Top 10 best cross-platform development tools in 2024

Top 10 best cross-platform development tools

For cross-platform mobile application development, there are various sets of features and tools that you require to excel in the environment. It is not quite easy that anyone can get this excellence while developing cross-platform applications. The overall success is based on various tools that they are using for development. 

With precise information and with utmost knowledge anyone can use the tools while developing cross-platform applications. Efficient tools are key to the success of any of the app strategies that one should lay down before developing the application and a platform. There are a wide variety and diversity in the complete plugin libraries and other tools available. One should choose tools among the same with quiet significance.

Cross-platform mobile app development is such a profitable business idea. Various businesses start to develop their cost platform application which is composed of certain essential tools. You can easily hire any of the development companies to get efficient features, but you also need to take care of the tools they are using in your platform. These tools can be used quite precisely and with intentions to meet certain goals of the application. 

There are various investments that anyone can put with the help of such tools. In easy terms, we can easily assist such that cross-platform mobile app development tools are quite diverse in their features and adaptability. If anyone can use them with proper knowledge and precision, they can easily get to find various fruitful results.

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Here are the 10 best cross-platform mobile app development tools in 2020.

There are various cross-platform app tools existing in the tech-world. Our top ten tools are purely based on our client’s demand as our developer’s expertise. As our developers have worked on the following tools, we are sure about the pros and cons of using the tools. Please read ahead to know about the top ten cross-platform app development tools in 2020. 

  • Appcelerator

This is one of the best tools to measure the functionality of any of the built applications. Appcelerator can eventually help in building, testing, and connecting the functionality of the applications. JavaScript programming is under the comfort zone of the same and you can easily apply universal coding concepts here. With the help of just one codebase, you can apply the same in various platforms including Android and IOS and Windows. It is quite a notary due to its high efficiency and delivery. In the case of rapid application development, it is one of the most suitable tools available in the market. They provide quick results especially when there is an acute need to develop some prototype of applications.

  • Xamarin

C# codebase is specifically applied in Xamarin to multiple platforms. You can also work with various native while operating through the platform. While using this tool you can also find various sample applications which can help you out in providing ideas before starting to develop the application. About 75% of the total code can be shared via various mobile platforms. Xamarin also provides efficient quality and functionality over different platforms in which you are operating. There are some compatibility issues with the same but the chances of it are quite a few.

Along with this efficient tool, it also offers a phone that can build which is specifically based on the cloud. The open-source solution Phonegap is based on Apache Cordova which is also an open-source set of device APIs. Developers can efficiently build and code various applications using several programming languages including HTML5 and Java Web languages. These all are the languages that are hosted in the application and are also present in various platforms. It completely simplifies the cross-platform app development process to a large extent.

Best cross-platform mobile is one of the best solutions for building cross-platform mobile applications, especially on existing web technologies. The same tool is compatible especially for that mobile application which is not much concerned about phones’ native features. This application can also help you in creating various hybrid apps with the help of programming languages including HTML5 and JavaScript. Anyone can easily deploy a single code base to various platforms while operating through the tool.

  • Sencha Touch

This is one of the most leading cross-platform mobile app development tools. Various efficient applications use this tool to bring various hardware acceleration and efficiency in the same app. Well tested, top-notch applications assist the efficiency of Sencha Touch. For large business applications, it is one of the most compatible tools which anyone can use. The applications which are built with the help of these two are also quite easy to manage and control. The tool which supports various platforms including Android, IOS, Blackberry and other platforms.

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  • Codename one

This tool is actually a cross-device platform having various salient features including easy to use and rapid application development. While you are coding your application in Java it is a must to test and verify the application with the help of codename one simulator devices. Codename one can support various IDEs including Eclipse and NetBeans. Building native iOS apps become quite efficient with the integration of this application on a larger scale.

  • MonoCross

This tool can be compatible with various languages including C# and This tool supports various APIs and is quite easy to utilize completely without much assistance from any third-party sources. MonoCross is the tool that makes the complete porting quite easy to carry. Businesses on a larger scale can easily use this application to build compatibility and manage it easily.

  • Kony AppPlatform

This tool is a low code app development Framework which is one of the most efficient choices of various enterprises. In the arena of the growing demand for mobile application development especially for cross-platform mobile application development, it is one of the best choices to bring efficiency. Having skills in JavaScript and the subsequent coding can help in bringing efficient results. With the help of Kony AppPlatform, anyone can select and drop the features which are required in the application while operating through this tool. Various samples and prebuilt applications are available to provide efficiency to the developers.

  • Ionic

Ionic is a tool that specifically allows developers to develop various native mobile applications. It includes usage of various advanced technologies for better functioning including HTML, CSS, and even Javascript. The applications which are generally made with the assistance of Ionic are more compatible with platforms like Android and iOS. There are various pre-designed components and features which are available on the platform. The same framework is quite easy to understand and other nascent developers can easily assist to get various benefits. Ionic uses APIs including JSX, Virtual DOM, TypeScript, and many more.

  • Corona

This tool is best for developing applications that are specifically concerned with developing games and other applications on various devices including mobile phones and desktops. This is an efficient tool that totally speeds up the complete coding process and makes it efficient. You can easily save the changes and get to see the results instantaneously without any delay. This is free to use a cross-platform development tool which is the best option for various 2D games. High graphics along with high-speed development procedures are some of the salient features of the same.


Using such tools to increase the compatibility of the complete development process is quite efficient. Anyone can take advantage of the same and receive greater advancements without spending much of the time. Many of the tools are completely free to use and optimize and anyone can access its salient features to a large scale. 

For the best app development experience, it is necessary that anyone should choose the most appropriate applications related to the cross mobile app development. Apart from some of the tools mentioned above, there are various other tools that can easily be used to bring efficiency.  

For the business perspective and issues, it is a must to choose one of the best tools available. To get success in coding anyone should assist these tools efficiently. Some of the tools are quite efficient and do not comply with any limitations. Limitations do exist but they are few. By taking the concern of a complete scenario anyone can take the advantages of effective solutions on the same platform. 

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