How Much Does it Cost To Develop Your Own Coupon App

Website/Mobile AppCoupons Are New Wings to Old Paper Coupon

Deal of the day or daily deal is a digital coupon offering marketing strategy for people interested in saving money. These coupons are a kind of discount that is offered or sale to its usersat a financial discountthat can be used while making use of their service or product. Such coupons are available in the different forms like, promotional codes, promotion codes, voucher codes and can be a SMS that offers functional discounts and rebates on purchases.

These coupons are being widely used as a marketing strategy to increase the company sales. This is the reason, web development along with mobile application development companies are widely growing by offering such coupons and deals. Paytm and Groupon (Now Nearbuy) are the best example of such companies.A research states that companies offering vouchers and coupons have experienced 12% growth annually. As per the online survey, it has been examined that coupon sites offering promo codes and discounts have more visitor traffic.

Increase Your Sale and Business Reach With A “Coupon App”

The core purpose and major goal of mobile coupon apps is that consumers always get the lucrative deals and price, anytime and anywhere, without waiting for the end of season SALE. Whether it’s a small or big brand, everyone is adopting online coupon apps to sell their services and products quickly as well as effectively, since this form of marketing gets your brand an incremental traffic. Online coupon offering mobile app/website is an easy and quick way to market your brand and increase its awareness. As it helps a lot to in the form of advertising to increase the market reach and advertise your business. With the wider advertising reach and word-of-mouth publicity, creating your own coupon offering app is one of the best available ways to dig into the market, locally and globally.

Engage Shoppers with Your Own Coupon App

iCoderz Solutions bring various businesses and their valuable shoppers on mobile devices through building a coupon app.As it benefits the store owners to leverage a huge amount of valuable customer base, while allowing app users to get a good discount on their favorite brad as per their convenience. Building your own Coupon App, is actually a paid window desk application and it’s the surest way to establish your own Start.

Benefits of Online coupon apps to companies:

  • Easy to track
  • Easy to implement
  • Increase in conversion
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased customer acquisition

Apart from companies and businesses, coupons apps are beneficial for customers too. Name the person who does not want to save money, everybody wants to save. You might have seen, thousand numbers of people surfing Amazon and eBay to find the best deals. So online coupon apps are coming with the latest deals as well as offers so its consumers surely take a visit to find the best suitable deal, without putting in much effort.Whenever people find a suitable coupon offer or deal they will surely spread the word.

Benefits of Online coupon apps to consumers:

  • Helps to save a lot of money on almost all kinds of products, ranging from clothing to grocery services
  • Online coupon has it all, it does not matter what kind of deal, offer or discount it is
  • Daily basis fairly good deals than end of season sale
  • Coupons are easy to redeemed and can be applied when required
  • Shopping becomes really interesting and cost effective

App functions

  • Login/Signup with email and FB account.
  • Buyer/Seller Dashboard – activate, deactivate, delete or modify deals
  • Coupons are listed based on the city
  • Live deals, expired deals and all deals
  • Admin to accept, reject
  • Nearest (default),Popular, Recommended deals
  • Special feature a deal on the homepage
  • News with push notification
  • reCAPTCHA to enhance security
  • Full featured notification emails to buyers, sellers and admins.
  • Analytics for transaction Reports
  • 7 different payment gateway options
  • Geo-location notification
  • One Click – Auto install of the theme.
  • Campaign start and stop feature
  • Multilevel drop down menu
  • Multilanguage app
  • Custom page templates
  • Custom built, dynamic widgets that you can use multiple times.
  • Widget Ready with custom widgets
  • Built-in Ad Monetization
  • Valid, Cross browser compatible

Develop Your Own Coupon App with Our Proven Coupon App Solution

With a growing emergence of eCommerce sites, buying and selling have become really simpler. Along with the, Mobile Coupon App business model has taken the online buying and selling to the next level. We own this specific success driver into account and have successfully developed such application putting our most earnest efforts into developing a coupon app.

Being the top-notch coupon app development company, we ensure that your customers receive the finest customer interaction possible, by making use of advanced CSS, HTML and JavaScript for front-end web development. We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the most up to date technologies to achieve remarkable client-side application creations. Our designs and developers are suitable for multiple screen resolutions while maintaining relevant design and crisp.

If you are looking for something more than definitely feel free to reach us any moment only at +1 301 909 4085 or mail us at [email protected].

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