Features & cost to build an Uber Like Taxi Booking App Development in 2024

Features & cost to build an Uber Like Taxi Booking App Development

Booking a taxi was not so simple, swift, and a one-click job in the past decade. For sure, many millennials who are booking a cab by scrolling their smartphone app are not sure how unpredictable it was to hire a taxi in the 80s and 90s. Before we try to highlight the features and cost to build uber like taxi booking app development; we shall talk about the need that brought online taxi booking to existence. 

The Invention of Mobility App: How Does It Take Place?

There was a time when not many car models were invented. It was when people either had their car or public transport to travel from one place to another. Having a car in the 80s and 90s was considered a wealthy sign for the family. People were not sure much about hiring a cab during those days because it was considered unbelievably expensive. People would instead prefer to choose public transport as a less expensive option.

Later, the invention of the taxi booking app was not followed so quickly. There was a time during the 90s when people started renting the car to travel a short distance with their family. People also started to save money as soon as they realised that having their car is the most significant asset to the family. But now, the scenario is completely changed. 

The concept of cab booking app development is getting widely famous because people would instead hire a cab than a rickshaw or other transport vehicles for their short and long-distance travel. It is relatively easier to book a taxi and reach your urgent destination than to wait for the rickshaw, or other cabs available on the street. Online cab booking service is perhaps one of the biggest joys and comfort for a few years. And yes, if we talk about 2024 and beyond- the concept of online taxi service booking shall continue to surge.

Blueprint of Uber Like Taxi Booking App Development

Many few people are aware that the man behind the blueprint of taxi booking app design is Mr George Arison. He is the man who designed the concept of one-click online cab booking service via smartphone. 

In 2008, the significantly less popular cab booking app development concept began with Taxi Magic. You shall be surprised to know that the application earned 30K downloads in a single day making it popular in the USA. Unfortunately, Taxi Magic’s concept was appreciated by America’s citizens, but it didn’t go too long because of poor UI and payment integration issues. Hence, today we refer to our clients for booking an app like Uber because it is a successful venture with a fantastic UI/UX mobile app. 

Market Analysis: Mobility Apps like Uber and Ola

Business owners who are willingly interested in investing in the mobility industry, such as the taxi booking app development must view the below infographic. The study from Statista proves that mobility applications or the online cab booking apps like Uber and Ola have a long road to cater to profitable growth and acceptance from the mass. 

Source: Statista 

Uber Like Taxi Booking App Development

If you are reading this blog, then you are either interested in launching your next mobility startup or are fond of learning about on-demand booking apps like Uber and Ola. Considering both of the choices for scrolling our blog further, we shall talk from the little too essential details of the cab booking app development process.

A) Connecting with the Taxi booking app development company

Before you decide to launch your next online taxi service app, the first step is to connect with the app development company. For the same, you can either Google about the related IT development companies who can help your task get done or directly refer to client referral websites like Clutch.  Clutch is one of the most legitimate platforms to help business owners like you select the best IT development firm for your next cab booking project. 

About iCoderz Solutions

We are a software development firm having our wings in both the national and international market. iCoderz Solutions have been ranked as one of the top mobile app development companies by Clutch as well. We have been chasing the IT industry for more than a decade. Today, our clientele is vast and growing because our clients love our work across the world. 

Our core attention is towards the mobile app development industry. We also have designed readymade SaaS-based solutions for an on-demand industry like food, grocery, consultation, medicine and liquor. Clients who wish to launch their single or multi-vendor food delivery app business- can directly approach us to get their business started within a matter of fourteen days. Moreover, we have online cab booking app solutions developed soon to help mobility industry clients with an instant taxi booking app solution. 

B) Taxi Booking App like Uber and Ola: Important Features

This portion is significant to figure out the success of your uber like taxi booking app development. It also helps you know exactly how much it cost to build a taxi app like Uber and Ola. The features are the most crucial part of designing and developing because that is where the customers and the clients connect. Useful features result in great application downloads and vice versa.

Before you launch your taxi booking service anywhere globally, it is crucial to design the application solution consisting of a customer app, driver app and a backend admin panel. Here, we discuss the essential features as a prominent taxi booking app development company.

1) User Registration & Verification

The first feature that is important and crucial is asking the user to register with your cab booking service by either logging via email or phone number. The feature helps the user to get verified by sending an OTP on the user’s phone number. It helps to get the correct number to the service owner to assist the driver in getting connected with the customer quickly. 

2) Set Location (Manual and Auto)

The next important is location settings. The user has to either manually enter the address or can turn on the smartphone GPS for auto-detection of the location. The location helps the driver to reach easily, whereas the customer’s pick-up location is considered the same as mentioned in the delivery tab. 

3) Set Where to Ride Location

The feature helps the riders to select the drop location before booking the cab service from the said taxi booking app. 

4) Choose Car Type

Be it any online taxi-booking brand; the app suggests the user with car space and type before selecting the car for the upcoming ride. Uber has Uber Go for regular customers, whereas premier service with add-on rates. Riders who wish to go via auto can also select the Uber Auto for riding to a particular location in relatively low rent. So, helping the users to choose the vehicle type or car type is quite crucial. 

5) Confirm Ride

The confirm ride feature helps the riders to ensure the ride before the application sends the ride request to the nearest group of drivers in the said location. 

6) Cancel Ride

If the client wishes to cancel the ride due to any circumstances, the user can select the cancel ride tab to cancel the ride by choosing an appropriate reason after booking a ride. 

7) Schedule Ride

The riders often wish to schedule a ride in advance to reach the destination on time and avoid the last-minute driver searching activity. Schedule ride helps the rider schedule a ride in advance by selecting the right pick-up time and date from the calendar menu. 

8) Payment Option

Once the ride is confirmed or scheduled by the rider, the app will move towards the next page, followed by different payment options, including UPI, net banking, debit card, credit card, cash, etc. Third-party payment integration is one of the essential features of the cab booking app development process. 

9) Live Tracking

The live tracking feature is useful for the rider to track the route during the journey. Live GPS also helps the driver in reaching the drop and pick-up location. In-app GPS is a useful feature and for the same, many taxi booking apps also allow the rider to add a friend for security to track the same route via their mobile app. 

10) Ride History

The feature helps the riders as well as the driver to scroll the entire ride history. It allows the rider to get information about the previous ride, including the driver and car details. 

11) Transaction History

Next and essential feature is the transaction history. The feature helps the rider to check the list of payments done in the previous week or month. The transaction list includes costs paid by cash as well as online mode. 

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Revenue Model 

One of the other things that need to be discussed while consulting your cab booking app development company is the revenue model you wish to run with your mobility app. Some clients choose the commission model, whereas some prefer to go for the paid promotions revenue model. Do not forget to discuss the same with your app development team to define the backend payment management system. 

Backend Management: Admin Panel

Like the features, it is crucial to have a separate admin panel to manage your cab service business with ease. For the same, you need to have defined the revenue model and location limits where your cab service would be efficiently working. 

Another use of the admin is that it helps manage the drivers by adding them and managing their earnings. Next is vehicle management, users management and total earnings report. It gives a single dashboard view to understand the overall business ongoing activities such as cars’ mobility, riders on a ride, drivers on duty and much more. 

  • How much does it cost to build a taxi app?

When you connect with your taxi booking app development company for the online cab service app development process, you will be first asked to consult about the discussed features that need to be embedded in the app. And remember, the digital travel booking app business is going on a significant scale, so a little investment for the same is not a bad idea!

Here is an image depicting the digital travel sales worldwide for the period 2014-2020 in USD.

For uber like taxi booking app development requirement, the cost of the entire development depends on the various factors:

  • Team strength
  • Developer’s expertise
  • Development company location
  • Type of development model 
  • Type of app development platform
  • Features embedded 

Considering the above factors, the total cost of application development is determined, including the customer app, driver app and the admin panel. The cost-wise app development cost differs from one country to another. In India, the development cost of Uber-like apps ranges between 15,000 USD to 25,000 USD.

At this moment, I have stated a fixed price of development, but it can vary from one company to another. If you choose to hire a part-time or fixed-time development model, then the cost might vary depending on the development’s negotiated amount of per hour.

Final Summary

Designing and developing a taxi booking app shall help your mobility business with great coverage through a digital platform. At iCoderz Solutions, you will help your business or taxi booking startup flourish by developing a profound and full-fledged uber like taxi booking application. Connect with our business head for discussing the opportunities of your business idea with the help of an app. 

In short, either you are a startup or a call pooling business owner, or a transportation business owner- we can help your business by developing a smart app that can be utilized for your business’s digital run. Please look forward to the infographics for assuming the growth of mobility apps before you jump into the final decision of uber like taxi booking app development.

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