Top 30 On-Demand App Ideas to Start Business in 2024

Top 30 On-Demand App Ideas to Start Business in 2023

How was your pandemic year? Not so good I guess, just like others. But in this duration, we got so much time for ourselves and many of us utilized this very carefully.

We all received enough time to think about new things, learn something new, and plan smart decisions and new business schemes. But don’t panic if you don’t have any of them. We are here for you with information.

In this pandemic time, we have seen various powerful businesses die drastically due to the effects of SARS-COV-2, while some businesses shot to fortune overnight. In this world, the economic system was nothing less than a roller coaster ride. We have created a secret scheme that will help you if the situation gets worse than the previous year. And the scheme is On Demand Apps Ideas.

I think you already can guess what I am talking about, if not then don’t worry We are going to explain it to those who have just hit upon this topic for the first time.

What are On-Demand Services?

Few mobile applications act as a mediator to relate buyers and sellers. This means that when a consumer needs service, he/she can get the necessary service provider through the applications. Then on demand mobile apps charge an amount for each order.

Just imagine that you came home from work and that was an exhausting day, and the only thing you are willing is good food. At the same time, you don’t want to cook it. In this case, you can order food via the On-Demand food delivery app.

How Does the On-Demand Services App Work?

  • A service provider lists activities, skills, and expertise through an account.
  • A consumer places a request with detailed information about the seeking service.
  • A service provider answers the consumer’s request and from both sides, communication starts through the messenger.
  • A consumer pays for the services through a payment gateway.
  • A consumer can place a review and also rate the service provider.

Types of  On-Demand services Apps

On demand services have become increasingly popular with the rise of mobile technology and the gig economy. There are various types of on demand service apps that cater to different needs and industries. Currently, there are three main types of On-demand service apps:

  • Business to Customer (B2C)

This category is the most common one. Here the business sells products or services to the clients. Examples: DoorDash, Walmart, Amazon, Uber Eats, and Netflix.

  • Business to business ( B2B )

Organizations connect with other organizations to increase profits. Examples: Catalant, Eventio, and Cargomatic.

  • Customer-to-customer ( C2C )

C2C mobile apps gather people who provide services to others. Examples: Offerup, OLX, Uber, Airbnb.

The statistic about On-Demand Services Vertical

The on-demand economy is getting bigger. You need a little more evidence to consider the on-demand business vertical. However, with the increasing popularity of on demand service apps, the opportunities for on-demand business ideas are boundless. You are right to ask for evidence and you will get your answer.

As per the prediction from Statista, mobile apps are designed to generate approx $ 935 billion by 2023, which is more than double the $461 billion generated in 2019.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an On-Demand Services App?

On-demand mobile apps are complex projects. It takes 8 months of development and $70 k per mobile platform.

The daily usable on demand app, the consumer app gathered us with the service provider.. To deliver the service, service providers also need an app.

There is needed web-based dashboard equipment that takes a cut-off service provider fee, to track orders etc.

App Development Cost – A Complete Guide for 2023

Three prime on-demand service apps

  1. The Consumer App
  2. The Service Provider App
  3. The Web Dashboard
  • The Consumer-Facing App Costs $37,000
  • The Service Provider App Costs $30,000/-
  • The Web Dashboard Costs $24,000/-

Top 30 On-Demand App Ideas

1. On-demand apps for Grocery:

During the pandemic, many of us depend on online grocery delivery apps. Due to the growing demand, most of the time damaged products were delivered. Since online supermarkets are not able to stand up to the demands of the clients. But they are trying to improve.

But this time most people like to order groceries online to save money. So the online grocery delivery business is growing very smoothly.

2. On-demand Apps for food delivery service:

Ordering food from outside can be a day’s rest or can be a very enjoyable experience. When we can’t go to restaurants this app is just like magic. For this generation, Food Delivery App is a growing industry.

Nowadays many housewives or lots of people who are passionate about cooking start this online food delivery business and it’s going very well.

3. On-demand Apps for liquor delivery service:

Without alcohol parties or social gatherings are not enjoyable. Unlike usual liquor stores, it delivers alcohol to the customer at their doorstep. In this business, the laws are much stronger but the profit will be worth it.

This can be a great opportunity for you to start an Online Liquor Delivery Business but you have to follow all the rules and laws very carefully.

4. On-demand Apps for Beauty Services:

According to the statistics, an average woman spends around $3756 yearly on beauty services. This is a very huge amount. For working women who don’t get time to go to salons, a beauty service app is a permanent solution for them.

5. On-demand Apps for movers and packers service:

People who change their house, or office to a different place need reliable movers and packers services and this app is very helpful for them. This service provider offers good money in 2023.

If you are interested and if you are a hardworking person then this job can be yours. You can develop a new type of business with On-Demand Transportation App.

6. On-demand Apps for Travelling:

The era of on demand applications started with Uber and Airbnb. No one wants to be left in this fast world. In a short time, the transport industry got new success with the Uber app and Uber Alternatives like Lyft and Careem.

Now the transport industry is vast. Now anybody can plan for cargo logistics apps, taxi booking apps, bus booking apps, and e-scooter apps. People who love travel will rely on travel apps to transport. It is easily accessible and budget-friendly.

This is a new growing business. Here anyone can control their trip schedule without involving a third party. And if you are a travel lover you can also start your own business and make money.

7. On-demand Apps for Fashion:

If you are exhausted with lots of work or stuck in the office or suffering from lots of work for that reason, miss the last-minute shopping for a family occasion or forget to buy a gift for someone close? Here is the answer! Fashion apps are a one-stop destination.

E-commerce apps have been developed very well. We have lots of apps to expose. Fashion trends are always going on. The report says that 42% of clients love online shopping.

If you know about the new fashion trends you can make this your life-changing goal also. Nowadays everyone wants to look perfect and wants to follow the ongoing trend also. This business is growing superbly.

8. On-demand mechanics Apps:

The plumbing fittings demand has increased at a CAGR of 5.45% from $74.72 billion in 2015 to $102.07 billion in 2021. Continuously it has made a bridge between mechanics and car owners. Now car repairing apps are very demanding amongst people. People are touring the world with their transport. There are a few places where there is no garage, so these apps are the Savior for tourists.

If you know this field then you can utilize your time and effort with this business. For a travel-loving person, this is an opportunity to make your hobby your business.

9. On-demand Plumbing Apps:

Many of us have noticed our father’s exhausted situation after calling a plumber several times to repair a pipe or running tap. But these problems are gone. Now you can try out the plumbing app. You can try something new out of the box. This is new in the industry, so it has a higher chance to be successful.

Finding a plumber was once a hard task, but now just for mobile, it is very easy for users to find a plumber.

This is a new business platform and if you have knowledge and skills then you utilize that.

10. On-demanding Apps for Healthcare:

The online healthy market is about to reach $189 billion in the year 2025. The future is positively fortunate for the demand for the healthcare apps market.

Now, day by day people is becoming more health-conscious, which is very good. To a busy schedule attending the gym or meditation classes is not possible for everyone. Now, this online healthcare app development can be handy for them.

If you want to dive into the healthcare genre then grab it and start searching for opportunities and experience.

11. On-demand Apps for Plant:

Hobbies of planting are the best hobbies one can build. House plants can reduce toxicity from the air and also removes stress. There is a lot of scientific theory showing that. Research by the University of Queensland says that offices with plants showed an increase in productivity. Finding the perfect plant for your house can be tough if you live in an urban area and if you have limited knowledge about plants.

Ordering plants online is more joyful because these apps and sites have more variety of plants available than regular shops.

12. On-demand apps for house cleaning:

Now, the trend of booking an on-demand house cleaning service is increasing. Moreover, due to the growth in professional work, the demand for house cleaning services should keep on increasing.

13. On-demanding Apps for Dog Walking:

According to the NAPHIA gross written premium for pet health reached $1.99 billion in 2020, up 27.5 percent from $1.56 billion in 2019. This number will surely increase with time. Because of a busy schedule, many of them were unable to take care of their pets. But pets always need special care and maintenance.

This has opened up many opportunities for those who want to invest in an on-demand dog-walking service. With the right techniques, you can grow your business.

14. On-demand Apps for E-learning:

Because of COVID-19, students were unable to go to school and outside. For that reason, the demand for E-learning apps has increased. Everyone adapted to digitization. Even many Ed-tech companies were developing E-learning mobile apps to make money.

15. On-demand Apps for Rideshare:

The main target of this service is to keep the drivers and customers close through the technology. Now, the global ride-sharing market has reached $85.8 billion. Now you don’t have any stress about standing in line for tickets here the online app is a savior.

16. On-demand Apps for Doctor booking:

Now, for work or higher studies, many of us live alone without our parents and sometimes due to workload or pressure you can fall sick there is no one for you and you may not be able to drive or visit the nearby clinic. In this case, through the on-demand Doctor Appointment Booking App, you can contact the doctors directly via call or video call and you can discuss your problems.

17. On-demand Apps for payment:

Cashless payment has become a new trend. Applications like Paypal CashApp have already been set their worth. Between 2020 and 2025 the procedure of Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Phonepe is about to double.

18. On-demand Apps for Laundry:

In 2023 the entire laundry care sector amount is nearly $100.80 billion. The online laundry market is about to grow by 3.77% in 2023. No one thought that a simple laundry service could be this huge.

19. On-demand Apps for Insurance:

Online insurance apps decrease the problem of paperwork and the majority of millennials have signed up for them. For that, insurers needed to invest in technologies. We have two types of insurance apps.

  1. Dedicated insurance app
  2. Aggregator insurance app

On-demand online apps provide such Metromile insurance coverage with transparent costs.

20. On-demand Apps for Car Wash:

Every car owner has to go through trouble managing their car washing timing. Unfortunately, the car needs a proper wash once or twice a week. Now, either you have to wash your car at home or take your car to the nearest car wash center. Hence, without any trouble, you can get an appointment using your smartphone through the on-demand online app.

21. On-demand Apps for Flight Booking:

Now the travel industry is flourishing. on demand mobile app development has improved the entire business. Especially, when booking a flight ticket you don’t have to pay a commission to your travel agent.

22. On-demand Apps for video streaming:

 According to Statista on-demand, video streaming services have reached $98.69 billion. Video streaming apps came to notice with the popularity of Netflix and Amazon Prime. They just have changed the way, people, movie-watching movies.

23. On-demand Apps for Translation service:

This is the cheapest business idea. All you need is a person who knows multiple languages.

24. On-demand Apps for Lawn care:

Just like home cleaning, outdoor property proper cleaning is also needed. It can be removed from the lawn resident and remove snow from the parking or set up in the garden.

This can be the very cheapest business you can run. And its growth rate is also high.

25. On-demand Apps for Dropshipping :

This business idea is different and unique. This is a subcategory of the e-commerce service platform. With drop shipping, the trader won’t be hoarding the product; they have to forward the order placed on their accounts to the peddler and get it delivered.

This is an obvious new growing platform. By examining the other’s growth you can also develop your ideas.

26. On-demand Apps for organizer service :

This is for those people who are very lazy about organizing their compartments or house or office. This is a very easy process to make money using someone’s habit.

If you are a well-organized person then you can effortlessly grow a new business also.

27. On-demand Apps for Errand Running Service:    

What will be your reaction if I tell you that you can make money using such people who aren’t related to any professions? It sounds crazy but it can be true. Lots of people wish to have somebody who would take up their small errands like purchasing products, dry cleaning, filling gas in their car, etc.

You can start an on-demand errands service business and its main part is this is the easiest way to run a business and earn a commission on every service.

28. On-demand Apps for Sanitization service:

 In these pandemic years, we suffered a lot due to SARS-COV-2. And the world is not completely fine now as well so we still have to protect ourselves. We need to maintain all COVID-19 rules now as well. This is very important for us. So our room or compartment or office sensitization is very important.

This business is growing very well and will be growing during this pandemic but it is very good for human health as well.

29. On-demand Apps for Tutors:

 From the time of the pandemic situation, students were locked in their houses. That situation was very terrible. The situation of studies was awful. At this time many Ed-Tech companies had made multiple educational platforms like Bijus, Udemy, etc.

These corporations have successfully fulfilled the requirements of on-demand digital tutoring ideas into a reality. You can also follow their creativity to launch your program.

30. On-demand Apps for Babies and Pet sitting services:

The common thing between babies and pets is that they are attention seekers. And they are the cutest and most loving members of the house. But for your busy schedule if you are not able to give time to your babies and pets this app will help you a lot and this is just for you.

Though babies and pets are very loving, anybody wants to do it. But choose the person very carefully after verifying their profile correctly.

FAQ About Best On-demand App Ideas:

What are examples of on-demanding service apps?

  • Uber
  • Zomato
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Soothe
  • Postmates

How much time does it take to create an on-demand service app?

Eventually, it takes time depending on the complexity of your project structure. For smaller-sized apps, it can take time about 3-4 weeks, for middle-sized apps can take about 6-7 weeks and for big-sized apps can take about 10-12 weeks.

What is the future of on-demand service apps?

According to the latest report, the growth rate of the on-demand market rate is very high, and this rate will reach $335 billion by the year 2025.

What are some good on-demand service apps?

  • Scanning and converting into pdf
  • Railway tracking service apps
  • Language learning service apps
  • Healthcare service apps
  • Voice translation service apps


People always need things done quickly and accurately and following the current situation on-demand services become a growing industry. If you are also interested in this field this can be a nice scenario for you. You can also develop your business using this new going platform. The vast landscape of on-demand services offers a plethora of entrepreneurial opportunities with apps in demand.

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