Build Restaurant App: Step-by-Step Process & Functions

Build Restaurant App


Almost all the industries have faves the digital revolution and restaurants are no longer an exception to this.

A few years back, cash counters were all in restaurants and cafes. However, restaurants came into action with their POS systems which cut down the costs while bringing new customer services into full functionality. Furthermore, for staying connected with their customers, the restaurants came along with their own websites and social media handles.

As a winner, restaurant applications also flooded the devices of individuals. As a result, this created demand for restaurant apps. Presently, the restaurant application is one of the trendiest things among customers. According to the studies, it is expected that online food ordering segments would reach a market of 474.30 billion by 2026.

This is an opportunity for all the restaurants and cafes to create their own restaurant application. In this article, we are going to provide an insight on how to Build Restaurant app and all the different types of restaurant websites and applications, along with their benefits.

Reasons Why You Need a Restaurant App

The development of restaurant app has come a long way in recent years and this will continue throughout, no matter what. A Statista survey of 2013, reflects that the major reason for restaurant application is to search for all the nearby restaurants and their operating hours. However, even after this survey was conducted, the restaurant and food market has enhanced tremendously. Hence, there is a dire need for the development of a restaurant application.

The most vital objective of creating a restaurant app is to use them for interacting and communicating with the restaurant. Let us look at the reasons for creating a restaurant application.

Customer Loyalty

Whenever a restaurant app is created by a business, they do it with a motive to create a better customer experience. App for restaurants tends to provide a number of options that provide the customers with instant access to the restaurant’s menu while allowing them to find information about the delivery options, operation hours, etc.

Payment Options

Today, non-cash transactions are rapidly growing. More and more individuals utilize the payment method for groceries, taxi services and even for restaurants and cafes. It has also been predicted that mobile transactions will surpass $503 billion. Hence, it is a great opportunity for the restaurants to create a restaurant app which will further help in increasing the return on investment (ROI).

Location-based Marketing

Developing a restaurant app can help restaurants to take their marketing efforts to the whole new level. These applications provide useful data and information related to the restaurant’s menu and the location which can be used by the restaurant to advertise themselves as well. Further, if you want to create a new dish, then you can also clock beautiful pictures of the dish and showcase it via the restaurant app as ad banners for attracting customers, from all possible locations.

Ordering & Delivery

Modern day restaurant applications help customers in ordering food. Also, by adding up some great features, the customers can even take away their food by ordering before they reach the restaurant. This can increase the restaurant’s sales. Hence, it can be perfectly stated that Restaurant Mobile App Development is great for growing the business

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Process to Build Restaurant App

Creating a restaurant mobile app is a complicated process and is not only restricted to coding. This process includes several stages that should be followed thoroughly for getting an efficient, read-to-use app. You can check the below-mentioned process of Build a restaurant application.

Conducting a thorough market research

Market research is the initial step for developing a restaurant application. It is vital to understand the target audience of yeh business and what issues do the customers face with the restaurants. The app should be created keeping in mind all these issues.

Setting of strategy and business goals

You should understand the advantages and the benefits that you will receive from the restaurant applications. It is vital to remember that the application can be beneficial for bringing in money. Thinking about KPIs, and setting business goals, a restaurant application is the best way to generate profits.

Finding a software development company

Searching for an experienced and a reliable software development organization is one of the most complicated things that can be fdone. However, select a company that has prior experience in creating restaurant applications.

Observe how the restaurant app works that they have created. Think carefully about what features have to be included into the app. With the help of an efficient software development firm you will be required to create a product backlog list that has all the features that you want in your restaurant application.

Create a professional restaurant website and an app

The most vital feature of a great restaurant app is it’s ability to solve particular issues, while providing a great customer experience along with a seamless design. Design is the most crucial part of developing a restaurant application. The main steps include:

  • Research – Research is very necessary for creating top-notch products, with the help of analysis of the market and the brand’s competitors, while adopting the best practices.
  • User experience – This includes creating UX and sketches while making up a user friendly navigation while adding up some great layout elements.
  • Visual design – designing of the UI mockups and mood board should be of an appealing color scheme.
  • Branding – Branding comprises animations & logo development, while adding a unique feel to the restaurant app.

Test, deploy, and launch the application

These steps should be the most crucial part of the restaurant application development process. By the time the app is ready for launch, all the features should be nicely implemented so that the app works within any technical glitch.

Rolling out marketing campaigns

If you are creating a restaurant application, it is always a great idea to start a marketing campaign for your brand so that people come to you about your services.

Collecting and analyzing feedbacks on the restaurant app

Have you ever wondered how you will create an application that the users would love? Well, by collecting feedback from them about your restaurant services, you’ll be able to find out what your restaurant application has and what it lacks. However, remember that this process should be continuous and should be paid attention to before releasing any new feature.

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Ongoing application enhancement and support

Developing a restaurant application is an ongoing process and does not stop after the app is launched. Based on all the accumulated reviews, you might be required to improve some of the app features or remove some existing ones. Ensure that your restaurant application is utilizing all the latest versions of operating systems while providing the best performance. Also, always think about the best website version fir your application. Below mentioned is a list for creating a website.

  • Select the best restaurant website development services.
  • Try to list all the website functionalities with a product backlog.
  • Plan the website infrastructure thoroughly.
  • Create amazing content for the restaurant website.
  • Efficient UX/UI design for the website or the restaurant application.
  • Finding appropriate web hosting.
  • Purchase the domain name.
  • Applying an efficient SSL certificate for website security.
  • Front-end and backend website coding phase
  • Testing the website and quality assurance.
  • Website launch and setup.
  • Regular website maintenance.

Most Vital Functions of the Restaurant App or Website

We have jotted down all the important features that are the basis of every application. Let’s learn about how these functions can be implemented. In case you decide to create a restaurant app, definitely consider adding the functions mentioned below.

  • Menu Screens

This is a vital feature for a restaurant application. This showcases what dishes look like while providing the menu and other customizable options for the customers. Thus, whenever you are wanting to Create a Food Delivery App, make sure to design and develop it in an interesting manner. The UI should be amazing and should have magnificent images along with an order button, through which the customers can order food directly from the menu.

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People don’t have much time today. This is the reason why people look out to order food from restaurant applications. Customer’s can make pre-orders without waiting in a queue. This feature is the most demanded nowadays.

  • Table Reservations

If you want to create a restaurant application, make sure that these days, people prefer making their table reservations online with the help of the restaurant app itself.

  • Online Payments

This feature is the best when used with the ore-ordering function. By adding this function to the application, the customers don’t need to spend much time in a cafe or a restaurant. They can order the dish online while paying through the app itself. And, their order will be delivered at the doorstep.

  • Locating Nearby Restaurants

This feature is highly useful for restaurants and cafe’s having several outlets. If you want to build a restaurant application, then consider adding this function. With the help of a geo navigation system, you can guide the customers to the location, without much hassle.

Restaurant App Development: Categories & Top Examples


  • Food Ordering Apps
  • Table Reservation Apps
  • Recipe & Cooking Apps
  • Restaurant Management Apps


  • Uber Eats: Offers a wide range of restaurant options for online ordering and delivery.
  • DoorDash: Focuses on delivering food from local restaurants to customers’ doorsteps.
  • Grubhub: Allows users to order food from nearby restaurants and track their orders in real time.

Advanced Functionality:

AI-Powered Recommendations:

  • Use artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze customer preferences, order history, and browsing behavior to offer personalized menu recommendations, promotions, and discounts.

QR Code Scan:

  • Implement QR code scanning capabilities in your app to allow customers to access menus, place orders, make payments, or redeem loyalty rewards seamlessly. QR codes can also be used for table reservations, feedback forms, and promotional campaigns, enhancing convenience and engagement.

Voice Ordering:

  • Integrate voice recognition technology (e.g., voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant) to enable hands-free ordering, provide menu information, and assist customers with navigation and recommendations.

Integration with Smart Devices:

  • Enable integration with smart devices such as smartwatches, wearables, or IoT devices to enhance the dining experience, offer convenient ordering options, and provide real-time notifications and updates.

Budget Necessary to Create a Restaurant App & Website

Creating a restaurant app and website entails numerous cost factors crucial for budgeting. The budget can vary based on feature complexity, design needs, development approach, platform compatibility, third-party service integration, maintenance, and marketing.

Here’s a breakdown of key cost components to consider:

Development Costs:

  • Backend development, frontend development, database setup, API integrations, and app testing.

Design Costs:

  • UI/UX design, wireframing, prototyping, graphic assets, and branding.

Third-Party Services:

  • Payment gateway integration, cloud hosting, push notifications, analytics tools, and security features.

Marketing and Launch:

  • App store fees, marketing campaigns, promotional materials, and launch events.

Maintenance and Updates:

  • Ongoing support, bug fixes, feature enhancements, server maintenance, and security updates.

A basic restaurant app with essential features can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the complexity and scope of the project. More advanced apps with AI, AR, voice recognition, and smart device integration may require budgets exceeding $100,000 or more.

It’s crucial to allocate the budget wisely, prioritize features based on business goals and user needs, collaborate with experienced developers and designers, and conduct thorough testing and validation throughout the development process. Regular updates, maintenance, and customer support are also essential for the long-term success and sustainability of the restaurant app.

Our Expertise In Restaurant Mobile App Development


  • Chowman is a popular food delivery app specializing in Chinese cuisine. iCoderz has designed and developed the Chowman app using the most advanced technologies. Customers can get their favorite food delivered with multiple features for easy and convenient ordering.


  • Maama’s On-Demand Delivery Service App is a one-stop solution for all customer needs. From delicious food to groceries, or essentials, Maama’s online delivery app delivers everything with no hassles.


  • The Bunana App is a food and essential delivery app developed during the pandemic. The app makes people’s lives easier by allowing them to order everything they need, from groceries to fresh Meat, veggies, and fruits. The app was designed to enable doorstep deliveries of the most essential user need- food.

Final Conclusion

This was all about the restaurant application. Let us know how you liked this article. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible, in case of any queries.

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