What Is A Multi-Delivery App Features, Cost, And Benefits?


A multi-delivery application refers to a single platform where you can get groceries, food items, cake, flowers, and snacks, etc. It refers to readymade multi vendor marketplace mobile app, and these can be rented on a monthly or yearly basis. The application is playing a vital role in connecting the customers with the retail store owners. During the pandemic, the demand for multi-delivery applications is increasing. The food delivery applications are switched to the multi-delivery platform with the introduction of delivery of medicines and groceries.

In recent times, the decision is the right one for the smooth running of food ordering and delivery operations. There are different categories that perform different functions for the customers. The purchasing of the items is from multi-vendors for the satisfaction of the needs.

Customer App features

From signing in to a selection of the items and purchases, the customer application should have useful features developed for the multi-delivery application. The features are user-friendly so that the customer can easily understand them and operate them without a problem. The following are the features to learn about the product details, fast checkout, and easy payment options.

    Easy sign up

The users on customers can easily sign up through various ways on the application. It is possible with social media account credentials or email id to use the multi-delivery application for ordering items. It is an essential feature that you need to consider for customer application.

    Search products

Another important feature of the customer application is the search products option. It is available on the app screen so that the customers can search for required services and products in few minutes. It is an important feature that the customer application should have to take advantage of the multi-delivery application.


As the consumers’ select more than one item, it is beneficial to add a cut option at the multi-delivery platform. They can add selected products to the cart and cross-check all the items to make the final purchase. It is an important feature that customer applications should have for multi-delivery application purchasing.

Vendor App features

The On Demand Multi Delivery App Development for driver should provide options to the vendors for the selling of products and services. They can manage the order and accept or reject the order with the help of features provided on a multi-delivery application.

    Sending offer notifications

A sending offer notification is an important feature that vendor applications should have. The sellers can inform about the offers and discounts to the customers by sending notifications on their email id or application.

    Store reviews and ratings

The vendor application has a feature of store reviews and ratings for multi-delivery services. They can ask the customers to share their feedback and reviews on the option for improvement. It is a beneficial option provided to learn about the improvements for multi-delivery applications.

    Order accept or reject

The vendor application has a different feature of learning about the status of the order. It will enable them to know that the order is accepted or rejected. They can get complete information about the status of the order for delivery at the correct time.

Driver app features

The multi-vendor driver application should possess some essential features to know about booking and availability of the transport. You can have a look at some of the essential features of driver applications for the delivery of the products at the right place and at the right time.

    Update delivery status

It is the feature that will allow drivers to know about the delivery status. They can track the delivery of the order to know whether it is delivered or not. The vendors will also get notified of the status. It is an important feature to include in the driver application.

    GPS location

The application of the driver should have GPS location enabled to find the right place for delivery of the products. It will allow them to deliver the products to the doorstep of the customers. The finding of the location will become easy with correct directions provided with the GPS-enabled maps.

Super App Development

An application inside an application is known as a micro application, and it is small in size. The building of the application is to perform some specific functions with a user-friendly, simple interface. Multi delivery App Development or super application comes into play with one application offering different or multiple on-demand services. All the services have their own unique interface to provide services to the customers. It is a great benefit provided to the vendors and the customers.

In short, the super application is a marketplace where you can get services and offerings delivered through home technology. The company will collect all the statistical and social data from three services, and it sends it to Ant financial for the financial services. There are plenty of benefits available with multiple rendering of services on on-demand applications with multi-vendor and super applications.

Cost and benefits

An account on the super application will cost 15K USD to 30K USD. Readymade multi-vendor application will prove more worthy for your startup considering the monthly rental options.

Benefits of the multi-vendor application

Multi-vendor or super application is the marketplace that provides benefits for both store owner and the seller. There is a change in the online dynamics of shopping with the changing mindset of the entrepreneur. They believe in investing in the multi-vendor application to get more profits and revenue. Some of the benefits of the application are listed below.

  • Availability of a vast range of products
  • Everything will get automated with a multi-vendor application
  • The expenses are fewer in comparison to the single platform
  • There is easy management of inventory with the multi-platform application.

It’s a Wrap

You can connect with iCoderz Solutions, as it is providing a readymade solution to the customers for multi-delivery applications. We are here to enhance the customer with the selling of more than one variety of items. It is the right marketplace segment, including the customer app, delivery partner app, and vendor application.

A multi-vendor marketplace will provide a great impact on the customer by involving a considerable investment and with the latest technology. It is providing the best vendor marketplace solution to the customer for purchasing more than one item.

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