Top 8 mobile app developers in the USA

Top 8 mobile app developers in the USA | iCoderz
Top 8 mobile app developers in the USA | iCoderz

The way individuals used technology as the ever-expanding digital business has presented infinite possibilities for smartphones has changed enormously! With a single tap, a simple mobile application could do several tasks, which traditionally took a great deal of time and effort.

With approximately 90 percent of the time spent only on mobile apps, investing in your business’ mobile app can help attract potential customers and get your brand name in front of more people.

Our list of mobile app developers in the USA is a starting guide to discovering an app developer that can help you build a mobile app by researching, modeling, designing, developing, and marketing.

If you are on a search for the right company in the U.S. that can satisfy your business requirements, you must go through this article!

This post includes a list of top eight mobile app development companies in the USA, refined from reputable sources based on the market evaluation.

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iCoderz Solutions 

iCoderz Solutions is a top-notch mobile app development company with over 12 years of experience in creating innovative, customized software, websites, and mobile apps for clients worldwide. As a leading and award-winning company, we offer exceptional mobile app development services in India and the USA. Our team of skilled developers is dedicated to delivering high-quality, user-friendly, and feature-rich mobile apps that meet your unique business needs.

We aim to provide full-stack development services with innovation and our years of curated experience. With our growing reputation, exceptional talent, and passion for technology, we have successfully delivered 650+ clients in diversified industries across the globe. Some of our well-known clients are Picfy, Chowman, Herfit, Blaxity, Belboy, and Bunana.

Consagous technologies

With its most exceptional mobile and web application development services, Consagous Technologies has a good reputation on the market. The company provides reliable development services for iOS, Android, and hybrid phones. Consagous is known for its excellent business application services, which require a professional team of developers and testing professionals.

Consagous Technologies, based in Texas (USA), has over ten years of experience in providing outstanding mobile application development services to various business needs. From their professional team of experts, you can always expect ideas from the bag.

Seasia infotech

Seasia InfoTech is a mobile application development company accredited by CMMI Level 5 that offers efficient solutions for various customer needs. The company was established back in 2000 in Emeryville, CA, to meet the different needs of customers from around the world for software and mobile application development.

Seasia InfoTech currently offers top-notch Android and iOS application development services for various customers according to their needs.

Willow tree

Willow Tree is a promising name for delivering excellent alternatives to various needs for mobile app development. Willow Tree is one of Virginia, USA’s leading mobile app solution providers. The company has a passionate team of experts who are familiar with the current I.T. trends.

Willow Tree is recognized for its expertise in retail and commercial applications. By using the latest technology, they provide custom development services.

Dogtown media

Currently, Dogtown Media offers the best mobile application development services for various customer needs. Eventually, the California-based company has woven confidence among customers who expect products from box production that help them generate adequate revenue.

The company was founded back in 2011 to provide quality services to diverse business requirements. They are also recognized for their robust mobile and desktop support services.

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AppSquadz is a reputable U.S.-based internet and app technology agency. For numerous mobile platforms, the company offers the most excellent application development services. AppSquadz has trained professionals who can provide appropriate support to harmonize various customer needs.

They have a crew of planners, interpreters, developers, and examination experts who present quality assistance that eventually gives consumers absolute confidence when they demand mobile application development services from the Hybrid, Android, and iOS box.

Blue label labs

With offices in Seattle and San Francisco, Blue Label Labs is a 64-person digital product design company headquartered in New York, USA. Through putting together consumer experience, product knowledge, and iterative customer feedback, we create the right product. They have developed and transformed more than 300 companies through strategy, design, and growth since they were established in 2009. Our clients range from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500s.

For an experience management platform, Blue Label Labs both consulted and developed an iOS and Android mobile app. The customer liked the app users ‘ positive responses, appreciated the responsiveness of the team and referred to their project managers.


Five is a web and mobile app development agency with offices in Croatia, headquartered in New York, USA. Since 2008, the 50+-member product team has produced outstanding, award-winning mobile products.

Five collaborated with an accessible language app to revamp their relationship with mobile users from back to front. Mobile downloads have doubled since the prelaunch of the app. All credit for this goes to customer-centered design approach of the team.

Also, Five delivered their work in advance of schedule and budget, meeting all expectations.

Sunflower lab

Sunflower Lab is a cloud, phone, and custom software developer with offices in New York (USA), Ohio (U.S.), and Vadodara (India), headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey.

Since 2010, their team of over 75 employees has been providing cutting-edge, cloud-based digital solutions.

For a ride-sharing application, Sunflower Lab built an admin system to manage two native Android and iOS devices. They provided strategic advice and worked on development, earning recognition for their technical expertise, timeliness, and communication.

Do you need help?

We are a team of developers and designers who bring years of experience to the desk if you need help while selecting a company in USA, Dubai, and India schedule a free consultation with us.

Based on your budget and requirements, we can help hire Android app developers that best cater to your needs.

So, when you are looking for Android App developers, in the USA, our team will provide iOS app development, android app development, and web app development services in India and Dubai.

Remember, we are a mobile app development company in India, USA & Dubai.

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