Don’t miss to check out the 5 top Cross-Platform Tools for mobile App Development!

Top 5 Cross-Platform Tools for mobile App Development- iCoderz Solutions
Top 5 Cross-Platform Tools for mobile App Development- iCoderz Solutions

No matter for which industry you are working, Mobile app development is going to be a deniable part of business development. It is a kind of necessity to have a mobile app. But you know what is more important than that? Being a mobile app developer you need to have a good knowledge of the best mobile app development tools. In this blog, you will get the knowledge of top cross-platform tools for mobile app development.

Nowadays cross-platform is considered the best technology platform to develop the apps. It’s equally effective in Android app development and iOS app development. Generally speaking, cross-platform development is the first thing that comes in the mind of a developer before creating an app.  

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is the most popular Cross-Platform Tool that every mobile app developer should know.  Adobe owes PhoneGap and it helps you to streamline the process of app development. It is considered as the best cross-platform development tools to use in 2020. This tool helps you to detect errors in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • For iOS, it offers Safari Web Inspector Tool.
  • For android, it offers Chrome Developer Tool.

The best thing about Adobe PhoneGap is, you don’t have to have a lot of experience to use this tool. It is very easy to use. It will compile all the work in the cloud. In this way, you don’t have to maintain the SDKs.


It is the next best cross-platform development tool use in mobile app development. This tool helps you to develop the app in lesser time. Appcelerator simplifies all the work for the developer. By using this tool you can develop mobile apps with the best cloud-like performance.

The best thing about using this tool, you will get an app that can be easily used in any interface, device, and operating system. The testing of apps in this tool is easier. It provides you the automated app testing. Furthermore, this tool is very helpful in detecting bugs and making adjustments to improve the performance of the mobile app.


The next player in the field is “corona”. This tool has also proven best in mobile app development and iOS app development. If you are developing a gaming app for the mobile, desktop, or television, this is the tool you must know about. It uses a single code base. Besides that, if you are slow at coding then make this tool your best friend because it helps a lot to speed up the coding. In this tool, you can update the code fast and save the changes very easily.

 The advantage of using this tool is that you get instant results on your real devices. Corona also optimizes the performance of the app because of the light-weight script. You can also use it to get high quality of graphics and the best thing about this tool is that it is free to use. Hence use this tool in the mobile app development and develop a high-speed game app.

React Native

The next best tool is to React Native App Development Tool. This is the best tool that you must know if you are developing native apps by using JavaScript. The best part of using this tool is that it allows you to create modules in languages like C, Java, and Swift. In this API framework, you can picture editing and video processing as well. No other tool allows you to do that.

This tool helps the developers to convert the source code into native elements in lesser time. It’s a big help for the android app developers. You will be surprised to know that Instagram and Facebook have also used this tool to develop their native apps. You can now get the idea of how effective this tool is for the app developers.  


This amazing tool allows the developers to build apps for different platforms like Windows, iOS, and android while using a single dot net code. Another good thing about this tool that it helps to develop apps that look like native apps. This is because this tool provides the native interface to the users. Xamarin provides you the tools for debugging, UI Design, and also for the editing of the code.

Furthermore, it can be used on both Mac and personal computers. Hence try this tool to enhance the performance of the mobile apps. It’s effective and helpful.


These are the top 5 top Cross-Platform Tools for mobile App Development. However, these are not limited here only, there is a number of other tools as well. But these are the most popular and most effective. Every developer must know about these. Usage of these tools helps mobile app developers to enhance performance. Happy developing!

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