Top 5 On-Demand Medicine Delivery Apps in India

Top 5 On-Demand Medicine Delivery Applications in India | iCoderz Solutions
Top 5 On-Demand Medicine Delivery Applications in India | iCoderz Solutions

we are often concerned about our health because every person wants to live longer, and this is possible only when we make our lifestyle healthy. Apart from this, we should keep our doctor getting our check-up done so that if there is any kind of health-related apprehension, it can be removed. In a way, with the advent of the Internet, our lifestyle has also seen a lot of change. 

In today’s technology era, we get everything by giving applications, whether it is household goods or our medicines. Through online, we can fulfil our every need. It has been seen in some time that medical apps have become quite popular because if we are not able to go outside and take medicines or some medicines are not found at our nearest medical store. So, with the help of these apps, every medicine reaches our house. 

Top 5 Medicine Delivery Apps in India

1. PharmEasy

The on-demand medicine delivery application serves delivery of healthcare products, OTC products, and medicines. It is one of the most famous medicine delivery apps. Delivery time take for the medicine delivery by PharmEasy is 24 hours.

It is available for download for both iOS and Android mobile operating platforms. 

2. Netmed

Netmed serves as the pharmacist in India since 1914. It is one of the oldest medicines selling brand and currently, one of the biggest on-demand medicine delivery chain across India. Delivery time taken by the app is usually 2-3 days. 

It is available for download for both iOS and Android mobile operating platforms. 

3. Practo

Everyone of us are aware of Practo because apart from medicine delivery, it also serves the purpose of doctor booking application. It is not only famous, but one of the most downloaded healthcare apps in India. 

It is available for download for both iOS and Android mobile operating platforms. 

4. 1Mg

1Mg is more about medicine information and doctor consultancy than just on-demand medicine delivery application. It helps the user to know the information of the medicines ordered including the side-effects, dosage, usage, etc. It is famous in few cities of India.

The app is available for download for both iOS and Android mobile operating platforms. 

5. Medplus Mart

With more than 1500+ medicine stores in India across seven states, Medplus serves as a reputed brand name for selling online medicines. The application is also known for rewarding huge discounts on medicine purchase. 

Available for download for both iOS and Android mobile operating platforms. 

Merits of medicine delivery application.

Popularity of people is huge about such apps, so on-demand medicine delivery app has become extremely popular. Now what are the reasons due to which every person has started using it, which is like this: –

First, due to such apps, our life became more convenient than before and everyone likes to live the same life, so it is natural to grow. People have recognized that with medical apps, we get facilities like doctor appointment booking app which helps the elderly a lot. With which he can get information related to his health guidelines right from sitting. Due to medicine delivery app development, people are getting medicines sitting at home, so looking at these things, the spread of such apps has increased.

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In today’s time, everyone is busy, sometimes there is not enough time to go and bring medicines from the shop, but if this continues, we may have to lose our body. Keeping these things in mind, a medicinal application was created so that the person, irrespective of the situation, would continue to take his medicine and take care of himself and his loved ones in this runaway life. 

Many times, it happens that there is no one in our house many times, if a person remains alone in the house and any kind of health-related problems arise from it. So with the help of the doctor appointment booking app, we can cure our health by consulting the doctor in the house and the services of the on-demand medicine delivery app provide us with medicines at home.

Why Medicine Delivery Apps Are Booming?

Due to increasing awareness about fitness, everyone can keep themselves healthy by monitoring their health status. So to help us, we have many means by which we can take care of ourselves right from home. We have helped a lot in improving our lives with the medicine delivery app development. Because we get medical services at home without going out to maintain our health no matter where we live. 

One of the advantages of the many applications of medicine is that it reduces bills and expenditure. In some hospitals or shops, they charge on their own, due to which this problem becomes a headache for us. But, through the on-demand medicine delivery app, we help reduce the burden of our pockets. So that we do not even have to choose the hospital drugstore.

Changing Purchasing Scenario

Whenever we used to take any medicine, we had to stand in a queue to pay the bill which was difficult for older people. But due to the medicine delivery app development, the facility of a highly secure payment gateway is provided so that we do not have to run in queues and can pay the amount immediately. 

If we forget to pay, we get a notification as a reminder and pay our bills. We have many options in the method of payment, such as paying through debit or credit card, or even nowadays Internet banking is becoming more used. 

Thus, we have looked at the benefits due to the medicine delivery app development, how they help us to protect our lives from diseases. Thus, in this changing era, we should also change our ways of living and make our lives easy and healthy.

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