Doctor On-Demand App Development: Cost, Benefits & Features

Doctor On-Demand App Development: Cost, Benefits & Features | iCoderz Solutions
Doctor On-Demand App Development: Cost, Benefits & Features | iCoderz Solutions

There are many ‘On-demand application development companies’ across the world that state that Doctor on Demand App Development will be the future of the healthcare domain. And we are one amongst these companies. We genuinely believe at iCoderz Solutions that ‘Doctor on Demand’ is one of the most growing healthcare segments. It is one of the sure-shot ways of earning income without investing much into both application and setup.

What is Doctor On-Demand Application? 

Doctor on-demand means having a consultation with the doctor online. 

On-demand doctor booking application means the convenience to book the doctor appointment online prior to visit. It is one of the most convenient ways to consult a doctor without leaving the comfort of your home. 

How does it work?

Every great invention is born out of necessity. Well, let us not get deep into the history of the doctor on-demand app development but, on the contrary, let me give my readers an explanation to understand the same. 

Let me share an example. 

I am attending a seminar in one of the most rural areas of the country. I find it difficult to find any great doctor for my assistance in case of any medical issue. 

I find it difficult to get the right doctor for helping me prescribe the right medicine for my health issue.

I have a doctor on-demand application in my smartphone. I use the application and get access to the specialised doctor for my health issue. Now, the doctor shares the prescription online and I can even order the medicine sharing the same prescription using the same application. 

This is how an on-demand doctor app works!

Let us explore the reasons behind the popularity of On-Demand Doctor Appointment Booking Application.

Below are the top five reasons that make the doctor on-demand applications popular and easily acceptable in the vast healthcare segment. Let me share each point description in detail for better understanding. 

  • Easily Accessible 

The best thing about digital era is that it makes things easily accessible and available. Likewise, doctor on demand mobile application development makes it convenient for the patients as well as doctors on the grounds of consultation. Imagine a patient can consult the doctor using a video call feature or by exchanging reports on the application. On the same page, the doctor can easily access to the patient’s emergency requirement and can prescribe medicines online via the same application. 

  • No paperwork

The best thing about on-demand doctor applications is that one need not to keep a record of the patient history in different files or documents. The entire storage is carried out on the cloud. The doctor need not to worry about previous data as all the data is recorded online in the application itself. 

Patient does not need to carry the prescription or details as everything is saved in the application in the digital format. It therefore saves paperwork. If you want to save trees, we ask you to go digital with an on-demand doctor app.

  • Competitive Advantage

In this era of digital world, going digital is a must. Every business is going through tough competition. To stay ahead of competition, it is required to have competitive advantage. For doctors, having an on-demand doctor application is one of the best advantages to stay modern and connected to the digital requirements. 

  • Increased Revenue

Let me share one of the recent pandemic examples. Currently, where every hospital had corona patients admitted, the patients that were suffering from mild diseases or disorders other than the novel virus, were afraid to visit the hospital. Patients were afraid to catch the infection. But Doctors who were consulting online via mobile application were earning handsome revenue. 

Hence, going digital with the help of mobile application development for your clinic or hospital can help you enhance the yearly or overall revenue. 

  • Saves Time

The biggest benefit of on-demand doctor application development is that it saves both the time of the doctor as well as the patient. The patient can save fuel and transport expenses as well. It becomes a benefit for the patients to consult from their home. On the other hand, patients who do not have enough time for visiting a doctor can easily consult online rather than postponing the visit.

Doctor on-demand appointment booking application helps doctors to continue with their consultation even on trips and holidays. It saves time but also helps in continuing their income amidst the vacation or holiday. 

In the recent research the doctors have found that patients are accepting the digital platform of consultation. Patients are also feeling the joy of freedom of consulting from home or office or holiday. 

Are you investing in Doctor on-demand app development? Take care of the following things!

There are certain things to take care before investing in the on-demand doctor application development. Because just having the right application will not help to access your health services in the niche market or specialisation.

  • Talk with your patients, share about your idea of going digital
  • Identify the target market (specialized healthcare market for providing your consulting service).
  • Enhance your digital marketing skills.
  • Do you have a website? If not, create a business page for verifying your information online.
  • Get the best doctor on-demand apps information. Study the features and specifications.
  • Research for the top on-demand application development company. Ask for best on-demand doctor app solutions to be designed as per your custom suggestions. 
  • Discuss the doctor application features for a perfect mobile application development.
  • Compare your application development cost on various technological platforms such as react native, flutter or phonegap. 
  • Before developing the application, make sure you develop it for both iOS and Android users. iOS and Android are the two popular smartphone operating systems.

The Top Doctor On-Demand Apps

All the applications that are listed below are available on both the devices, i.e. iOS and Android. We have shared the android links of the application to help you go through the UI and pictures. You can also download the application by clicking on the same link.

Technologies to integrate into your doctor on-demand app

The technology is constantly upgrading. With the development and advancement in the technology, you need to update your next iOS or Android on-demand doctor application. The following tech-elements must be integrated for developing a successful mobile application in 2020. 

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Wallet
  • Voice Assistant 
  • Video Calling

Machine learning refers to Artificial Intelligence. AI is one of the important aspects of eCommerce as well as on-demand booking applications. Digital wallets can also be referred to as blockchain technology. It is one of the most crucial segments of eCommerce and marketing applications. Video calling feature is incredibly important to help patients consult the doctor online and share their concerns.  Other important features are image sharing, audio message, chatting, prescription sharing and downloading, etc. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of developing an on-demand doctor application solely depends on the features that you are willing to integrate in the application. The above-mentioned features are the top-notch features for making your doctor on-demand application more engaging and successful. 

Well, if you agree for iOS application development or Android application development for the above features for your next doctor on-demand app, the cost would be around USD 40000. 

How iCoderz Solutions help you for development?

iCoderz Solutions is a pool of application development services. We help you get each and every type of app development service for your upcoming doctor on-demand app development requirement. Our developers are expert in creating dynamic and vibrant applications using the various app development platforms.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Flutter
  • Swift
  • React Native

Be it iOS Application development or Android apps development, we help you get the best cross-platform on-demand doctor app using our react-native or flutter app development skills. We make sure you get the best app designed in less time and cost. 

Hire developers from iCoderz solutions 

Well, hiring developers is the best option to choose for developing an on-demand doctor application. We would not recommend our esteem clients or customers to go for freelancing platforms. As mentioned earlier, the technology is especially important for successful app integration. We at iCoderz help you get the best application designed for running your online healthcare startup.

Hire Mobile App Developers from iCoderz Solutions in the following easy steps.

  • Discuss your requirements with our business head
  • Have a call with the development lead on your discussed niche
  • Sign the NDA if you agree with our expertise and cost of development
  • Analyse the application development process
  • Interview the developer and Hire. 


iCoderz Solutions help you get the best developers on board for designing and developing your upcoming doctor on-demand application. We make sure that you lead the entire project by supervising every minute of the development process. If you would like to inquire about the cost of an on-demand doctor app at iCoderz Solutions, then you can request a quote here.

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