How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Professional and Proficient WordPress Developer?

how much does it cost hire to wordpress developer

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMSs), powering millions of website portals. If you operate a business, run a blog, or aspire to start your own company, hiring an experienced WordPress developer may greatly improve your site’s use, results, and appearance. 

As per insights from 2023, around 43 percent of the internet is enabled by the WordPress platform and WordPress web portals account for 64.2 percent of the worldwide CMS market share

Here, we will break down the factors that influence the WordPress developer cost so you can make an informed hiring decision to enable WordPress development.

Some Considerations and Factors for WordPress Hire Costs 

It may seem simple to hire a WordPress developer. However, once you begin evaluating your development options, you may feel overwhelmed by the abundance of agencies and freelancers that promise the stars. 

Even other aspects must remain transparent, such as clear pricing, open lines of communication, the absolute secrecy of all shared information, and much more. So, “How much does it exactly cost to hire a professional and skilled WordPress developer?” is one question that frequently arises. If you want to know all the important WordPress developer hiring factors, let us begin with WordPress costing parameters.

1. Fixed Cost or Hourly Cost

When hiring a WordPress developer, knowing if you will pay a fixed WordPress developer cost or by the hour is crucial. There are potential advantages and drawbacks to all choices. One fosters adaptability and discipline at work, while the other guarantees quality and responsibility. 

You may decide which strategy to employ based on several factors, including the task’s difficulty, the amount of time you have, and the degree of experience needed.

2. Developer Proficiency & Experience Levels

Checking a WordPress developer’s portfolio is a great method to understand their skill level and style. You can verify the reliability of a WordPress development company by exploring the case studies of their previous work on projects like yours. 

All web development firms, no matter how big or small, have their own unique website. An excellent indicator of their level of expertise is how quickly and easily you can navigate their website.

For the cost to hire a WordPress developer, whether they work alone or for an agency, ask for samples of prior work and recommendations. You may learn more about their capabilities by examining their preceding professional work.

3. Total Scope of Work in the Project

The size of the project is a significant factor to consider before committing to a WordPress developer. Clearly outlining your project’s specifications will make it much easier to zero in on the ideal solution.

Consider the website’s functionality, your budget, the project’s timeline, and the design while outlining its requirements. It will save both time and money if you act now to specify these project needs.

By documenting your requirements for the project in this way, you can ensure that you and the developer are on the same page. For instance, if you need to build an online store, you should choose a developer familiar with e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce.

4. Inclusive Project Development Timeline

Meeting deadlines is essential for completing work on time. If you are working with others on a long-term basis, this will help keep things well-organized.

Exploring Cost to Hire Specialist WordPress Developers

How much do WordPress developers charge? Whether you need to outsource your software development project to a team or engage an individual WordPress developer is something you should make clear from the start.

WordPress Developer Cost By Location

wordpress developer cost by location

In 2023, the hourly average cost of WordPress developers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Eastern and Western Europe ranges from $40 to $200. You may begin assembling your software development team or working with a software development company to build your WordPress development project.

Hiring skilled WordPress developers from a WordPress development company in India can help you save money. Based on their years of expertise, the WordPress developers they give to the clients charge between $15 and $80 per hour. However, the cost to hire expert WordPress developers may vary. Their remote developers are available for direct communication and will dedicate themselves completely to your project once hired.

Where to Find WordPress Developers?

Here are some of the best platforms and development companies to find WordPress developers for hire. We have also indirectly discussed what are the significant benefits when you hire WordPress developers from iCoderz.

1. iCoderz Solutions:

Can you benefit from having a skilled WordPress developer develop and maintain your WordPress site? Please allow us to assist you. At iCoderz, we have a team of experienced, remote WordPress developers in India and globally that you can hire for your projects.

Hire WordPress Developers In India

Hiring WordPress developers remotely from iCoderz means you may save money on administrative expenditures, stay on schedule, and have access to skilled professionals. You can connect with us to discuss your project requirements and we can determine how much a WordPress developer costs for your project.


  • Abundant Prior Experience
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Ideal Performance
  • Constant Technology Backing
  • Keep clientโ€™s data secure

2. Upwork

Upwork, formerly known as Elance, is a platform where professionals and companies can be hired. You can find WordPress developers to help you with various tasks.

Create an account on Upwork, describe your project and your desired budget, and Upwork will begin finding you qualified WordPress developers to hire.

Putting up a job ad on their site is free of charge. When it is ready to become public, you may ask suitably qualified parties to submit bids. After that, you may evaluate each candidate based on their scores and likelihood of getting the project.


  • In-depth profiles for each developer on the site include information like prior work, client feedback, ratings, platform proficiency, and more.
  • Upwork has an escrow service available.
  • Putting out a job ad is free of charge.
  • It has reasonable prices, so you may buy more and spend less.


  • Finding the proper developer for the task might take some time, especially if you need someone with very specific expertise.
  • It is possible to find unresponsive contractors on Upwork.
  • Upwork’s service charge increases your overall project expenditures.

How to Hire a Highly Professional WordPress Developer?

Finding a WordPress developer that is both qualified and reasonably priced may be a time-consuming and frustrating process. There are, however, some helpful hints that simplify the procedure. What if we examine them more closely:

how to hire a wordpress developer

1. Craft a Project Outline

Consider your unique requirements before beginning your search for a WordPress developer. Knowing the full extent of your project allows you to narrow down your possibilities efficiently.

You may design a plan for your project and compile a list of the pages you will need. Two examples of this granularity are E-commerce capabilities or a blog with several authors.

One way to figure out what to include in your project’s scope is to study some of your favorite websites in greater detail, especially those you want to model after. This can also assist candidates to understand your expectations and if they have what it takes to fulfill them.

Whether or not you want regular upkeep is another consideration. If you want to keep WordPress safe and fast, choosing a developer that provides services like updates and virus scans is the best option, which is included by iCoderz in their project maintenance plan.

2. Create a Job Description

Using many online recruitment resources will entail posting a job advertisement. Preparing a vacancy ad is a smart idea whether or not you intend to join one of these sites.

You must specifically state what you want and anticipate. In this approach, potential hires will know exactly what you are searching for in a professional. You should also include if the position is part-time, or project-based, as well as the exact title (for example, front-end WordPress developer).

Including a comprehensive job description is also crucial. You may also provide a list of deliverables the developer is responsible for completing. If a candidate does not meet your specific criteria, you may quickly weed him out.

3. Have a Precise Background Check

You should check out evaluations and testimonials of a WordPress developer or development company before you hire them. You may look for these on their social media profiles, review sites, or websites.

You may learn more about the services they provide after reading these evaluations. Finding out if you can trust them is another benefit.

On most job boards, clients can see developer ratings and reviews on their profiles. You may also view the developer’s total number of completed projects.

For hiring a WordPress development company, their corporate websites feature customer praise as testimonials. While these may be useful, you should still examine the topic independently. You may look for supplementary evaluations on alternative websites.

4. Check Communication Skill Sets

Choosing a web developer who is well-versed in all the technical details is crucial. But their communication style and other soft skills are equally essential to consider.

For instance, they should have complete knowledge to address your concerns. And if you are conversing with them by email, they should get back to you promptly.

It would help if you collaborated with someone who is transparent and provides regular updates on progress. It is also crucial to ensure they can adhere to your project’s timeline and share your vision. The success of your WordPress development project depends on your ability to communicate and work with your developer effectively.

This is challenging to ascertain before actually hiring the professional. Interviews cannot always rightly predict how a person will perform once hired, but they may give you a good indication of what to expect from them.

5. Assign a Technical Task

If you have followed the stages up to this point, you should have a solid notion of whether or not the professional hired by the development company in question is a suitable fit. However, the best and simplest method is putting them through a trial run.

By evaluating their technical and interpersonal abilities by giving them a brief project can surely assist. You may set up a staging area and have them do a handful of test activities there.

Making this a paid trial is another option to explore. As a result, more applicants may complete the steps necessary to continue.

Key Takeaways on WordPress Developer Cost

To make your company’s website stand out from the competition, you must make it as interactive as possible. WordPress’s popularity and reliability have made it the most popular content management system (CMS) ever.

If you want your website to perform at its best and attract more visitors, you need to hire a professional WordPress developer from a leading development company. Their knowledge may improve efficiency and productivity, as well as the satisfaction of your customer base. 

So, now it is clear – how much should I expect to pay to hire a WordPress developer? Hiring an experienced WordPress developer may completely transform your or your clientโ€™s web presence. You can better increase the likelihood of accomplishing your website goals and objectives by making well-informed judgements and balancing budget with competencies.

Blend the trustworthiness of the WordPress CMS platform to your company business by selecting iCoderz, your reliable WordPress development company in the USA and India.

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