Ever Wondered, How Food Delivery Startups Make Money?

Ever Wondered, How Food Delivery Startups Make Money?
Ever Wondered, How Food Delivery Startups Make Money?

Food delivery is one of the booming businesses across the globe. Nevertheless, to say, it is an attractive market segment to many budding entrepreneurs & established business owners.

Despite all the competition, Food Delivery is recognized as one of the promising business projects because it has great ROI, especially when you are considering the USA, UK, India, and Dubai food delivery market.

The global online food delivery services market size is expected to reach USD 6.4 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 15.4% over the forecast period, according to a study conducted by ‘Grand View Research, Inc.’.

What is the concept behind ‘Food Delivery Application’?

A food delivery application facilitates the customers or foodies with the delivery of the food from their favorite food outlet or restaurant. With the help of an online food application, the customer orders the food online by choosing the meal menu and adding items in the checkout basket.

Later, the outlet from where the food has been ordered gets a notification, and the food preparation begins. The driver then delivers the food to the doorstep of the customer. The customer pays via card or cash as per the convenience.

And, the procedure continues….

The entire procedure of a food delivery app is based on increasing flexibility of food delivery business for the restaurants or food outlets without having them appoint food delivery employees. The startup manages everything from getting a customer to the restaurant to the food delivery part.

The biggest advantage that the food delivery startups provide with the help of food delivery mobile application development is the simplicity and flexibility. The procedure is quite and known, but as it is introduced through digital mode, it seems.

How Food Delivery Apps Work | Features

How do food delivery startups succeed with Online Delivery Business?

The delivery charge is the primary earning of any food delivery startup. Because the startup charges a fixed or commission-based delivery charge to the restaurants, the delivery business becomes quite promising for the business owner.

Imagine a restaurant has to employ a person or group of people for the delivery business. Further, the restaurant has to take care of the employee’s accommodation, food, petty expenses as well as the monthly salary. Who pays so much for the delivery team?

No food outlets employ a delivery team. The best way to continue serving people with their food delivery is via a ‘Food Delivery Startup’.

The Major Food Delivery Players in the International Market

GrubHub, Zomato, DoorDash, UberEats, Swiggy, Justeat, and FoodPanda are the famous food delivery startups helping restaurants from across the globe in enhancing their food delivery business. These startups are earning handsome bucks out of the Food delivery business.

There are different ways of earning through the delivery module. Few startups charge a standard delivery charge from the restaurants while some startups earn through a commission basis. Here is a detailed graph explaining the various types of monetization methods of earning through a food delivery module.

The Major Food Delivery Players in the International Market | iCoderz Solutions

How to enhance from the food delivery monetization?

For sure the rate per dish does not increase during peak hours, but the delivery charge does. When there are festivals, and you know it is hard for you to deliver each order to offer the seat to each customer due to limited seats, you are ready to pay a higher amount of delivery charge to the delivery person.

Peak Hours or Festive Season

This monetization approach works for your food delivery startup as restaurant owners are ready to pay you a higher share during the season or days when the food delivery traffic is huge. It helps you as well as them to earn a huge amount rather than canceling the orders.

UberEats income

Source: https://rubygarage.org/blog/food-delivery-apps-monetization

You can too be a part of the huge Food Delivery Business by kick-starting your delivery business with the first step of ‘Mobile Application and Website Dashboard’.

SaaS-Based Online Food Ordering And Delivery App: Launch Your Complete System In Just 3 Days

Still Confused?

iCoderz Solutions help your business to head-start with your food delivery idea by designing the entire platform for you, including the food delivery mobile application, website analytics, and POS if required.

We have a team of excellent developers, who look after the food delivery startup projects with keen perfection. From designing graphics to developing a third –party payment integration; we do it all for you from scratch.

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