Why is Laravel the Best PHP Framework For Web App Development?

Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework?

In the dynamic landscape of PHP web development, Laravel shines as the undisputed champion, offering a myriad of reasons why it’s considered the gold standard for crafting exceptional web applications. Boasting an elegant syntax, a robust architecture, and an extensive array of features, Laravel stands tall as the epitome of excellence in PHP framework design. Join us as we explore the unparalleled advantages that make Laravel the ultimate choice for building high-performance, scalable, and secure web applications through Laravel development.

Introducing Laravel Web App Development Framework

Every need or requirement is born out of necessity. Laravel also shares a similar kind of backend story for its invention. The man behind the discovery and development of Laravel is the famous software engineer, Mr. Taylor Otwell. He created Laravel’s beta version in the year 2011. The framework was released as a better substitute for developing PHP-based web apps.  If you are curious to know Laravel is a better substitute to which PHP-based framework, let me tell you that it is CodeIgniter. 

Laravel Latest Version:

The latest version of the Laravel framework is the Laravel Version 11, released on March 12th, 2024. If you are using version 8 or 9, you should upgrade to the latest version because these versions won’t be supported by the end of this year.

Let us discuss some of the features that are upgraded in this latest version.

1) Laravel Reverb:

2) Streamlined Directory Structure

3) New Once Method

4) New Health Route

5) APP_KEY Rotation

6) Eagerly Loaded Limit

7) New Artisan Commands

8) Routes Changes


The Laravel USP

Being a famous Laravel apps development company, we would like to define the USP of this beautiful framework as follows. Laravel PHP based framework is different from another PHP framework in terms of features, speed, and development architecture. The best thing about Laravel is its development tools that give action to rapid web app development. The benefit of clean and reusable code is one of the ten compelling reasons we highlight the blog post.  Above all, Laravel is a growing framework with enhancing market share then and now.

10 Compelling Reasons Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework For Web Apps

So, we had a brief introduction to the popular PHP-based Laravel framework. As I mentioned earlier,- clients are looking forward to developing their website applications using Laravel. So, there are many reasons for which it is one of the most popular frameworks. Before discussing the same, let me shed some light on the framework competitors. Following frameworks compete Laravel and hence, if you are confused about choosing Laravel over these mentioned frameworks, then read the blog further. 

Laravel Competitors

  • Symphony 
  • CodeIgniter
  • Angular
  • Yii 


Source: Google Trends

1) Best for Large Application Development

The fundamental element for any development framework that makes it best is its tools. Here, when we talk about Laravel web apps development framework, we are directly referring to the most powerful development toolkit. Indeed, yes, the developers highly appreciated that Laravel web apps make it easy and swift for them to create web applications. 

So, what makes Laravel best for creating large web apps? 

Be it small or large web applications, the first thing required for easy and swift development is the proper architecture and support. With Laravel, the developers earn the accessibility to build robust web apps, be it large or small with the smart integrated unit testing team’s help.

A second reason for building the large scale web apps is easy, and possible using the Laravel framework is its prominent MVC architecture. With it, we shall talk about the second compelling reason for choosing Laravel apps development over other PHP development frameworks.

2) MVC Architecture 

Every framework language should have an architectural control for helping the developers build the website or website application. With Laravel, the developers earn the accessibility to MVC architectural pattern. 

What is MVC architectural pattern?

MVC stands for Model View Controller. The best part of using MVC architectural pattern is that it is simplified for developing small, medium and large scale website apps. Developers don’t need to put extra effort into utilising it or adopting it as it is easy to learn and quick to apply. 

Technically, the MVC frameworks divide the application development process into three distinct categories: the model, the view and the controller. All three aspects are highly prominent for designing a scalable web application. 

For example, the model is the first aspect here that is entirely related to the data. Here the logic explains the transfer of data between view and controller actions. Next is the view- the view refers to the UI of the app considering the customer’s viewpoint. And last but not least, the controller relates to absolute control of the web app from the database logic to the UI experience. 

In a nutshell, MVC architectural pattern makes it interesting, easy and swift for the developer to create small-large Laravel web apps. Hence, it is one of the compelling reasons to hire Laravel developers over other framework developers. 

3) Security 

The next compelling reason for choosing Laravel web apps development is its defined security. The framework offers high-end security for protecting web app data, which is apparently better than any other frameworks. The developers find Laravel apps development highly secure because of its solid authentication use followed by secure password protection feature. 

More importantly, being a Laravel apps development company, we consider CSRF tokens for seamless security provided by Laravel.

4) Easy to use templates

Developers love to build interactive and attractive templates. Laravel gives easy templating to the developers for which building a website becomes exciting and quick. Laravel template engine accompanies a solid code structure that is backed by CSS & JS technology. We refer it as the Blade Templating Engine. 

What is a Blade Templating Engine?

The main benefit of acquiring the blade templating engine with Laravel is that it is not like other PHP frameworks. The engine here allows the Laravel developers to use the plain PHP code for templating. So data storing and display becomes highly evident and easy while creating Laravel web apps. Nevertheless, it allows the developer to create a master template that is easy to extend for creating more simple layouts. More benefits of blade templating engine are as mentioned below:

  • Outstanding layouts
  • Allows Plain PHP code
  • Lightweight 
  • No adverse effect on app speed 
  • No adverse effect on app performance 
  • Exclusive content seeding element

5) Automated Testing Features

While creating Laravel apps development, the developers appreciate the ‘automated unit testing features’ offered by Laravel. The PHPUnit is designed to create an automated set of tests on your Laravel web applications. Technically, the application is undergoing unit testing with the file setup by PHPUnit, phpunit.xml.

How are automated tests run for website development using Laravel?

For authentic testing, Laravel runs two different sets of testing directories. 

  • Unit testing
  • Feature testing

The automated two sets of testing directories run parallel to ensure no bugs left in the website application developed using the Laravel web apps framework. The new as well as the old changes, are considered for testing elements. Here, unit testing refers to a small coding portion, and feature testing refers to the large coding portions. 

If you are willing to have a bug-free website application, then the Laravel web app development framework is one of the most preferable.

6) Artisan Command Line Interface 

Just like the name refers, when you hire Laravel developers or Laravel framework for your next web application development, you get the power to eliminate the manual coding with automatic and modern commands. Artisan CLI generally refers to eliminating repetitive and tedious tasks, which are usually not supported or appreciated by the developers or the development community.

How Artisan CLI makes it simple and easy?

Firstly, the manual tasks that are tiresome and tedious are replaced by automation technology. Artisan CLI allows the developer to create MVC files for managing the data efficiently with seamless configuration. Here the tool omits repetitive coding by making it simple and quick for the developers while performing website development tasks. 

7) Quick database migration

During the migration, the developers are anxious about the ‘data’. Here losing the data means losing the crucial information which might affect the entire development. Laravel website development framework offers quick and safe database migration. During the database migration, developers sense the freedom to change the structure of the database amidst the migration, which is not offered by many PHP development frameworks. 

8) Active Record Implementation 

Being a Laravel apps development company, we firmly believe that eloquent ORM is one of the most compelling reasons for choosing Laravel web apps development over other PHP development frameworks. Wondering why? Here are the valid reasons to justify the same.

  • In-built Eloquent ORM refers to an Eloquent object-relational mapper that allows the developer to interact directly with the database. 
  • The developers use the expressive syntax as a form of expression to use the excellent eloquent ORM.
  • Because of Eloquent ORM’s active record implementation, the developers can build web apps quite quickly and swiftly. 
  • The developers also can perform critical actions using PHP syntax, which eliminates the complex SQL coding. 
  • Save time and enhance interest in development with the great Laravel active record implementation benefit.

9) Awesome Community

In any activity or task, the support of the community is significant. Here we are referring to the Laravel family. The Laravel family consists of the huge developer community that helps the budding developers with tips and guidance throughout the development process. 

Even if you hire Laravel developers from iCoderz Solutions, the community is always on the top to help the developers with apt guidance, if required during the development process. 

  • Resolves issues 
  • Provides guidance 
  • Corrects if required
  • Plays as back support 
  • Helps to fix bugs

10) Overall Awesome 

The last but not least compelling reason for choosing Laravel apps development for your website development is that it is 100% awesome. As your Laravel apps development company, we would like to mention a few benefits of using the same for your eCommerce brand.

  • It is SEO-friendly- hence choosing Laravel web apps development for your online business is highly recommended. 
  • It has got all the required features to make the website development process easy, simple and interactive. 
  • Highly reliable and recommended for new business startups 

Types of Web Applications that Can be Built-with Laravel

Laravel’s versatility empowers developers to create a wide range of web applications tailored to various needs. Here are some types of web applications that can be built with Laravel:

1) Content Management Systems (CMS):

Laravel’s modular architecture and built-in features make it an excellent choice for building robust CMS platforms. Developers can leverage Laravel’s powerful tools for content management, user authentication, and role-based access control to create custom CMS solutions tailored to specific requirements.

2) E-commerce Platforms:

Laravel provides the flexibility and scalability needed to build complex e-commerce platforms. With features like user authentication, product management, shopping cart functionality, and payment gateway integration, developers can create fully-featured e-commerce websites that deliver seamless shopping experiences to customers.

3) Social Networking Sites:

Laravel’s MVC architecture and powerful ORM make it well-suited for building social networking sites and applications. Developers can utilize Laravel’s built-in tools for user authentication, friend connections, messaging, and activity feeds to create engaging social networking platforms with ease.

4) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems:

Laravel’s modular architecture and extensive feature set make it an ideal choice for building custom ERP systems. Developers can leverage Laravel’s built-in tools for data management, reporting, workflow automation, and integration with third-party APIs to create comprehensive ERP solutions tailored to specific business needs.

5) Online Learning Platforms:

Laravel’s robust framework and built-in features make it well-suited for building online learning platforms and e-learning portals. Developers can leverage Laravel’s tools for content management, user authentication, course management, and assessment to create engaging and interactive online learning experiences for students.

6) Booking and Reservation Systems:

Laravel’s flexible architecture and powerful tools make it an excellent choice for building booking and reservation systems for various industries such as hospitality, travel, and events. Developers can utilize Laravel’s features for user authentication, scheduling, availability management, and payment processing to create seamless booking experiences for customers.

Hire Laravel Developers for Awesome PHP development

Procedure to hire dedicated Laravel developers at iCoderz Solutions

So, what is next with your website development task? Obviously hiring the awesome Laravel developers, isn’t it? We want to introduce ourselves as the reliable Laravel apps development company for creating awesome Laravel web apps. Our developers are trained with the upgrading versions of the Laravel web apps development from time to time. We are best known in the IT industry, to design and develop the best mobile and web apps, including eCommerce and software development. 

To hire dedicated Laravel app developers, you must ensure that the company has excellent infrastructure and architectural support to develop the best apps. The very thing required for creating website development is knowledge and expertise and later, followed by tools and architecture. At iCoderz Solutions, we have the most authentic and experienced Laravel website development team to build interactive web apps for startups and enterprises. 

Procedure to hire dedicated Laravel developers at iCoderz Solutions

  • Considering the type of model you choose to hire Laravel developers, we shall help you get the rates and the details regarding the particular model. 
  • Firstly, the client must schedule an online consultation request with our team online to help us know their interest in our services. 
  • Our team shall conduct an online consultation led by the project head and business manager. Clients can freely discuss their ideas and expectations to consider the sensitivity and requirement of the project accordingly. We need to discuss the same with our team at the time of development. 
  • We believe in keeping your business ideas confidential, and so are our team’s ethics while dealing with any client’s project at iCoderz. 
  • Apart from the above three hiring models, we also offer a fixed rate development model where the entire development rate is fixed despite ‘n’ numbers of hours. For the same, you must consult our business head at iCoderz Solutions.

Final Verdict

Startup owners and enterprise owners must choose Laravel apps development for their upcoming web project because it is highly interactive and secure. Moreover, developers enjoy building Laravel web apps which makes it more engaging. At iCoderz Solutions, we have different types of developers having expertise in various web and mobile platforms. If you would like to cater to our other services; please click here.

Do Not Skip,

Hire Laravel Developers to Create Robust, Bug-free Web Application.

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