How to Hire Offshore Flutter Developers? A Complete Guide

Hire Offshore Flutter Developers


So, you have decided to develop your cross-platform applications using Flutter. Now the next step is to find and hire a skilled Flutter developer.

Flutter is one of the most popular languages for cross-platform development. Do you know 42% of developers use Flutter for cross-platform development? 

Now among these, you have to find the one for your project, but how? iCoderz, the top Flutter app development company, is here with A Complete Guide on How to Hire Offshore Flutter Developers to make your search easier. Read on to learn the skills of Flutter developers, things to consider before hiring, and cost. Also, how can you hire flutter developers under your budget? 

Single Code, Multiple Platforms

The key advantage of using Flutter is that it allows developers to use a single code for multiple platforms. Thus, it reduces development time, effort, and cost. 

Platform Agnostic UI

Flutter uses Skia Engine to design user interfaces for applications across platforms. There is no need to design separate user interfaces for different platforms, as the interface design is not platform-dependent.

Widget-based Development

Flutter allows widget-based programming, and developers can reuse these widgets across multiple platforms. Thus, coding becomes easier and quicker.

Hot Reload

Hot Reload allows developers to see the changes in the real world. 

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Why do you Need To Hire Offshore Flutter App Developers?

A Flutter developer can help you develop and deploy cross-platform app solutions. The engineer will also help in Flutter migrations, upgrades, maintenance, and integrations. You may need to hire Flutter developers for the following reasons:

  • You need talented Flutter developers in your in-house team.
  • Looking for more experienced Flutter engineers
  • Looking to hire offshore Flutter programmers on a limited budget. 

Track Progress

With a dedicated development team, you can track the project’s progress. The developers update you each day with regular reports. You can intervene and suggest changes; thus, you have complete control over time.

Experienced Developers

The offshore developers from outsourcing agencies work on multiple projects and thus are well groomed with the Flutter App Development process and its challenges. 

Secure and High-Quality Mobile Apps

The development team ensures the use of superior-quality codes and employs best security practices. Thus, you can be sure of the app’s quality and security. 

Increased Productivity

When the offshore development team takes care of the app development, there will be less burden on your in-house team, and they can focus on other development work. 

App Testing & Launch

The Flutter app developers will test the apps against errors and setbacks. He fixes all the security issues and software glitches. Once the app is assured of quality, the developer will launch the app. 

App Updates

The offshore Flutter developer will take care of your app for regular version updates or performance upgrades. 

Why & How is Offshore Hiring Beneficial?

Offshore software development is when you hire a software development company for your development projects. The company can be from any country like India or Canada.  

Outsourcing your development project to an offshore agency has many benefits:

  • Companies get access to a global pool of talented resources. 
  • They can hire engineers and programmers at flexible hours. 
  • The cost of hiring offshore engineers is cheaper. 

Things To Consider Before Hiring an Offshore Flutter Developer

  1. Know Your Priorities

Before hiring your offshore Flutter developers, you must know your priorities. 

  • What is your project’s objective?
  • What do you look for in a Flutter developer?
  • What are your target audience and competitors?
  • What is your budget? 

Once you know the answers to the above questions, finding an offshore Flutter developer will be easier. Secondly, you explain your requirements well to the developers, ask them relevant questions, and know if their skills match your requirements. 

  1. Do Background Check

You must do the background check well if you are looking for trusted developers with a long-term commitment. If you are hiring an outsourcing agency, you can check their past projects and read reviews from past clients. 

Similarly, you can examine the qualifications and past experiences of the individual developers you want to hire. You can ask them questions related to Flutter and your project requirements. If the developer has done a similar project as yours in the past, it will be an added advantage for you. 

  1. Check Their Tech Expertise

Check their technical expertise by asking relevant questions and checking their technical background. Also, ask questions about the latest Flutter technologies to check if they are updated with the latest trends. 

How and Where to Start Finding Offshore Flutter Developers?

Make a List of Vendors

Once you know your project requirements well, you can next research the top outsourcing agencies. Make a list of the leading offshore companies you can trust for your Flutter hiring. You can read about outsourcing companies on trusted websites like Clutch, Good firms, and more. These websites rate the agencies based on their previous work. Also, you can read the reviews from past clients. Such research will help you Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers from a reliable outsourcing agency. 


Now that you have created the list, the next thing is to shortlist the best few by scoring them. Shortlist the ones that match your needs. Once shortlisted, start connecting with each of them to discuss your requirements. 

One thing to consider here is to focus on pricing and quality. Think about more than just saving costs. Qualified and skilled programmers can Develop Top-notch Mobile Applications to help you multiply your ROI.

Cooperation Models

Before signing the offshore developers, ensure that you fix a cooperation model and sign the contract containing all the details.

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Fixed Price Model

Under this model, the development agency charges the business owners a fixed fee. The number of features, complexity and time to build the app are all fixed in advance. The client has to pay the fixed fee decided in advance.

Such models offer little flexibility to add additional features. If the owner needs changes or extensions, they must pay extra charges. Software development recalculates the time and the development expenses for new modifications.

Time and Material Method

Under this model, business owners pay for the hours the development team works. The model is highly flexible and allows business owners to request modifications or add new features. The model is ideal for business owners who want to Develop an MVP for testing and further improvements under this model. 

Dedicated Team

Under this model, business owners hire offshore developers to work on their projects. It is feasible as it allows business owners to hire offshore developers on demand and per their business needs. They can choose from globally talented resources and hire the ones as per their budget. 

Top Websites To Find Offshore Flutter Developers

Where to Find Offshore Flutter Developers

As we discussed above, many websites and review platforms gather information about the companies allowing business owners to get genuine feedback. Business owners can read the ratings and reviews and thus search for the most credible ones.


Clutch is one of the most trusted and popular websites for finding detailed information about companies. These details include contact details, years in the market, expertise, etc. In addition, they can also see the feedback from previous clients.


Like Clutch, Good firms offers detailed information about software development companies, including their past details, ratings, and feedback.


99Firms analyzes and reviews software agencies to help entrepreneurs choose the best firm. The website ranks agencies based on their expertise, past projects, client reviews, and more. The ratings and client feedback help entrepreneurs make the right decision.

IT Firms

The website shows the details of hourly rates, top past clients, and feedback about numerous software development companies. Genuine feedback and ratings make choosing the right agency easier.

What are the Top Locations for Hiring Offshore Developers? 

The most significant advantage of hiring an offshore development team is that you can get globally talented developers in your team at reasonable costs. We list the top 5 locations where you can find the best offshore Flutter developers.

Asia is the hotspot for outsourcing software development projects. India has a pool of qualified Flutter engineers and developers; thus, many companies trust outsourcing offshore developers from India.

The Flutter engineers in India are highly skilled and offer their services at reasonable rates. In addition, they are good at English communication and managing teams. The cost to hire Flutter programmers ranges between $18-$40 in India.

Africa has a very low cost of living, and thus the salary range is also too low. Startups or enterprises with tighter budgets can find skilled Flutter engineers from Africa. The cost to hire Flutter programmers ranges between $18-$40 in Africa.

However, it can be risky to Hire Offshore Flutter Developers from Africa as the country is constantly hit by one or other unexpected political or economic issues.

The USA and Canada are the perfect locations to start your search for Flutter engineers if you are looking for the most proficient developers and can afford a big budget.

The developer’s hourly rate in these locations is much higher comparatively, but you can get hold of some of the most talented and experienced engineers. The cost to hire Flutter programmers ranges between $50-$250 in the USA and Canada.

The offshore outsourcing agencies in Latin America have proficient offshore programmers. In addition, Latin America is cheaper than Western Europe, the United States, or Japan. Thus, hiring Flutter programmers from this region is affordable. 

Latin America is a perfect option if you want to hire dedicated Flutter engineers and coders on a limited budget. The cost to hire Flutter developers from Latin America ranges between $30-$50. 

The Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania are popular countries and homes to the most talented software engineers and developers. The hourly developer costs are also affordable in these regions so that you can get started with fewer investments. 

Business owners in Western Europe can choose these countries due to proximity and similar time zones. The Cost to Hire Offshore Flutter Developers from Easter Europe ranges between $20-$45. 

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Why Hire Offshore Flutter Developers from iCoderz?

We hope you know the process of hiring offshore flutter developers well. The tips and recommendations mentioned in the blog will help you find the perfect-fit Flutter engineers for your project. 

iCoderz Solutions is one of the top Flutter development companies in India, the USA, the UK, and Canada. We have a highly skilled team of Flutter engineers who have served hundreds of clients from different industries and countries. Our flexible hiring model allows you to hire full-time, part-time, or hourly developers. 

The trained and certified Flutter programmers and coders are well-updated with the latest technologies and trends of Flutter. Whether you are looking for a single experienced Flutter engineer or a team of Flutter programmers, coders, and QA Testers, you can trust iCoderz.

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