React Native App Development Cost in 2024

React Native App Development Cost

In this growing business space, technology progressions have reached advanced levels. An organization must establish its brand presence through mobile application channels to drive this fierce industry. 

The application development market is projected to showcase a yearly growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 8.58 percent, leading to a potential market of US$ 755.50 billion by 2027.

These statistics clearly show that the market for mobile applications is boosting at a swift pace. As companies strive to take advantage of this trend, they pursue the most effective platform for their application development endeavors. 

React Native has arisen as the most preferred selection amongst development companies. Let us explore what React Native App development is with its overview and later shed some light on the average React Native app development cost in 2023.

React Native App Development: A Quick Overview

React Native outperformed as the topmost choice of app development frameworks for cross-platform programming. Launched by Facebook in 2015, React Native is the foremost choice of mobile application developers globally due to the suppleness of development and cross-platform functionalities.

React Native leverages a blend of modern-day and conventional techniques to build mobile apps based on the ideologies of JavaScript. In addition, Airbnb, Tesla, UberEats, Walmart, Instagram, and many more worldwide brands have successfully built business using React Native.

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When is React Native Perfect for Your App Development Project?

While selecting a platform, it is critical to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of a technology platform. React Native appears as a fit selection for those who need to reimagine and revive their tech products and app development solutions

If you are planning your mobile app development projects, you can connect with a leading React Native Development Company for your development requirements. React Native can be a perfect and ideal choice for the following reasons: –

1. To enhance your underperforming application

An application can be underperforming and facing issues to resonate with the marketplace. This scenario can be due to the use of outdated platforms and technology. Rebuilding and enhancing such applications with advanced technologies, like React Native, is a transitioning solution. 

It is steadfast to opt for a cross-platform like React Native that can better serve your niche and meet the development requirements of your application.

2. Rewriting and optimizing your application

In this growing business era, stagnant tech can obstruct your prevailing application’s productivity and overall performance. If your existing app is old-fashioned on technical practicalities, migrating to React Native is a better approach to commence novel or lift your application to newer heights. 

It will be a transitional step to optimize your application on performance and customer contentment.

3. Develop MVP-based applications

When you are thoughtful about a new application development project, it is necessary to step carefully to minimize the risks. This scenario is where the minimum viable product or MVP-based apps come into the picture. 

MVP can be vital for collecting valued target user feedback before the full-scale project commitment. React Native is a precise technology solution to bring your application concept to life.

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How Much Does React Native Application Development Cost?

Whether you are a start-up company or an entrepreneur operating a business, you can craft React native applications that would be cost-efficient and simple to deploy.

However, as compared to other tech frameworks, it is more challenging to evaluate React native app development cost. React Native application development cost rests extensively on the project complexity or the app demands. The React Native app price may even differ based on business needs.

React Native application development cost per hour starts from $15/$25. This could further differ based on developer experience, skill sets, and development region.

Comprehending the React Native App Development Cost

The overall cost to build a React Native app can differ as per the app’s complexity levels, features & functionalities, total work hours for coding, the hourly price of the programmers, and many other components. 

Important Factors to Consider while Developing React Native App

In addition to all these aspects, even the location or region of the React Native app development company impacts the development cost. So, let us explore how much does it cost to build a React app?

How Much Does React Native Application Development Cost?: The Decisive Components

Every application development procedure needs team members and a lot of extensive planning. From selecting personalized features and functionalities to deciding on the programming team size, here are the factors that impact the overall cost of react native app development. So, let us explore how much does React Native app development costs?

To comprehend how this React Native app cost is assessed, check out the below-average cost breakdown.

React Native App Development Avg Cost Breakdown

Mobile App Development StagesAverage Pricing
Requirement Collection and Project Planning$500 to $1K
Development and Design $1000 to $20k
Application Testing$800 to $5k
Marketing and Sustenance$1k to $20k

1) Complexity of the Application

The complexity of your mobile app is the fundamental factor affecting React Native app development cost. Classifying your app helps in comprehending its objectives, features, and functionalities. For instance: – If you envisage developing an e-commerce app, it goes beyond the space of a straightforward to-do application. 

It needs adding features, such as payment gateways, product-based listings, item filters, and multiple screens. Subsequently, the complexity of your application rationalizes the final react native developers cost. The more multifaceted the application is the higher the app development pricing. We have characterized the React Native app development costing based on application complexity.

We have divided the apps into three segments: low complexity, medium complexity, and high complexity to compare react native costs.

Cost Based on App Development Complexity

Mobile Application Complexity React Native App Development Pricing 
Low Complexity$5000 – $20,000+
Medium Complexity$20,000 – $50,000+
High Complexity$60,000 – $120,000+

2) Application Designing

If you are planning to develop apps, it is significant to prioritize the features, functionalities, and offerings. These are the core facets that will attract the target user base. A considerate emphasis on application design is essential to ensuring client engagement. 

A strategized application design covers a smooth user flow with specific animations and transitions that improve the overall experience when switching between multiple screens.

Investing in a fitting designing app strategy better enables the approach for an immersive user experience that reverberates with your audience. Giving courtesy to all the visuals and engaging components upsurges the quality of your app, making it more visually pleasing and leading to more user engagement.

App Design Process Approx. React Native App Dev. Pricing 
Wireframing $230 to $250
Mock-ups Design$140 to $250
Prototypes$300 to $450

3) Application Maintenance

After fruitfully developing and designing your application as per your project requirements, it becomes critical to maintain it. With a single codebase style and tactic in React Native, you can consistently ease your anxieties about testing and updating. 

Yet, it mainly rests on the project scalability and the need for updates. However, the project scalability and alterations in the app play a significant role in maintaining the application. Design variations, development updates, and error fixes are some facets that impact the cost of application maintenance.

App Maintenance Activities Related Pricing 
Payment Gateways$120 to $180
Push Notifications$20 
Servers$20 to $40

4) Application Features

The addition of app features also affects developmental costs. Irrespective of the size or scalability of your application, it is expected to integrate technology features and functionalities. 

Blending each feature and functionality into your React Native application takes time. Besides, compounding each feature has implications and assists in estimating the React Native application cost.

Application FeaturesApprox. React Native App Dev. Pricing 
Sign Up$1500 to $4500
Geolocation$12000 to $18000
API Integrations$3500 to $5000
M-Commerce$12000 to $17000
Media Streaming$7500 to $120,000

5) Add-On Features

Add-on features augment the overall user base experience levels by facilitating the creation of social profiles and enabling notifications for your products or services. 

If you plan to go for added personalized features, it will contribute to the cost of the React Native app development project. These customized features drastically improve the functionality of your application.

Application Add-On FeaturesApprox. React Native App Dev. Pricing 
Social Logins$1500 to $2400
Multilingual Support$250 to $500
Push Notifications$2000 to $4000
Chatbot$2500 to $14500
App Analytics$2400 to $3600
QR Codes$3000 to $12000

6) Admin Panel Development 

It is the part that assists companies in handling the application, monitoring their activities, displaying statistics, and updating content to enable React Native app projects. The more functionality-rich the admin panel, the more the react native development costs.

Admin Panel FeaturesApprox. React Native App Dev. Pricing 
Content ManagementInitiating from $600 
User Profile Management $500 to $1000
3rd Party Integrations$220 to $2000
Reporting and Analytics$2000 to $50,000
Security Functionalities$400 to $20,000
Notifications and Alerts$1500 to $2500

How Costing Differs With Development Location and Team Size 

A development team comprises front-end developers, back-end developers, a project manager, QA, and testing professionals. The hourly cost of these members differs with their location and overall team size. Consequently, if you hire the complete development team from a React Native development company, the cost will be more than hiring individual developers for all these development activities. 

However, you will notice a substantial difference in the application’s usability and quality. When hiring an individual developer, only one person takes care of everything. Hence, the overall application quality declines, and the likelihood of errors increases.

Out of other top nations, you can hire experienced React Native developers in India at a minimum cost. This cost upsurges with the rise in the app’s complexity and structure. 

However, as compared to other locations where the living benchmark is high, React Native application development cost in India is on the lesser side. India is one of the best choices for outsourcing React Native development projects. Check out below the React Native app development cost in India and other nations.

React Native App Developers Charge Based on Location

Location Average Cost
India$15 to $30 per hour
Russia$20 to $50 per hour
South America$30 to $70 per hour
Australia$50 to $90 per hour
North America$80 to $150 per hour

Cost Based on Development Team Size

Team SizeAverage Cost
Hiring a Single Developer$800 to $8k
Hiring a Small-sized Developer Team$10k to $100k
Hiring a Development Company$15k to $150k

Why do Business Entrepreneurs Choose to Create React Native Apps?

Most business owners and developers select to craft React Native apps only because of their open-source and cross-platform functionality. 

Why do Business Entrepreneurs Choose to Create React Native App

A) Cross-Platform and Code Sharing:

Companies need not invest in added resources as React Native enables cross-platform development. Developers can craft React Native apps with one single codebase for multiple technology platforms. The programmers only need a fixed set of skill sets, not several or a blend of technologies.

B) Minimal Expedition Time:

Leveraging one codebase, React Native developers can develop applications from several tech platforms. As an outcome, it trims expedition time, which makes it a cost-efficient selection.

C) Simple User Interface (UI):

Business owners and entrepreneurs can relish the suppleness of leveraging the React Native framework. React native apps are seamless, highly responsive, and load quickly.

D) Reusability of Codes:

You can easily share React Native codes amid iOS and Android apps, thus saving added effort, time, and programming costs.

E) Community Support:

The development community has free accessibility to React Native tutorials. The most substantial benefit is the support from a global community.

How can React Native Framework Save Application Development Costs?

So, we successfully discovered how much does a React Native developer charge per hour? React Native is built to reduce the overall costs linked with iOS and Android application development. By flawlessly blending the power of the JS library, this groundbreaking framework empowers the formation of applications for Android and iOS. 

With some of its excellent features, React Native became enormously prevalent. Furthermore, it has arisen as a cost-effective technology solution in the development procedures.

React Native has unique features such as hot reloading, cross-platform compatibility, swift upgrades, and leveraging JavaScript as the coding language. This framework allows well-organized app development across several platforms, cuts development time, augments resources, and eventually lessens the development cost.

Moving Forward

At iCoderz Solutions, we are a leading mobile app development company and have built React Native app solutions catering to diverse business and operational requirements. Regardless of your business’s forte or domain, our 360-degree development approach ensures your application’s success. 

Avail our React Native App Development services or hire React native app developers who deliver top-notch solutions while considering the project timeline and budget constraints. 

Our dedicated project managers and React Native developers are all set to bring your application to real life with precise development methodologies blended with innovative features.

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