Swift or React Native: What is the best platform for building iOS apps?

Swift or React Native: What is the best platform for building iOS apps?
Swift or React Native: What is the best platform for building iOS apps?

Swift and React Native are the two extremely popular platforms for building iOS apps. This has been a debatable topic that which among the two is best for iOS Mobile App Development.

Many developers and Mobile App Development Companies often face difficulty while choosing one. This article will help you to choose one platform for Mobile App Development. But first, let us try to understand what Swift and React Native stands for.

REACT NATIVE is an open-source mobile app development framework using JavaScript and React. It uses the best JavaScript libraries for building user Interface.

You can develop both Android and iOS by using React native Mobile App Development. Facebook developed React Native in 2015.

SWIFT is a programming language designed for developing iOS native apps. Apple developed the Swift language in 2014. It works great with complex integration, advanced infrastructure, and third-party integration. Some of the popular apps developed in Swift are Hacker News, Firefox, etc.

Swift vs React Native:

React Native vs Swift: Everything you need to know for iOS App Development

User Interface:

The first thing that comes to mind during the comparison of both platforms is User Interface.

This is because the user interface is the medium by which a user interacts with the system. Talking about the user interface of Swift, developers must develop the code from start.

So, they must edit the code for each different element. React Native uses JavaScript allowing you to run native elements without any polishing. Therefore, react native is easier to code for the user interface.

Also, it will not have any issues with different screen sizes. This means that you do not have to make a different user interface for different screens.

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Although React is one of the most popular languages, it does not produce native apps. Its work based on increasing the internal APIs and libraries for the application to work.

As such, it connects the man between the code and the platform. Swift, creates a native application that can take full advantage of the platform.

Swift works best when dealing with graphic effects and computational-heavy tasks. So, when it comes to zoom-out on the platform, the Swift is a good choice.

The cost of the development:

This is one of the important factors to consider when choosing a specific technology. Most of the challenges in this area can be solved with a simple graph showing increasing quality at a rising price.

But this is not true – especially considering the development of iOS apps. Swift costs about $80 to $300 according to the US estimate.

React Native uses about $70 to $350 by the same estimate. This difference is not so great when it comes to a single coder. They can accumulate when working with many on a large project or team.

So, when thinking about development costs calculated in hard currency. React Native is a little less likely to keeping the benefits it provides.

Coding speed:

Swift is a time-saving option for creating apps for the iOS platform. It simplifies app development by eliminating bugs.

At the same time, if your goal is to develop an app for iOS and Android platforms. And you do not want to develop two different mobile apps, take advantage of React Native. Also, for native iOS and Android apps that process copy-paste.

But if you want a specific iOS app then Swift is a good choice. This is because it is a simple programming language that is easy to code.ย 

Summing up

Above mentioned are some factors discussed to give you the idea about each platform.

Both platforms are best in their own places. To decide which platform to use for developing iOS apps, it depends on the type of product or project. It means that it depends totally on the customer requirements to decide what platform to use.

A Mobile App Development Company should consider all the points mentioned by the client. This will help the developers to decide whether they should use React Native or Swift.

One can choose Swift if the need is of iOS app only. For good maintenance and want to use the app for large period. For developing complex iOS apps.

Swift is better at graphic interface so it can be used when one wants to deal with games.

One can choose to React native if you want to develop app for other platforms as well like Android. For the effective and fast building of the app. It means that if the customer needs an app in a short span of time.ย 

Using the right choice will help the developer to build an effective and successful mobile app.

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