Top 5 Mobile Apps to Track Covid-19

Top 5 Mobile Apps to Track Covid-19 | iCoderz Solutions
Top 5 Mobile Apps to Track Covid-19 | iCoderz Solutions

There have been many changes and reforms in how the world is working due to an ongoing event- the Covid-19. This also includes several changes in the economic situation all over the world. The technology world has now the array of advancements available in the wake of this pandemic. One of them is the mobile app development for tracking Covid-19. Governments and private bodies all around the world have been hoarding to engross themselves in producing the best tracking app.  A tracking app for their region or on a global basis, with many of them successful too.

How have apps affected the world?

The current scenario saw the emergence of several astonishing tracking apps. They have been helpful to keep the general public updated, as well as a medium in between the government and the citizens. They are developed by both the professional companies and the independent Android app development and iOS app development pioneers. The utility of these apps is although limited, but it has proven to be of great help for people on a wholesome basis. Some of the tracking apps from different regions in the world are mentioned below-

Aarogya Setu App

This app is a government-developed venture, by the ministry of IT for the people of India. It helps in tracking the possible corona virus-positive cases in a person/user’s vicinity using Bluetooth and location charting proximity of infected people. The app also has specific test-based questions that help you to self-evaluate your health and possible Covid-19 exposure and further informs the government servers if found relevant for further tests. It also has several self-quarantine suggestions and various ways to cope through the pandemic.


The students of Stanford University helped in developing this app, which is high on security pieces of stuff. It doesn’t hinder one’s privacy by asking essential questions; instead it just works like a shadow in the backgrounds. It informs you if you cross path with a person who has been tested positive, that too anonymously. The app uses Bluetooth to alert a person if they are in proximity to another suspected person. However, it also has several security terms, barring government and third-party apps to track-out the suspects through its server directory.


A Singapore-government based tracking app initiative, with the means similar to that of the tracking apps in the other regions of the world. It used Bluetooth solely as the tool to track suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive cases as a person comes in contact with another. Also, it generates a local ID according to the government servers for every person using it and uses it for further proceedings. Hence, it is available for people with an active Singapore-originated cell number, thus making it entirely indigenous for Singapore-natives.

COVID Symptom Tracker

The development of this tracking app was done in the partnership of King’s College London and St. Thomas hospital along with Zoe global, a private healthcare company. It mainly focuses on research regarding the COVID-19 and various ways how to avoid getting infected by it. It also helps in zoning out high-risk areas around Great Britain, helping people to be aware of it. Also, it determines the most affected groups, thus helping people to stay alert.

NHS smartphone app

NHS, National Health Service is a public-funded healthcare system based in England. Though it’s still in the development phase, it is expected to roll out soon, and being a total government venture, the England government also approves it. The health secretary made it clear for all people to download this app as soon as it rolls out. It uses Bluetooth and location services to find a possible suspect in the proximity of other users, with a direct link with the government and public servers. It also will help in marking hotspots and heavily-affected areas along with the mild ones, thus making it a complete package.

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