Awesome Christmas Menu Ideas by Indian Restaurants

Awesome Christmas Menu Ideas by Indian Restaurants | iCoderz Solutions
Awesome Christmas Menu Ideas by Indian Restaurants | iCoderz Solutions

Christmas is an International festival celebrated all around the world. Indian restaurant celebrates all the festivals round the year and Christmas is a special time for the restaurant owners as New Year follows it. Indian restaurants are decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas tree and the waiters are generally dressed like Santa on Christmas Eve.

Also, Christmas Eve has some ‘chef special’ recipes served by the Indian restaurants to keep the customers happy and engaged. With this blog, we will share some awesome Christmas menu ideas shared by Indian veg and non-veg restaurants.

Christmas and Winter, the best time for foodies

The Indian food industry seems quite promising and growing because people who love food are genuinely enjoying the pride of being a ‘Foodie’. Foodies in India are completely crazy for the dining as well as delivery concept. The Indian food delivery market has recently registered a huge growth with a revenue of USD 7000 approx. in the year 2019.

Considering the love for food by the Indian consumers, Christmas is the best time to order their favourite veg as well as non-veg recipes. So here are the top veg and non-veg menu ideas by the Indian restaurants during the Christmas festival.

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Christmas Turkey

It is one of the most popular Christmas recipes around the globe. The dinner is incomplete without a roasted turkey. Roast turkey is more popular in the European region. Before cooking, the bird has to be at room temperature and then the seasoning and stuffing starts. It takes three hours approximately for cooking the perfect roast turkey. Generally, red wine is accompanied by this amazing roasted turkey and some pork as well.

Rum cake

As the calendar turns December, the festive baking starts thinking this season some new baking every day. Well, rum cake is another such Christmas buffet spread essential. Many other recipes are there like cupcakes, shortbread cookies, etc. but nothing like the rum cake which makes us feel the season. This rum cake can be stuffed with raisins, figs, almonds, and other dry fruits to enhance the richness. Captain Morgan is the brand widely used in the United Kingdom to make the cake taste rich and sinful. Just imagine the woody colored rum cake, tasting sweet alcoholic. Mm!!!

Pork Vindaloo

This recipe is very famous among the non-vegetarians across India. Goa and Kerala are the states where this dish originates. The pork pieces are marinated and stirred in gravy called vindaloo, which is a bit spicy and thick and tastes best over basmati rice (chawal). More Vinegar is used in the preparation of this recipe. One can also chicken, lamb or fish instead of pork; the gravy goes well with all kinds of meat. This gravy is very spicy and fiery which can be accompanied by some chilled beer.

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Nargis Kofta

Served in a flavourful gravy, the Nargis Kofta is a meatball that is both skewered and grill for delivering a yummy taste. Many Indian restaurants use hard-boiled eggs in the recipe to make it more tasty and delicious. Also, the eggs are enriched with the flavour of onion and garlic. It is indeed one of the best dishes served by the non-veg Indian restaurants during the Christmas Eve.

Food Delivery during Christmas

Food delivery is one of the most feasible options for Christmas lovers. They are generally busy with the Christmas rituals and get together at their family function or home. Guys generally order food online and most of them order the recipes mentioned above as they are Christmas Special and easily delivered at home. Also, food delivery is quite high during festival time across India.

From the huge food delivery giants like Zomato, Swiggy and UberEATS; you can try to search out the annual delivery reports that make you a little awareness of the food delivery market in India.

Here is a graphic representation stating interesting nibbles on food delivery industry FY19 by Zomato.

Source: ZOMATO

Image result for food delivery stats during festival in india

Thinking to run your food delivery startup in India?

For running a food delivery startup, all you require is a food delivery application that helps to connect all the three important modes of your business, i.e. Customer, Restaurant and Driver. Apart from it, you require a professional and simplified admin dashboard to help you manage the business by also understanding the analytics and reports.

Hope you like the blog, kindly comment and let us know about the other famous Christmas menu ideas that are famous across the world.

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