What Types of Apps Can be Better Build Using React Native?


React Native is emerging as one of the most trending cross-platform mobile application technologies. Gone are the days when the developers need to design or create different codes for building the same apps on different platforms. Using React Native app development services, the developers can follow the mantra ‘learn only once and write it everywhere.’

The Dynamic Power Of React Native Framework

Do you know the top website and mobile app owners who use react native for their business platforms?

Well, these are some of the popular internet sensations that you are aware of using react native mobile app development platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, UberEats, Pinterest, Discord, Bloomberg, etc.

Do you know why these top business players use react for their online presence? Well, the answer is simple- it helps them get a cross-platform code with dynamism and perfection in less effort and investment. React Native app development helps save the developers a lot of time and effort as they can create a single code for various platforms using react.

React Native Application Development is Best For:

  1. Web Development
  2. Mobile Development including iOS and Android
  3. Windows App Development
  4. VR Development

Why React Native for your Business or Startup?

Exploring the benefits is always a great idea! When you enter into an online or digital business, it is essential to consider various available options before investing your time and effort. Agree that startups are using react native as their preferred cross-platform technology. But how many of you know, why?

Before you hire react native app developers, it is crucial to know the benefits or merits of using react for your upcoming business or startup!

Shall we begin?

1.   Code Usage: Saves times and effort

What business owners want is savings of both time and cost. And you get both with react native app development. Here, developers need not develop a unique code for creating the same app for Android and iOS. The code is created once and is reused for designing other platform apps.

For sure, there are a few practical modifications required for using the same code on different platforms, but 90% of the code is reused, saving the developer’s time and effort using react-native.

2.   Great Community

When you hire react native app developers for your business or startup, you need not worry about community backup and support. React is driven by a great community! It has passionate developers on board with fantastic support to help developers lead and overcome any development challenges.

3.   Live Reload Factor

Mobile app development is one of the challenging tasks. But you can make it enjoyable with react native app development. Do you know how?

React Native has the exclusive live reload factor that makes it quick for the developers to detect the recently made changes with the code. Any change that you made while developing the app can be instantly checked. No other application development framework delivers the instant change or the ‘live reload’ factor such as react-native.

4.   Delivers Best User Experience

The success of any app or website depends on the user experience. A great UI/UX helps in the success of your digital product. React native is one of the promising mobile app development frameworks that assist in delivering excellent UX. The fully responsive react native app development is worth trying for your new startup or business.

3 Types of Apps that are Best Build With React Native

Here we can say both four types of situations when choosing to react native app development is favorable for business owners or startups. Let’s explore it!

1)    Quick Prototypes

Startups or business owners are generally looking forward to quick or working prototypes to introduce their product or idea faster than the competitor. At iCoderz Solutions, we follow an agile development process to help our clients get the fastest application development process, including quick prototypes using React Native.

When you hire react native app developers for accomplishing your Android and iOS project, you can develop it 3x times faster than any other development language. Indeed, apps that need rapid development to enter the market must be built using react native app development framework.

2)    Apps with Efficient UI

Every business owner wants to build an app that delivers the best UI and UX. Excellent user experience is a must for the success of your application. React Native uses JavaScript as the main threat for developing the app. Hence, one needs not to worry about the User Interface. The performance bottlenecks can be easily avoided or minimized using react native app development language.

You can even take an example of how Bloomberg chooses to React as their preferred language after separately developing for Android and iOS apps.

3)    Cross-platform Applications

React’s main component or benefit is that it is best for building cross-platform applications. Here the different types of apps do not need different code and effort for building the app. The same code is being used for building iOS and Android with a few modifications. Hence, if you consider developing a cross-platform app for your startup that can be used for Android, iOS, and Windows- you better hire react native app developers from your preferred mobile app development company.

Build React Native Apps with iCoderz Solutions

We are a leading mobile app development company located in India, USA and UAE. iCoderz Solutions help you build dynamic, cross-platform applications using React Native framework. We have got the best react native app development team for your business or startup’s digital product development. To hire react native app developers, please log on to our official website.

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