Uber and Lyft are stretching their arms to hug the Healthcare Market

Uber and Lyft are stretching their arms to hug the Healthcare Market | iCoderz Solutions
Uber and Lyft are stretching their arms to hug the Healthcare Market | iCoderz Solutions

Marketing in health care is an integral part of long-term growth. There would be no upsurge of new patients without it, and even your loyal patients could drop off slowly, one after the other. The health sector is changing rapidly. What used to be a physician-centred volume-based industry has become a patient-centred, quality-based industry.

In any given area, there are likely to be several healthcare practitioners offering the same or similar services. Marketing shows potential clients that your practice is not only different from the competition, but it is also a much better option in particular.

According to Statistic data, the taxi service industry will see development in the years to come. The estimate of sales shows an increase of up to $2.841 million by 2022. Increasing use of smartphones has provided a significant boost to the production of mobile applications. The taxi booking software has revolutionized the transportation industry with numerous user-friendly apps such as Uber.

The hospitalization industry or healthcare is by far the most crucial area in the taxi business. In-House patients or emergency patients need taxi booking services with the lowest possible turnaround time. Patients may need a dedicated taxi booking app in some hospitals to pick up and drop to the clinic and back.

Why Is Health And Fitness App Development Darling Of Startups And Businesses?

Uber Announcement

Uber has made a huge announcement a few days back.  The statement said that the company would be soon introducing its Uber Health Service to the world.

Uber proposed collaborating with the electronic health record system of Cerner Corp. to help clinicians to schedule a ride for their patients.

Not only Uber, but also Lyft has also revealed that all qualifying Medicaid patients in Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia are now offering free rides to the hospital.

‘Whats’ and ‘Whys’ behind this expansion

Healthcare industry consumes more than 20 per cent of the US economy. It is becoming popular with the need for home care and convenient transportation to the hospital. Both the ride-sharing companies in the world sought their ways to tap into this considerable healthcare market with their on-demand taxi services.

Lyft has worked with LogistiCare, while Uber is holding close room meetings with American Logistics to provide better customer service in this market. Both LogistiCare and American Logistics are two famous names when it comes to handling patient transport services to medical visits for providers and payers.

With this recent partnership between Uber and Cerner EHR, healthcare organizations using Cerner EHR were able to provide the service to arrange a ride for patients who need transportation to visit their hospital. It means that users (caregivers) can book a trip for their patients within the EHR framework with the help of this new Uber Health app.

The best part is that riders do not have to pay anything for their trip. The Uber Health app pays for the trips directly to the healthcare organization. Uber Health is seeking to provide mobility support for elderly and low-income people who do not have a vehicle or secure access to public transport.

Uber is trying to help the underserved with this application. Moreover, with this development, it is also trying to grow its market.

How can you do it?

Not only Uber but with a customized cab booking app, you can also start a business like Uber. With your app, like Uber, you can also help the underserved. Start your own taxi business or set up an emergency service. Uber clone applications are the easiest way to do this, as these clone apps are fully customizable, come with all the innovative features, and do not take a lot of time to develop correctly.

Few pointers that will help you build taxi app just like Uber

  • To build an Uber-like taxi app, you need a good team.
  • You need to choose a unique space that provides a day-to-day solution for clients.
  • You need to use innovative technologies and focus on feedback from customers such as the Uber app.
  • To build a reputable brand name around the world for your company, you need an excellent marketing team.

Where to head for application development like Uber?

In the current times, the healthcare sector has grown so much that if you start a taxi business for healthcare and hospitals, you will have profits and a contribution to society’s welfare.

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