives, such as Green Cabs taxis, are a more favored alternative. In comparison, electrically charged cars are still very favored. These specific alternatives can also be a sustainable choice.

On the other side, you should go to vehicles like motorcycles other than cars. Owing to heavy traffic, it is a big factor to prefer a bike over a bus or a taxi.

The list of basic features – which should be there while starting a Mobile app development

Though everyone has explored Uber and other similar apps, still don’t miss out on these basic features.

  1. Estimations of Fare
  2. In-built App wallet
  3. Splitting the fare
  4. Schedule the booking in advance
  5. Easy payment methods
  6. History of past payments
  7. Tracking of ride
  8. Safety and Security service for the rider.
  9. User Interface
  10. Driver Report

How to generate revenue from Taxi booking app development

Being into any business, this is the most often asked question: how it will generate money?

Here is the answer to it –

  • A share in each ride completed by the driver

The driver collects payment from the customer for the taxi service. The money earned is shared between the administrator and the driver on a fixed basis. It’s called a commission. The commission ranges from 20% to 25%. Uber also charges the riders a flat booking fee.

  • Earn through Advertisement 

It’s the only profitable way to make a profit for the owner. They will run advertisements for other organizations. They gain based on a click on the advertisement. In fact, promotional deals are also an effective way to boost money. Uber has gained a lot of traction by supporting other brands’ content for which Uber earns money.

Summing up 

It is fair to say that companies like Lyft and Uber have covered the entire taxi booking business, but there is still plenty of scope for new companies. A viable monetization strategy can be created by finding a market and relying on a specific value proposition.

The taxi-booking App usually sits on three foundations.

  • App for Travelers
  • App for Drivers
  • Admin Apps

These three apps run concurrently to provide the customer with an application that allows them to book a cab with their own needs.

You need an out-of-the-box concept and a great execution of the idea in terms of a user-friendly ride-hailing service interface. The most creative and sophisticated features you propose to consumers, the more valuable your brand can achieve in the target consumer’s minds. It can be achieved by freezing the pre-development criteria or creating an MVP first to determine the device’s feasibility and response.

We hope to have served you the best tips and highlighting points for the Taxi booking app development. If you need advice on creating an app, or if you want to outsource the project to an incredibly talented and seasoned team of developers, consider iCoderz Solutions. We’ve got the best developers for any type of app development and to help you build your taxi booking app. Also, you can Hire dedicated developers on hourly basis, part-time or full-time. 

So, please give us your problems and aspirations regarding android app development, and we’re going to deliver the best for you. Please give us an email at [email protected].

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