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Best on demand Doctor Appointment Booking App to all over the Globe.

In today’s time and age where information and technology have revamped the lifestyle of people across walks of life, we have entered an age wherein we encounter trivial diseases as well as experience advanced research and application of medical sciences to cure the diseases. And in this scenario On Demand Doctor App is a valuable development for patients, doctors as well as other healthcare stakeholders.

The smartphone has practically turned the way we go about things to availing basic services and other needs. While the increasing stress and work pressure have constrained time availability for event attending to important medical needs simultaneously the increasing awareness about general fitness has led to a scenario wherein people acknowledge and understand the urgency in addressing medical needs in a timely manner and rather pro-actively.

Improving the healthcare service levels

The medical services industry is keen to find ways to improve their service levels through various mediums available – be it informative content sharing, educational campaigns or health check-up campaigns. Amongst the ways of improving service is the surging demand for an online app which allows access of medical services, manage appointments and seek reviews.
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We are highlighting some of the important aspects which must be considered while developing an on-demand doctor appointment booking app:

  1. Tie-up with doctors / hospitals

The on-demand app has to be developed in a way that users are able to access medical services / healthcare facilities from across their respective cities. They must address widest possible range of medical needs and listing of all the available medical practitioners / doctors. The users should be able to view all available doctors for any requisite medical / healthcare assistance.

The tie-up with specialists as well as general practitioners, clinics and multi-specialties must be ensured which shall provide adequate traction from users across the board. Limitations in options can be constraining factor for success of the app.

  1. Robust booking platform

Prior to development of on-demand booking app, the hospital/clinic booking mechanisms need to be reviewed and understood to align the appointment booking system of respective clinics/ hospitals with online booking system. The developer of on-demand app shall also need assurance from respective hospitals/clinics to adhere with appointment timings, to the extent possible. Booking platform must provide facilities to book cancel and reschedule appointments. It must also provide hospital updates, call-in facility for emergency visits, hospital routes and maps.

  1. Safeguarding personal information of patients

The medical information/records of the patients need to be safeguarded with utmost security as these are confidential information. The law of land needs to be scrutinized adequately to be assessed to ensure that the online appointment booking app is in compliance with applicable regulations. The information must be available in legacy records for subsequent viewing of the customers in their respective profile. The prescriptions of doctor must also be captured with reminders wherever applicable and necessary.

  1. Consolidation of all medical information for users

The medical information including symptoms of patients, reaction of medicines prescribed, effectiveness and curing period for various diseases must be captured in the application which can be put to future use by medical research institutions with adequate governance on information sharing. The patterns established with data analysis can lead to better medical applications and faster cure.

Key Takeaways

The developer of online appointment app needs to factor the level of ground-work in terms of tie-up with medical practitioners and hospitals which need to be completed prior to investing in development of the application. The quantum of investment is a critical factor in development of application with necessary back-end servers for data storage.

Moreover, the market positioning of the online app is also critical factor. The app may position itself to be only an aggregator of details of relevant hospitals / clinics and assisting in appointment booking whereas the other end of the spectrum would include an advanced app managing the entire ambit of healthcare of the patient including appointment management, medical records and information confidentiality.

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