How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Flutter App in 2024?

how much does it cost to develop a flutter app

Flutter has been the talk of the town in mobile app development domains. This Google brainchild lets application developers craft stunning native applications for both iOS and Android, leveraging just one codebase.

Several leading companies, like Alibaba and BMW, to name a couple, are leveraging the Flutter platform for their app development. Why? Well, it is simple – Flutter is all about getting your app out there quickly without burning funds as you would with native app development.

India has emerged as one of the prime destinations for Flutter app development. This is being made possible because of the accessibility of a vast talent pool of skilled software development professionals. 

As a result, if you are looking to outsource or offshore your Flutter app development project in 2023-24, Indian companies offer some unique gains in terms of superior coding quality and cost-efficiency. So, in this blog post, we will explore in detail how much Flutter app development costs in 2023?

How much does Flutter Application Development Costs across India?

For global businesses exploring building mobile apps with Flutter, one key question will be how much does Flutter app development cost in India? What are the exact fund investments required to design, develop, and maintain a Flutter app?

In this detailed blog, we at iCoderz Solutions have provided a breakdown of the various factors that impact Flutter app development costs and help estimate a realistic budget for building your next mobile app development project.

Why Should You Select Flutter for Your Next Technology Project?

Before we delve into costs, it is worth highlighting some of the unique benefits of using Flutter that make it worthy of investment:

1. Highly Cost-Effective and Economical

Flutter can significantly reduce the timeline and resources required for mobile app development. The reusable codebase allows you to build iOS and Android apps simultaneously with one shared code. This cuts the traditional cost in half compared to developing native apps.

It is probable to develop MVP applications on Flutter in merely 2 to 3 months. Flutter can drastically reduce the overall development time for projects compared to native app tools. For a mobile app in the current age, faster time to market has substantial cost benefits and competitive advantages.

2. Accelerated Development and Business Growth

Flutter’s widgets, rich documentation, and an array of 3rd party packages enable rapid app prototyping and development. What may take months with native tools can be achieved in weeks with Flutter.

The framework uses the reactive Dart programming language, which is easy to learn and comprehend. This makes it much easier for businesses to scale their development teams and business operations for accelerated technology-based growth opportunities.

3. Enable Exclusive UI Elements and Unique User Experience

Flutter makes customizing designs and UI elements easy for a flashy and modern look. Smooth animations, transitions, and gestures can be added with little code to delight your user base.

The native compilation also gives a superior user experience that feels natural on both iOS and Android platforms. This increases user retention and enables engagement levels.

4. Allow Widgets to Facilitate Effective User Interfaces

Flutter comes with a customizable widget library for standard UI foundations. Developers can quickly build responsive and adaptive designs without having to write everything from scratch.

The declarative programming style also enables building UIs fast by allowing you to declare the end result. Layouts can be defined flexibly for different device sizes and orientations.

5. Improve Performance and Productivity

Flutter apps consistently hit 60 frames per second or higher, delivering silky-smooth interfaces. The framework has been optimized for best-in-class rendering capabilities and competencies.

Hot reload accelerates the development test cycle, allowing instant visual updates without restarting the whole app. Greater developer productivity and enhanced performance levels translate directly into cost savings.

6. Allow Single Codebase Programming Approach

With Flutter, you can use a single dart codebase programming to develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms. No longer do you need to maintain and sustain two separate codebases. This dramatically reduces testing needs, maintenance costs, and overall app complexity.

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Businesses can build, iterate, and launch application features using a ‘write once, run everywhere’ approach for massive funds and time savings. Let us further explore how much does it cost to develop a Flutter app in India?

Key Factors That Determine Flutter App Development Costs

Now let us look at the key variables that influence the overall cost of building an app with Flutter platform:

key factors that determine flutter app development costs

1. Application Complexity

Simple utility apps can be built quickly, while complex apps like social networks or ride-sharing require more effort. Sophisticated gaming apps raise costs further.

2. Custom Design

Apps requiring significant custom UI design or animated/interactive elements cost more than using standard components from Flutter libraries.

3. Backend Development

Apps needing custom server code, databases, and API integrations require additional backend development effort.

4. Number of Platforms

Supporting both Android and iOS costs more upfront but lowers long-term maintenance costs through code reuse.

5. Integrations

Integration with APIs, third-party services, and tools adds development complexity proportional to the number of services integrated.

6. Quality Assurance

Testing apps on multiple device sizes, OS versions, and scenarios dramatically impacts costs, especially for mission-critical enterprise mobile applications.

7. Team Experience

Developers skilled in Flutter can build apps faster than those learning the framework for the first time.

8. Location

App development costs vary based on geographical location and are highest in North America and Europe.

9. Maintenance Needs

Ongoing post-launch support for bug fixes, customer issues, and new features should be accounted for.

Here is a table summarizing the key cost drivers for Flutter app development in India

Cost DriverDescription
UI/UX ComplexityMore complex UI/UX design requires greater development effort
Custom DevelopmentApps needing custom backend development or complex integrations increase costs.
App FeaturesMore number of features and screens add to development time
App ComplexityApps involving complex logic or algorithms require more effort
App CategoryGaming and social media apps tend to be more complex
3rd Party IntegrationsIntegrations with external services and platforms increase the complexity levels
Maintenance NeedsOngoing updates and support add to longer term costs

What is the Average Cost to Develop a Flutter App?

So, considering the above factors, what is the typical cost to develop an app using Flutter? Let us refer to the data generated by our team through their Flutter design and development experience:

What is the Average Cost to Develop a Flutter App?

As you can see, for simple utility apps with minimal screens, you can expect an average cost between $10,000 to $12,000 and a development timeline of just 2 months.

Medium sized apps or MVP versions of ridesharing or food delivery may cost around $16,000 – $23,000 for full-stack development and can be completed in 3 to 4 months.

For large apps with extensive number of features, more backend coding, added animations, and third-party services, you can expect 4 to 6 months of development effort costing between $23,000 – $34,000.

Let us take a more precise view of cost estimation based on app complexity:

flutter app development cost

So, a basic productivity app with 5 to 10 screens could be built for $15,000 – $60,000. An enterprise app like a booking platform with advanced features would cost between $1, 20,000 – $2,00,000.

Let us even look at location-wise hourly pricing of Flutter App Developers

location wise hourly pricing of flutter app developers

So, a senior level developer earns more than an entry level professional, which further varies on their locations. The location-wise costing varies not because of the quality levels in the delivered work but the level of competition in that country or region. 

How to Optimize and Reduce Flutter App Development Costs

Here are some smart tips to optimize the cost of Flutter app development without compromising on quality:

1. Work With Experienced Flutter Developers

Partnering with an experienced Flutter development company that has worked on apps similar to yours can help minimize costs. You can ask these development companies to offer your development projectโ€™s estimates and ways to optimize the involved workflows.

2. Focus on Core Required Features

Keep the feature scope lean, especially for first releases. Prioritize must-have features over nice-to-have ones. Release additional functionality via updates.

3. Enable Agile App Development

Following agile methodology with short sprints ensures faster iterations and reduces the risk of huge, last-minute changes.

4. Plan for Minimum Viable Product First

Start with launching an MVP version first rather than packing in too many features upfront into the first release. Validate product-market fit before adding more features.

5. Ensure Good Documentation

Invest a comprehensive amount of time in documenting requirements, workflows, and integrations. Effective documentation can avoid mismatched expectations and last-minute rework.

6. Use Cost-Effective Third-Party Services

Leverage cost-effective third-party APIs/services for notifications, analytics, mapping, payments, etc., rather than building from scratch.

7. Evaluate Offshore Developers

Offshore developers from regions like India offer quality work at significantly lower hourly rates. So, evaluate Flutter developers of professional app development companies for cost-effectiveness. 

8. Budget for Adequate Testing

Keep sufficient budget aside for comprehensive testing – unit, integration, performance, security, etc. This avoids greater costs later for defect fixing.

9. Plan for Future Maintenance

Factor in costs upfront for future app enhancements, new features, maintenance, bug fixing, etc. This avoids surprise costs later.

So, by partnering with an experienced Flutter app development company, you can build a high-quality and cost-effective mobile application. Be clear on priorities, start with the must-haves, and you will be able to optimize the costs significantly.

How Flutter Delivers Maximum Value for Mobile App Development?

Flutter makes it cost-effective to build, iterate, and maintain superior quality mobile apps for both major technology platforms. While costs vary based on app complexity and custom requirements, Flutter provides unmatched savings versus straightforward native development services.

Apps that may take over $400,000 via native can be built for half the cost using Flutter tech framework. Optimizing requirements, design, technical architecture, and the team will help manage budgets effectively.

In summary, Flutter reduces development efforts while providing an unparalleled user experience. Flutter delivers maximum value for any organization building consumer-facing mobile apps and is the obvious choice in 2023.

Moving Forward with Flutter Mobile App Development

So, as we discussed above, the cost of developing a flutter app differs due to various factors. However, Flutter is the future of application development in 2023 and further. With its exclusive functionalities and technology advantages, Flutter delivers many benefits over other app development frameworks. Whether you are a development team head or a company owner exploring to build a mobile app, Flutter should be one of your topmost and prime choices.

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