App Development Cost – A Complete Guide for 2024

App Development Cost

These days, everyone has a smartphone in their hands. People use smartphones for all their needs. Whatever they want, be it any service or any product, it is just one click away from them. All of this is possible due to the mobile app development of different kinds of business applications. We usually call them apps.

If you are planning to buy, order, or render a service, you just need to download the relevant app for that particular work. These days, you can find apps for almost all the reasons you think.

If you want to order food, you want to book a taxi or a cab, you want to buy clothes, you want a house to rent, you want to book a train or flight ticket, and whatnot. You can do all these things just by downloading one app.

You might think, who is thinking about all these ideas? and must have some app development cost questions in your mind, Right?

  • Is one person involved in this or a whole team is working behind it?
  • How much does it cost to build an app?
  • How long does it take to make an app?
  • How much does it cost to make an app in 2024?
  • What factors affect the cost of mobile app development?
  • How much does it cost to create an app for your business?
  • How to maintain these applications?

In this article, we are going to answer all the questions related to the Mobile App Development Cost in 2023.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In 2024?

7.26 billion people are using smartphones in the whole world. This number is 91.54 percent of the total world’s population. You can now imagine how much profit it would be to build your own app in 2023.

If you are providing any kind of value to the consumer, then he/she will be ready to pay you whatever you are charging them to use your on-demand app. Developing an app from scratch these days is one of the most profitable tasks you can do. Users are spending 90% of their time on the apps they have on their phones.

If you are also thinking of creating an app from scratch you need to know how much it costs to develop a full-fledged app.

What Aspects are Included in the App Development Cost?

If you are planning to develop an app by yourself, by a dedicated app Developers, or by a Top mobile app development agency, you need to have a pre-decided budget to cover all the expenses associated with app development cost breakdown. There are Factors & Aspects that you need to keep in mind. All of those app development factors which you need to ponder to calculate the cost of app development are as follows:

The Type of App: This is the first thing you need to keep in mind if you are planning to develop an app. Without deciding on what you want to develop, you cannot have an estimate of its cost. You can develop an app for any niche you want. The most common niches are gaming, business, education, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.

  • Gaming Apps Cost- $50,000 to $3,00,000
  • Business Apps Cost- $15,000 to $1,00,000
  • Entertainment App Cost- $10,000 to $1,50,000

The niches which are dominating the iOS and Android app worlds are gaming, business, and education. All the app niches we just mentioned will cost you more than others because they are very much in style. You can now clarify in your mind which niche you select to build an app for your startup business.

Design of the App: This is the second thing you need to keep in mind while you are building plans for app development cost breakdown. This factor affects the App Development Cost on a large scale. The UX/UI design of your mobile app will be a major factor in your app. If it is not perfect, the app won’t be a success.

The things which you need to keep in mind are the branding, logo colors, font, images, and the basic look and feel of your app according to your niche.

The more you want to elaborate and style your app, the more Mobile App Development Costs you.

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The Platform for the App: You need to consider this aspect because it will decide the number of users you can reach and the graphics of your app. There are three types of platforms on which you can create your app: hybrid, iOS, and Android.

If you are going to develop an app for a Native platform like Android or iOS App Development Cost, the things that you need to keep in mind are:

  • These platforms have their own specific tools. You cannot use those tools for another platform.
  • The App Development Cost will depend on the platform you choose for your app.
  • If you are choosing a native platform for your app development, the performance of the app will be comparatively great as it is specifically made with the use of unique tools.
  • The drawback you will face in this category is that the apps will not reach a wider audience. It will be specific to particular users. If you want other users to use the app, you will need more time and money for the same but different platform.

If you are going to develop an app for hybrid platforms, you need to remember the following things:

  • You will need the same codebase for both platforms. It will save you time and money.
  • The drawback in this category is that the UI and graphics may not be as great as in the native apps. You will sometimes face design defects in this way. Sometimes you can also face app crashes.
  • The location of the developer also plays a major role in the cost of building an app. The amount taken by the developer can vary a lot in different countries.

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Let us classify the App Development Cost estimation and hourly rate of top countries that provide you with the app development service to make an app from scratch.

  • North America-$140-150 per hour.
  • Australia-$100-120 per hour.
  • U.K.-$60-80 per hour.
  • Eastern Europe: $30–40 per hour.
  • India: $25-35 per hour.

In this classification, you can see the prices dropping to as low as $25 per hour. This doesn’t mean that countries like India and Eastern Europe are not providing the best app development services. It is the opposite. Top Indian developers are some of the best programmers in the whole world. Clients from other countries search for Indian clients for their work because of the low cost and great value they get.

The Complexity of the App: You can now understand that the complexity of the app affects the App Development Cost a lot. Let us now understand what we mean by the complexity of app development. Normally, apps are three different types:

Basic Apps: In laymen’s language, these apps are not too fancy to use. They are very simple. The UI of these apps doesn’t have any complex UX UI designs or pages. The cost of developing famous apps is somewhere around $50,000 to $1,00,000.

Medium-Complexity Apps: These apps are a little bit more complex than the basic ones. They can include different servers and a little bit of complicated programming. The App Development Cost of these apps ranges between $1,00,000 and $1,60,000.

Highly Complex Apps: These are the apps that are the most complex. They include different features like different pages, complex UI, various servers’ virtual reality, and many more. These apps can include lots of expensive features and take the maximum amount of time to be built. The cost estimate for these apps can range from $1,00,000 to $3,00000. The range given here can vary a lot in the case of highly complex apps. This is just an approximate figure.

Features of the App: There are some features in an app that you must include in it. These features also decide the App Development Cost. If any app does not have these features, it cannot be called complete. So let us see the features and the time and cost required to put them in.

Push Notifications: This feature includes notifications that a user receives from the app he/she is using. The time to include this feature in it is around 25 to 30 hours. The cost requirement will be around $750 to $1000.

Web Portals: The time required to include this feature in your app is around 100 to 300 hours. The cost to include a web portal will be approximately $5000 to $10,000.

In simple terms, a web portal is a platform that collects data from different sources and provides the most relevant information to a single UI.

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User Profile: this is one of the most important features one needs to include in whatever app they are creating. A User Profile is a page in the app where the whole information about the user is mentioned. He/she can include anything in it, like personal information, photos, locations, or other information, easily. The time taken to create this page is about 30 to 50 hours. The App Development Cost will be $900 to $1,500.

Admin Panel: It is also important for the person who is controlling the app at the backend. It takes around $250 to $550 to get fully developed.

Signup/Login: It is also an important feature. Without getting logged in to the app, no user can get all the features in handy. They need to create a profile for themselves if they want to use the app. This takes approx. $800 to $1,500 approximately.

Payments: If you want users to pay you or anyone else through the app, then you need to include this feature in it. To include this feature, you need to give at least 60 to 80 hours. The amount you need to pay for this feature is $2000 to $2400.

All the features mentioned above are the most important ones if you are creating an app. These features are common for almost all apps. The prices mentioned above can differ greatly because of the location and the ways in which you are using it. These prices are calculated at $30 per hour.

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Custom App Development Process

Once you’ve planned all the things you need to include in the app, you need to give all the details to the agency or developer. The stages through which you need to go if you want to develop the app from scratch are as follows:

Pre-Development Stage: This is the first stage in the process of developing an app. This pre-development stage of the app includes all the basic and most important research. This research is going to help you with the popularity of the app and also its success. If the market research is not good, then you won’t get the best result. It is going to cost you approximately $3000 to $6000.

App Development Stage: after the research is done, the mobile app developer needs to put all the research into a single form. This is simply known as developing an app from scratch It is the main stage of app development. It is going to cost around $6000 to $10000. The cost required for this also includes the labor of in-house developers.

App Testing: Once the app is developed, the developer needs to test it. This stage is called the “app testing stage.” At this stage is important to know any drawbacks and loopholes in the creation before launching it. It costs around $5000 to $10000.

App Maintenance: Once the app is launched, you need to keep a check on it all the time. If the app is crashing or has any kind of problem, all of these problems will be handled by app maintenance work. All the updates will be included in the app at this stage only.

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Conclusion: Finishing it up

In the above article, we have all the points you need to keep in mind if you want to create a great app. The prices, however, can differ greatly because of the aspects we discussed above. You cannot get an exact estimate of how much it will cost to build an app in 2023.

We tried to mention the maximum we could. We hope that you will find some value in this. If you want to develop an app with us, you can directly contact us. You can email us or directly call us. We are a trustworthy company that has been creating and developing apps for our clients with a 100% success rate.

All the best for the journey of creating the best you can!

App Development Cost
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